(Clearwisdom.net) On the evening of July 24, 2011, in Wujia Town, Shuangcheng City, Heilongjiang Province, several people were setting off firecrackers to celebrate the news that comatose former Party leader Jiang Zemin was now brain dead. Several others were gathered around watching. Sun Xianyi, owner of the Gongxiao Hotel, saw what was happening and called the Wujia Town Police, falsely claiming that Falun Gong practitioners were setting off firecrackers. Assistant police chief Wang Zhengjun and two other officers (Song Li'an and Ji Xiaoyan) took their police van to the site and arrested a single practitioner who was watching the firecracker celebrations.

The practitioner asked, “What law prevents me from just watching firecrackers? Why did you arrest me?” Wang Zhengjun thought quickly and came back with a document that he had hastily drafted called the “Security Policy for the Public Security Bureau of Harbin City”


The “Security Policy for the Public Security Bureau of Harbin City”

In this so-called “urgent notice,” the word “document” was separated into two lines—clearly a mistake due to its hasty creation. It was dated July 18, over a week before the arrest took place.

The practitioner was brutally beaten both when he was arrested, and also in the police van on the way to the station. The beatings continued when he was taken out of the van, and one of his teeth was knocked out. The practitioner asked, “Why are you hitting me?” Wang Zhengjun replied, “Because you're a Falun Gong practitioner!” The practitioner said, “Who gives you the right to beat me just because I'm a Falun Gong practitioner?” Wang answered, “Who beat you? Do you have any witnesses? You hurt yourself!”

The practitioner's family and friends went to the police station and demanded that he be released immediately. Even though what Wang Zhengjun and the other two officers had done was illegal, they still shamelessly refused to honor their request. Song Li'an and Ji Xiaoyan took their shirts off and stood guard at the police station entrance. Like petty gangsters, they physically assaulted anyone who attempted to reason with them. They slandered and humiliated the practitioner by saying to his family that he was really a murderer. The practitioner's wife and sister asked to see him, but Ji Xiaoyan only cursed at them using filthy language, trying to humiliate them.

Facing continued probes from the practitioner's family, Wang Zhengjun showed them his “urgent notice” in order to deflect any concern that he was doing wrong. They reported to the Shuangcheng National Security Department that they had arrested someone from a “gathering mob,” knowing that organized protests are illegal in China. The department then dispatched a security team of over ten strong to the Wujia Town Police Station. The security team made videotapes of the practitioner and his eleven friends and family members. They later arrested his friends and family, injuring many of them. Three days after the arrests, a fist-sized bruise could still be seen on one family member, and another family member was still suffering from a severe stomach and back pain. They were all detained at the Shuangcheng Public Security Bureau.

On the morning of July 25, Wang Yubiao from the Shuangcheng National Security Division questioned the practitioner's eleven family members and friends. In order to put them at ease, he first lied to them by saying that they would be released immediately after questioning. After the questioning, they were dragged to the police van and held in the Shuangcheng Detention Center. Protests from the practitioner and his family didn't sway Wang Yubiao. He said, “Put these people in detention for 15 days!”

Firecrackers have been a tradition in China for thousands of years, and never has anyone been thrown in jail just for watching. Even worse, his family is being detained because they're appealing for justice and want him released. On the morning of July 25, even more family members went to seek the release of their loved ones. They protested, “Watching firecrackers isn't against the law! Setting off firecrackers isn't against the law! Release them immediately!”

Facing numerous demands from relatives and friends, as well as increasing pressure from the public, the National Security Division announced that they would release everyone unconditionally. Between July 27 and 29, the practitioner and his eleven friends and family were finally released.

Telephone numbers: (+86)
Wujia Town Police Station: 45153250817, 45153250513
Xu Kai, chief of Wujia Town Police Station: 13796119995 (Cell), 45153167488 (Home)
Wang Zhengjun, assistant chief of Wujia Town Police Station: 15303663899 (Cell)
Li Changyan: 15946029090
Song Li’an: 13703660775
Wang Yubiao, from Shuangcheng city's National Security Division: 13836050988 (Cell)
Sun Xiaoyi, owner of Gongxiao Hotel: 13936489328 (Cell)


Wujia Town Police Station in Shuangcheng, Heilongjiang Province


Wang Zhengjun from the Wujia Town Police Station