(Clearwisdom.net) While I was studying the Fa a few days ago, the word “realm” seemed different to me compared to in the past. After that, this word kept appearing on my mind each time I studied the Fa. Thus I thought deeply about it. Was it because I should elevate my realm? Perhaps Master was trying to point out something to me. Or was there a problem regarding my cultivation?

I also thought about this seriously based on the Fa. What thoughts should Fa-rectification period Dafa disciples have? Perhaps Master saw that my thoughts were pure, or maybe I really needed to raise my level. One day while I was studying the Fa, I suddenly felt my heart opening up to the infinite. I have no words to describe the changes in my mind, I just know that I was looking at countless lives spreading out in front of me. I think maybe Dafa was showing me where my realm was. But how was my state of cultivation reflected in that space?

From studying the Fa, we know that the Three Realms was established for Fa-rectification, lives came to the Three Realms for the Fa, and Dafa practitioners have the sacred duty of helping Master with Fa-rectification and saving sentient beings. It is because of the Fa-rectification of the universe that all lives became connected with the Fa and descended, and many complex predestined-relationships emerged because of the many reincarnations. As Master rectifies the Fa and Dafa practitioners cultivate themselves, lives in the universe are being reflected in the human world. The complex predestined relationships among Dafa practitioners themselves, Dafa practitioners, everyday human beings, and everyday human beings themselves, etc., must be shown and displayed. As Dafa practitioners, the way we look at and act upon those chains of cause and effect, in my opinion, is very crucial and should be based on diligent Fa study.

I also recognized that when practitioners have disagreements or conflicts, our first thought should be that we are Dafa practitioners and that we all shoulder the same duty, that Dafa has brought us together, and let all of our debts to each other in the past be harmonized and resolved in Dafa. Any barriers or gaps should be eliminated, and the evil should have no chance to interfere with or harm us. When there are conflicts between practitioners and non practitioners, we should first remember that we are Dafa disciples and that the good or bad debts are considered negligible compare to being saved. Dafa has brought us together, so we should not allow any evil elements to prevent those sentient beings from being saved. When practitioners are affected by interference, we should immediately remember that we are Master Li Hongzhi's disciples, that no lives are worthy of controlling us, and that they are absolutely not allowed to interfere with or harm us. Of course, all of those thoughts come after a good understanding of the Fa and searching within. Dafa is harmonizing, and so is the future universe, as they are interconnected. All beings in the universe should be in line with the standards of the Fa in their realm and be harmonized with Dafa and the universe. There should be no barriers. It is like cultivating the human body, as all the pulses are connected and eventually become a whole.

As I practice what I have just said, including putting Dafa first when I encountered problems, considering fellow practitioners' predestined-relationships to the Fa as most sacred, and seeing sentient beings' safety and being saved as the most important, conflicts and human attachments seem insignificant. As a result, my reflected state of cultivation, the way I view problems, and level of thinking, have all become different than before.

For example, one day, a fellow practitioner told me something about another practitioner and myself. I knew what I heard was not what had happened, but I didn't say anything, just gave a polite smile. I sent forth a righteous thought, “Dafa practitioners are one body. I will not be bothered by any conflicts among practitioners. I treasure practitioners' predestined-relationship with the Fa. I will not let this incident create a barrier between practitioners, and I will eliminate every element that interferes with Dafa disciples' cultivation, I will not be moved by them.” I then calmly shared my thoughts with this practitioner based on the Fa. I said that we don't say or spread anything that is detrimental or unrelated to cultivation, we don't provide an environment for such things, and we should cultivate our words. This incident seemed small, but I would have probably treated it differently before. I might have recounted the whole incident to the other practitioner and emphasized my judgment. After that, I might have made further accusations behind her back and felt I was being treated unfairly.

This made me think about how problems inevitably occur among practitioners as they coordinate projects and interact in other environments. If we truly put the Fa first and see doing the three things as having prime importance, and don't calculate personal gains and losses, we will elevate to a higher realm and have a completely new way of seeing and treating problems.

The above is my own understanding on Fa cultivation to share with my fellow practitioners. Please kindly point out anything inappropriate!

September 6, 2011