Name: Wang Junhua(王俊华)
Gender: Female
Age: Close to 50
Address: Changping County, Beijing City
Occupation: Unknown
Date of Most Recent Arrest:
June 29, 2011
Most recent place of detention:
Huhehaote Female Labor Camp (呼和浩特市女子劳教所)
City: Huhehaote
Inner Mongolia Autonomous Regions
Persecution Suffered:
Detention, forced labor, denied family visitation

( Falun Gong practitioner Wang Junhua was illegally arrested from her sister's home by police on June 29, 2011 and taken to the Changping Detention Center in Beijing. Without notifying her family, she was illegally sentenced to two years of forced labor. On August 2, Ms. Wang was transferred to the Tiantanghe Women's Labor Camp in Beijing and has since then been transferred to the Huhehaote Women's Labor Camp in Inner Mongolia. As much as her family members have tried, the labor camp has refused to allow them to see her.

On the day that she was transferred, Ms. Wang had already been persecuted so severely that she was very weak. When her family members learned about this at the Changping Detention Center, they immediately traveled to Tiantanghe Women's Labor camp to visit her. Yet, the authorities replied that they could not allow them to meet with her because the sentencing documents had not been processed. After much effort, her family finally realized that the sentencing papers were sent to Ms. Wang's former workplace in Mishan City, Heilongjiang Province. Yet, the police were well aware that she had lost her job 12 years ago because of the persecution. Moreover, her family members have also given their contact information to the detention center. It was clear that the authorities were creating delays.

On August 29, Wang Junhua's family members finally processed the sentencing papers and came to the labor camp to see her. Yet they were told that because Ms. Wang refused to give up her belief in Falun Dafa she had been sent to Inner Mongolia. Even so, the exact location was withheld from the family. Only after Ms. Wang's family pressed the authorities, were they given a postal code.

After much investigation, Ms. Wang's family finally found out that she had been sent to the Huhehaote Women's Forced Labor Camp in Inner Mongolia and had been imprisoned in the Second Section. According to sources, over twenty Dafa practitioners were transferred along with Ms. Wang.