(Clearwisdom.net) Greetings, Master! Greetings, fellow practitioners!

I am a practitioner living in Japan. I am grateful to have found Dafa, and to have become a practitioner during the Fa rectification period, assisting Master in Fa-validation. I feel the utmost honor and pride. Looking back on my cultivation path, it is by Master's compassionate care that I have gradually become mature on the path of clarifying the truth to offer sentient beings salvation. I will share some cultivation experiences when clarifying the truth by calling people in Mainland China.

Maturing While Participating in the Global RTC Platform

Master said, “The focus for you right now is simply to find ways to do better, to be more efficient, to have a greater impact, and to save more people." (“Fa Teaching at the U.S. Capital”, July 22, 2007)

I feel it is not enough if only a small number of people are calling to rescue sentient beings, no matter how hard they are trying. How to get more practitioners to join this effort to rescue Chinese people? If there were a live demonstration - how to be successful in telephoning, it would lead more practitioners to rapidly break through [their hesitancy] by making truth clarification phone calls and cultivating. I felt it was very urgent and thus I founded a phone team in Japan immediately.

I was first making calls by myself, but gradually practitioners from Tokyo and Osaka joined. Then, after the Korea and Taiwan phone team coordinators also joined, the name was changed to Asia RTC platform (RTC is the abbreviation for “rapid withdrawals from the CCP Service Center”). In the time that followed, some practitioners who had never made truth-clarification calls joined the team - to learn to make calls after hearing this information. With the mission of helping more practitioners step forward and saving more sentient beings, the platform was expanded very rapidly and soon became a global RTC platform.

To encourage practitioners to pick up the phone to clarify the truth, to help eliminate inefficiency at the same time, and regarding fear and worries when starting the phone call, we provide one-on-one coaching. I will address important things for phone calls, and provide a dialogue for reference, and encourage practitioners to make calls while I send righteous thoughts. Merciful Master will arrange for sentient beings with predestined relationships to pick up the phone. This encourages any practitioner and might make him/her enthusiastic for further truth clarification calls. Similar stories happen often with this effort, again and again. Everyone became accustomed to truth clarification calls, from knowing nothing at all to daily helping many people withdraw from the CCP's organizations. After maturing, these practitioners helped other practitioners to pick up the phone. It became like an avalanche - the positive force to rescue sentient beings is becoming greater and greater.

A Korean host for this effort initially came to listen to everyone’s calls, but could not make herself to call anyone. She thinks that her Mandarin is not accurate and has no confidence. After talking with her, she changed her opinion on many things. Her Mandarin doesn’t have to be perfect; our thoughts are more important; sentient beings will feel it. Then I encouraged her to call while I sent forth righteous thoughts. The first person to pick up the telephone was very kind. The practitioner spoke with a compassionate and sincere voice, even though she didn’t coordinate her sentences very well. But her sincerity reached the other person. He must have been touched by the practitioner’s sincerity and immediately agreed to withdraw from the CCP.

The Korean practitioner was excited after hanging up the phone. Since then she continued making calls and has become very good at calling. Every month she helps at least 500~600 people withdraw from the CCP's organizations. She is one of the hosts now and regularly helps practitioners with making phone calls. Many practitioners like to use her phone dialogue; according to the feedback, the withdrawal rate from the CCP is higher with it. The Korean practitioner has set up a local phone team and encouraged many other practitioners to start truth-clarification calls.

Along with the expansion of the platform, practitioners experienced in making truth clarification calls from all over the world joined in. The platform implemented a rotating-host system, [practitioners taking turns] to help everyone learn different truth-clarification styles; it provided immense help for practitioners’ improvement.

Using Our Wisdom to Help People Quit the CCP

Many talented practitioners are hosting the platform. There is a host who is knowledgeable regarding history, is familiar with the contents of the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party and uses her wisdom from Fa cultivation. This practitioner is doing a very good job at truth clarification. Her recordings are often played as examples, because she can figure out the listener's concern and can resolve it in just a few sentences.

Another host focuses on sending righteous thoughts. When she is hosting, she would call and strengthen righteous thoughts to help fellow practitioners. She would say the first sentence with the strong power sent with the “Falun Dafa is good” thought, to break down the evil factors that are stopping sentient beings from being saved. This is followed by truth clarification regarding Falun Gong, then to the wave of withdrawals from the CCP to save one’s self; pure and simple. No matter whether or not the listener agrees, that person will hear the truth of Dafa. This style was also effective in helping people to quit the CCP.

Some hosts use the compassion from Fa cultivation to clarify truth. This is also displaying strong energy - the tone of voice, kind thoughts and reasoning enable sentient beings to avoid resistance; even practitioners were touched by it, tears were flowing while listening to the call.

A Taiwanese host coordinates the group's “one passage with righteous thoughts to save sentient beings” with her upbeat, warm-hearted way of truth clarification. She can make sentient beings understand the truth in 2 or 3 minutes and then immediately withdraw from CCP. Because it’s “one passage with righteous thoughts to save sentient beings,” this method is suitable for practitioners who have no experience in truth clarification calls; helps them to pick up the phone and get quickly accustomed to it.

Some practitioners, when calling certain places in China, are able to use their local dialect to clarify the truth, which is more friendly, like talking to a member of the family; there’s no feeling of being distant.

A blind practitioner in Japan comes to the event every day to listen to everyone study Fa and make calls. Her husband is a non-practitioner. He dials 50 calls for her after work every day, so she could clarify the truth on the phone and help the Chinese people withdraw from the CCP's organizations. Then he types feedback to us and I help her post the withdrawal declarations on the website. She could initially only help 2 or 3 people withdraw among the 50 calls she made. Many people hang up on her, but she didn't give up. With a heart to offer sentient beings salvation she didn't care about the number of people she’s able to help. She keeps improving herself, changing the methods in her truth-clarification message to one that sentient beings can easily accept. Now she is able to help more than 10 people quit the Party every day.

Everyone’s calling style is different. I only mentioned a few. Other practitioners are also doing a very good job. They come at different times to host and demonstrate to everyone. All practitioners feel that this is helpful. Their calls are getting better; it encouraged many practitioners who don’t do any kind of truth clarification and don’t make truth clarification calls. They pick up the holy Fa tool and lifesaving phone, cultivate away attachments of fear and desire for comfort, and do the three things every day.

Disregarding Ego and Focusing on Clarifying the Truth

When calling, if sentient beings accept the truth, I discovered most of them would agree to withdraw from the CCP's organizations. No matter how eloquent we are, sentient beings can feel if we are not sincere. A practitioner one day was determined to clarify truth. His voice was compassionate. The other person on the phone listened quietly; finally when he understood the truth he asked, “How is your master?” “He is fine.” The practitioner replied calmly. He did not get overexcited.

When I heard this I truly felt that Dafa practitioners are rescuing sentient beings, open and aboveboard, a testament to the greatness and mercy in tranquility. I think this sentient being must have felt the same way because he showed appreciation several times. I was moved and couldn’t help but shed tears.

But there are also many xinxing tests. Once when I made a phone call, when the person on the phone realized I wanted to have him withdraw from the CCP he said unpleasant, filthy words. Regardless, my heart was so tranquil that he did not sway me. I kept sending righteous thoughts when I clarified truth to him. He hung up the phone after a few sentences. Then I called again. He still hung up after saying abusive words. This time I was sending strong righteous thoughts: I want to save you! Then I called him again, telling him solemnly that it was for his sake that I call from far away, and that his phone could successfully connect with mine is because of a predestined relationship. It was more miraculous than finding a needle in a haystack. I said “All I hope is you can live well and safely; won't suffer from disasters with the CCP. And you speaking nasty words will not bring me any loss. I won’t be angry, either; but it’s not good for you. Speaking ill of others also downgrades your human dignity. In the past, the elderly would say you should pay attention to the karma your mouth would cause you. Respecting yourself is respecting others.”

After I finished he suddenly became quiet. Then I told him the meaning of withdrawing from the CCP and also told him the Dafa truth and let him remember to say sincerely, “Falun Dafa is good, Zhen Shan Ren is good,” when encountering dangers. He spoke loudly and withdrew from the CCP happily. At the same time I heard people close to him shouting, “We want to withdraw from the CCP, too.” Of the ten of them, eight were members of the Young Pioneers; the other two were not members of the CCP's organizations. I realized that sentient beings are waiting to be saved.

Since making these phone-calls I found myself having made a breakthrough in clarifying the truth face to face. The Japanese Language Proficiency Test fell in July this year, and lots of Chinese came that day. We handed out truth-clarification flyers outside the exam rooms. When seeing a Chinese person we went to clarify the truth to him. I found myself more relaxed when clarifying truth face to face. I would not weigh whether or not this person makes it easy to accept the truth according to my concepts and no longer beat about the bush in truth clarification. Just like making the phone calls, I got to the issue after a simple greeting and then eliminate erroneous assumptions according to his misunderstandings. I helped people withdraw within two or three minutes and clarified truth to the fullest. During one hour I could successfully help 23 people withdraw.

Many students couldn’t take our materials because their teachers prevented them. I was worried, so I loudly told them a few brief points I usually address when making phone calls, pouring truth into their ears and sent righteous thoughts to help, hoping they could withdraw next time.

As the withdrawal efforts develop rapidly, more and more practitioners took part. During a time I felt I wasn’t used to doing it and was trapped into the busy work routine at my place of employment. I was so busy that I didn’t have time to make phone calls, and my efficiency dropped. Sometimes the desire to sleep interfered; besides, I couldn’t keep up in Fa-study and even fell asleep when sending righteous thoughts. Sometimes time for Fa-study was squeezed out by other things temporarily. I was depressed and several times later felt I am off the correct path and my entire body became weary.

Master said,

“For a Dafa disciple, cultivation is first priority. That’s because if you fail to cultivate well, you will not be able to accomplish what you are to do; and if you fail to cultivate well, your power to save sentient beings will not be that great. And if you cultivate a little worse, then you will view and consider problems in the manner that ordinary people do, which would be still more awful.” (“Dafa Disciples Must Study the Fa - Fa Teaching Given at the 2011 Washington DC Metro Area Fa Conference”)

Studying this Fa passage frightened me. Cultivation is like rowing against the current - if you don’t advance, you will go backward and fall behind.

I must make stricter requirements for myself and cultivate well; otherwise, the result will be too dreadful to imagine. I was worried. Searching inside I found I didn’t strike a balance between cultivation and offering sentient beings salvation. Other practitioners encouraged me to strengthen my righteous thoughts and said I was not dragged down by busy work. It is not that I failed, but the Fa requirements became higher for me. It’s time for me to ascend, which is a great thing.

Changing my thinking I suddenly felt open and clear. Even if I am presently on the wrong track, I will not let depression keep me there. I resumed arranging things regarding the withdrawal center efforts. Concurrently I made greater efforts in Fa-study and sending righteous thoughts to change my circumstances. My dimensional field became clear and bright, and could feel the gong column above me rising. Master had also adjusted my body. This must be an encouragement from Master to me. I will be more diligent in cultivation, getting rid of attachments and rescue more sentient beings.

Do Not Let the Earthquake Hinder Our Efforts to Save Sentient Beings

After the Japan earthquake on March 11, 2011 many practitioners involved in the quit-the-CCP effort sent us sympathetic messages. We were touched to tears by their compassion. With Master's protection, all Dafa practitioners in Japan are safe and sound. The earthquake center – Fukushima, was the hardest hit. Two Shen Yun shows had to be canceled. Equally disastrous was Iwate. There were no Dafa practitioners there. It is a pity that so many people died. Obviously, the evil targeted sentient beings. I truly felt the urgency to rescue sentient beings.

I would like to share my thoughts as a practitioner who experienced the earthquake. That day I was making truth-clarification phone calls as usual when the earthquake struck, making everything wobble. I was calm and had not the slightest fear, because I am a Dafa practitioner and Master is with us every moment. I kept reciting Lunyu. Although nothing in my home was damaged, the power went out, the cellular phone service was out, and I was unable to connect with the center. A practitioner living close by sat in front of Master's portrait and sent forth righteous thoughts and disintegrated the evil factors as soon as the earthquake happened. None of her utilities, electricity, coal and mobile phone were affected, so she could continue to do the three things expected of Dafa practitioners’ as usual.

Later on, I have come to the understanding that no matter what disasters occur around us; they were arranged by the old forces. They were not what Master wanted. As a Dafa practitioner, besides being calm and believing in the Fa and Master in the face of the disasters, we should completely negate the old forces’ arrangements and contain the losses to minimum. After having an insight into these I sent righteous thoughts for half an hour at night. At the end my energy was very strong. I then heard a loud “bang” outside, and then right away the power came back on, which, according to a local radio forecast, was not supposed to happen for two more days. We Dafa practitioners can still take the bull by the horns amid disasters and minimize the losses. So, we should constantly maintain our righteous thoughts.

TV footage showed many people escaping to the mountains, but the tsunami came, engulfing an entire village. Witnessing the loss of home and the property they obtained with their lifetime efforts disappearing suddenly, they cried and knelt down with pale faces and frightened minds. This shows the ruthlessness of natural disasters and man’s helplessness in a calamity! In fact, Master spoke of scenarios like this not only in Shen Yun but in other teachings, urging us to rescue more people! Now, the most important thing, next to doing the three things, is for us to rescue the precious Chinese people who had come from high levels.

With enormous compassion, Master expands the time again and again - to let sentient beings experience opportunities to be saved, and to enable Dafa practitioners to accomplish their mission by rescuing more people. The earthquake in Japan was possibly only a warning; what if an even bigger disaster suddenly happened in China? If we do not save Chinese people now it will be too late then. At the time of the earthquake I deeply felt the preciousness of Dafa and the urgency to rescue the sentient beings!

Concluding Remarks

More than one billion sentient beings in China are waiting to be saved. We Dafa practitioners shoulder heavy responsibilities. The sentient beings are waiting for our truth-clarification phone calls, longing for salvation.

As long as we hold compassion in our hearts/minds, we will be able to save the Chinese people whose minds are poisoned by the lies of the Chinese Communist Party. At this critical historical moment let’s do better and truthfully live up the title of Fa rectification period Dafa practitioners as we complete our last leg of the path amid the great mission.

Please compassionately point out any shortcomings in my understanding.