(Clearwisdom.net) My practice of Falun Dafa began on December 26, 1996. I had many incurable illnesses that vanished after only two months of practice! Before beginning cultivation in Falun Dafa, I was hospitalized twice a year for heart disease and strokes. In the fifteen years since, I haven't needed to take any pills or injections. Now, I am over sixty years old and without sickness. Doesn't this demonstrate the greatness of Dafa?! Teacher Li once said, “Haven’t I said that with one person practicing, the whole family benefits?” (“Teaching the Fa at the Fa Conference in Australia”, May 2–3, 1999). This situation occurred in my family just as Teacher stated.

My older son suffered from pulmonary tuberculosis and, as everyone knows, it is very difficult to eliminate such an illness. He had several treatments in the hospital and spent lots of money, but without any positive result. He told me that he attended a nine-day series of Teacher Li Hongzhi's recorded Fa lectures. Sometimes he noticed that he would lose his voice and he asked me why. I told him Teacher was adjusting his body and purifying it just as is stated in Zhuan Falun. I told my son not to worry and that he would be fine in a couple of days. My son became very energetic and ate and slept very well. When he was re-examined after one month, the result showed that his pulmonary tuberculosis was eliminated! He shouted, “I have recovered! I am fine now! Dafa is magical! It is fantastic!” He cried with appreciation. We are very grateful to Teacher for this opportunity and so thankful!

My father was 85 years old when he suffered from “shingles”. Since he was said to be very ill, I went back home to see my father before it was too late! The skin of his arm was badly blistered and draining yellow fluid. He said he did not have any energy and had fainted three times because the pain was so severe. I suggested he ask my Teacher for help. He asked where Teacher was and I told him he was just there right in front of him! He opened his eyes and I remembered him saying, "There are spiritual beings three feet above our heads!" I told him that Teacher could do anything and my father nodded his head. I asked him if he wanted me to read the book, Zhuan Falun or listen to Teacher's lectures. He chose to listen to lectures. I did not sleep for the whole night and listened to Fa lectures with my dad. It was early morning when we listened to the seventh lecture. He said, “ My arm is doesn't hurt anymore. Wow! I feel good now.” I told him he had listened to Teacher's Fa for one full night even though he appeared to be asleep. His spirit heard everything being said. Teacher saved him! He cried, “You told me Dafa is good before, but I did not believe it and even spoke out against it. I am terribly sorry to Teacher Li.” Then, he repeated loudly, “Falun Dafa is good! Teacher is great!”

My mom experienced leg pain for fifty years. She had a chance to watch a Shen Yun show when she was staying at the home of her niece one night. During the night, she dreamed that someone who appeared to be like a doctor, brought a small bean-like object and put it on her leg. She was then told that she would be fine. She woke up the next morning and described her dream very clearly. She suddenly said, “ My leg pain is gone! Is that because I watched the Shen Yun show last night?” She cried and said, “ Shen Yun! Shen Yun! It is true that the dance is divine! Thank you, Teacher! He helped cure leg pain that I had suffered with for over fifty years. I am eighty six years old now. This is the first time I experience having no pain in my leg.”

One day, I received a phone call telling me that my mom's life was in danger. When I went to her home, I saw her lying on the floor with closed eyes. Our relatives were all there. I lifted her eyelids open and asked her if he could recognize me. I shouted, “If you can hear me, please speak out, Falun Dafa is good, and follow Teacher.” It was less than half an hour when she opened her eyes and said, “I want to go to bed. The floor is so cold.” Her voice was very weak. All the people present were surprised. My nephew understood and told everyone that, “My grandmother is fine now. My aunt asked her to say Falun Dafa is good, and the Falun Dafa Teacher saved her life.” People realized the truth of this and they also shouted, “Falun Dafa is good !” Now, my mother is very healthy. We witnessed the great power of Falun Dafa again!