(Clearwisdom.net) One day close to the Chinese New Year in 2006, police broke into my house and ransacked it. They told my wife, “You have to come with us.” She asked, “Where are we going?” They replied, “To the police station.” I asked, “Why?” They said, “We need to confirm some information. When you get there, you will know.” My wife said, “I did not do anything wrong. I did not violate any law. I will not go.” They then forced us to go with them. To protest their illegal actions, my wife banged her head against the wall and passed out. The police did not show any sympathy, but pulled her into the car and took her to the hospital. After the emergency treatment, my wife woke up and went home on her own that night.

I was taken to the 610 Office. One police officer asked, “Have you participated in any gatherings?” I said no. Then they sent me to a detention center. The 610 Office staff asked me, “Why did we arrest you?” I said, “I don't know.” He threatened me and attempted to force me to admit that I participated in some gatherings. I refused to answer, so he stopped questioning me and locked me up in a detention center.

After I was held for more than twenty days, the 610 Office agent told me, “You are being sent to a forced labor camp.” I asked, “Why? What evidence do you have that convicts me? On what legal basis do you send me there?” He would not answer my question directly but just sternly said, “Even if you do not say anything, we will still sentence you.”

Ten days later, I was sent to a labor camp. About a month later, at the labor camp I received the letter of decision. It said that I was gathering illegally with somebody and was sentenced to forced labor for two years and six months.

I truly realized that the so-called “constitutional society” advocated by the communist regime is just a deceptive cover. The regime's laws and regulations do not serve the people. The legal system does not treat everybody equally. In China there is something higher than the law – political power. The 610 Offices go beyond the law. They do not need to follow any legal procedures. Without even having to show any legal documents, they control people's fates by merely issuing verbal commands.

Why have police officers been insanely arresting practitioners? I remember the night I was sent to the detention center, somebody in the police car asked an officer, “You have arrested this many practitioners, you must be getting quite some bonus?” He answered, “Yes.” Then he was asked, “How much do you get when you arrest one?” The policeman said, “Each additional Falun Gong practitioner equates a bonus of 10,000 yuan.” He was asked, “How do you find so many practitioners?” He answered, “Even if you think they are practitioners, you can just arrest them.” This is why some practitioners were arrested for no reason and were sent to forced labor camps.

This can truly help people to understand what kind of “constitutional society” the communist regime advocates.