(Clearwisdom.net) Ms. Ren Suying lives in Jianchangying Town, Yuanbaoshan District. On April 18, 2011, Ongniud Prefecture (under Chifeng City) Domestic Security Division Chief Liu Caijun and others arrested Ms. Ren Suying, ransacked her home, and detained Ms. Ren in Wudan Town Detention Center. Ms. Ren Suying is facing trial.

Ms. Yang Guizhi is a teacher employed by Ethinicity High School in Yuanbao District. On May 12, 2011, Domestic Security Division Chief Liu Caijun and others arrested her, her sister Yang Guihua, Mr. Yu Shulin, and his wife Ren Suxiang. Yuanbao District Domestic Security agents Wang Heran and Feng Xiaohu joined Liu Caijun and others to ransack the homes of these four practitioners. They took many of their possessions, and arrested Ms. Yang Guizhi's daughter (non-practitioner). They interrogated her for several hours and threatened her before releasing her. Mr. Yu Shulin, his wife Ren Suxiang, and Ms.Yang Guihua were sent to forced labor camps, while Ms. Yang Guizhi is facing trial.

Ms. Zhao Lou lives in Xilutian Community in Yuanbaoshan District. On the morning of May 26, 2011, five or six officers from Xilutian Police Station stormed into her home, and arrested her and her husband. They ransacked the home, and confiscated a laptop computer, a printer, and other items. Ms. Zhao Lou's husband was released at around 2:00 p.m. the same day.

Ms. Yang Cuiling is an elderly practitioner who lives in Shanqian Town, Yuanbaoshan District. She was arrested by Domestic Security agents of Kalaqin Prefecture (also under Chifeng) and Yuanbaoshan District. She is still being detained.

Ms. Meng Xiangzhi lives in Longtoushan Village in Yuanbaoshan District. Officers from the Jianchangying Village Police Station arrested her at noon on August 3, 2011. She was held in custody in a police station, and later taken to Yuanbaoshan District Detention Center.

Ms. Cong Pei'an, in her fifties, was arrested on her way home on August 21, 2011, by officers Liu Shutian and Bai Youguo. She is being held in Yuanbaoshan District Detention Center. Domestic Security Division chief Wang Heran and agent Feng Xiaohu interrogated her and tortured her. Agent Feng dragged her by the cuff into a police vehicle. She has wounds on her face, legs, and belly, and her blood pressure is high.

Ms. Cong grew up in poverty and had many diseases while growing up. She once tried to commit suicide to relieve herself. After beginning Falun Dafa cultivation practice, she regained confidence and hope, and her illnesses disappeared. She has become broadminded and kind, while cultivating according to Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance, to be a good, unselfish person, despite the evil persecutors continually harassing her. The police admit there are no excuses, and only when Ms. Cong gives up her faith, will they stop bothering her. How ridiculous their “reason” is!

Wang Heran, chief of the Domestic Security Division: +86-476- 3514143, +86-13904763585 (Cell), +86-476-661028
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