(Clearwisdom.net) On September 10, 2011, the UK Service Center for Quitting the CCP, the UK Alliance of Quitting the CCP, along with other groups, held a rally in London's Chinatown. The event was to celebrate over 100 million Chinese people quitting the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its affiliated organizations, and to call on more Chinese people to join the movement by learning more facts and clearly seeing the CCP lies. It is a striking moment in history that more than 100 million Chinese people have chosen to cast aside the Chinese Communist Party.

More than 20 MEPs and MPs sent messages to the rally by either writing or making phone calls, to express their support. Three of the politicians wrote special supportive letters to the rally, and several came to deliver speeches at the event. They supported and encouraged more Chinese people to quit the CCP organizations. London's Chinatown on weekends is always full of Chinese people, and this weekend's rally attracted even more.


On September 10, a rally celebrating 100 million Chinese people quitting the CCP organizations was held in London's Chinatown


The rally attracted many Chinese people, and some quit the CCP organizations at the event

Event participants set up an awning adjacent to the well-known octagonal pavilion in London's Chinatown. Truth-clarifying boards and banners were displayed along the curbs nearby, and a program could be heard broadcasting from a loudspeaker. Many volunteers were clarifying the truth to Chinese people and telling them about quitting the CCP organizations.

MPs Send Support Letters

London's MEP Gerard Batten wrote in his support letter: "Communism should have long been put into the rubbish bin. In the places where it still exists, communism survives by authoritarian, violence and repression. In China the Communist Party now no longer believes in communism, while its only aim is to safeguard its members' power, privileges and wealth. The Chinese Communist Party has been Chinese people's neck rope. Chinese people cannot enjoy freedom until the neck rope no longer exists. Increasingly more and more Chinese Communist Party members are getting rid of it, for they have realized the CCP has no future but a shameless past. We certainly would like to congratulate these members, and call them to do whatever they can in building a truly free, democratic and prosperous China."

MEP Dr. Charles Tannock wrote in his support letter: "I have long been steadfastly against communism, against everything represented by its extreme and undemocratic ideology. I firmly believe that people in a nation should have the right to choose their leaders by democracy, should have the right to secure the legitimacy of their power being permitted by people through regular elections. One of the most important responsibilities of a government is to take care of its citizens. The Chinese government uses violence against its own people, regularly throws its own people into jail without trial, applies tortures, punishment and repression to people who are considered by them as inappropriate as well as to cultural concept and religious expression that oppose its party's ideology. The worst is that it does all these under the umbrella of ensuring people's well-being. Any government of such is not suitable for power, and ultimately will fail."

He also added: "You are part of the largest peace movement in history. In the last month, the number of people formally declaring to quit the CCP has reached 100 million. The tremendous significance of this fact, the tremendous achievement you have made has been unparalleled by anything in this world. From the bottom of my heart, I wish the only achievement that can exceed this achievement will only be a more significant result brought by this movement in the future.”

Sir Graham Watson, an MEP, in his letter, stated: "I want to express my support to the decision of 100 million Chinese people to quit the CCP and its affiliated organizations. This has been an important step forward leading to an era with more freedom of expression and with a vibrant civil society, and to a Chinese political system liberalization. I hope your future efforts are a complete success.”


Luther, an Romanian young man, said, "Twenty years ago, the Romanian people overthrew the Communist regime. Since then, life has been getting better and better, and people are happier than before. I hope Chinese people can also have freedom and democracy, can also have democratic elections. "

British Chinese: Quitting the CCP is not only to save myself, but also to save China

Mr. Yan declared his withdrawal from the CCP organizations on The Epoch Times website in 2004. Today, he made a special trip to attend the rally. He said that quitting the CCP not only saved himself, but also saved China. He added, "I worked in Chinese government agencies for many years, and have a deep understanding of the CCP's darkness and decay. I was born in an ordinary farmer's family in China, and experienced the oppression and bullying that the Chinese authorities had imposed upon the grassroots. I hold deep sympathy toward the Chinese people, and believe that only the disintegration of the CPC can give the Chinese people real freedom."

Zhang Pu, a Chinese writer now living in Britain, has long been focused on the three withdrawals movement. He said, "People, who have a conscience, a sense of justice, compassion, and the ability to tell right from wrong, should not hesitate to immediately quit the CCP organizations. The more people quit, the earlier will be the collapse of the Communist Party. If Chinese people unconsciously are in cahoots with the communists, and follow it to do wrong things or do not oppose its evil acts, the future of China and Chinese nation will not benefit from it."

Mr. Chen is a twenty-two year-old student from China, and has been studying abroad for many years. He carefully viewed the truth-clarifying boards and spoke with the volunteers who were helping people quit the CCP organizations. Eventually he announced his withdrawal from the Young Pioneers organization (one of the CCP organizations). He said, "I used my real name, rather than an alias. It is so simple, quitting is quitting. I think it's very important that you tell Chinese kids not to join the Young Pioneers." He said that it was very good to learn the facts and to get rid of the CCP, "It is certainly a good thing that people can realize it." He also said he would talk to his friends and encourage more people to quit the CCP organizations.

Mr Wang is an 88-year-old Chinese, and walked to the information desk himself to pick up the materials. He said that as he was confused by the CCP's deceptive propaganda. He used to favor the CCP in the early years of the CCP regime. After half a century, the elderly man witnessed a series of political movements launched by the CCP in its over 60 years of rule. All these political movements have persecuted and killed millions of Chinese people. He sees no regime more brutal than the Chinese Communist one. Lessons from this violence make him aware of the CCP's hypocrisy and cruelty. He thus kept himself away from the CCP and refused to join the Party, even when the Party asked him to join.

Miss Liang came from Shenzhen, China not long ago, and now is studying the arts at a university. She asked the information desk for truth clarifying materials, and hoped to get more real information. She said, "Much true information has been spread by microblogs in China. Otherwise the truth would very possibly be hidden. Chinese people really need to know true information."

Ms. Liang said that shortly after she graduated from high school, her schoolmates passed each other real information obtained through various channels. However, it was very hard to get true information. Seeing the quitting the CCP movement here, with so many people here to spread the truth and so many informational materials to help Chinese people quit the CCP organizations, she was excited and said, "It's great! I will send my classmates truth-clarifying materials and software to help them pass through the firewall." She not only denounced the Communist Youth League and Young Pioneers, but also wanted to volunteer for this kind of activity in the future.

Westerners Sign Petitions Supporting Chinese People to Abandon the CCP

The rally also attracted many Western people. When they heard that the event was to help Chinese people get out of the Communist Party's control and to gain human rights and freedom, many people signed petitions to support the Chinese rejection of the CCP.

Luther is a young lad from Romania. After getting a leaflet, he went straight to the desk and signed his name. Luther said, "I grew up in Romania, and I know what kind of bad things the Communist Party is capable of. Twenty years ago, the Romanian people overthrew the Communist regime. After that, life has been getting better and better, people are happier than before. I hope Chinese people can also have freedom and democracy. "

A young westerner who was passing by the information desk, voluntarily asked to help with today's event. He picked up the information leaflets and handed them to passersby. He said that he understood the human rights situation in China, and was very annoyed by the CCP. He wanted to make a difference for China's human rights and freedom.