(Clearwisdom.net) On August 29, more than 5000 Falun Gong practitioners from 40 countries attended the experience sharing conference held at the Westchester County Center in New York. Around 10 o'clock in the morning, revered Master Li appeared at the conference, and gave a one-hour lecture. Grateful applause filled the auditorium before and after the lecture.

Master Li gives a lecture

The conference hall

The conference hall

A practitioner presents an experience-sharing paper

At the conference, 16 Chinese and Western practitioners presented their experience-sharing papers.

Ms. Zhou from New York and Ms. Xue from Washington DC shared their experiences of promoting Shen Yun. Ms. Zhou said: “When I really follow Master's requirement, I realized that there is always at least one channel opening. If this path is blocked, there is always another path open. If I change my notion and put down the attachment; do, but not pursue, then, the channels to the mainstream society will be opened, and the people will help us to promote Shen Yun.”

Ms. Xue told her story of how to build relationships while promoting Shen Yun. She said: “As long as we put our hearts in it, we will see that Master has already arranged everything. We can easily find those who have predestined relationships with Dafa.”

Ms. Gu from Japan shared her experience of making phone calls to China and convincing Chinese people to quit the communist party. She said an internet platform was set up by practitioners several years ago. On this platform, practitioners from different countries can get trained by experienced practitioners at different times of the day. Many practitioners made major strides due to participating in the platform. One practitioner didn't know what to say on the phone at the beginning. But now, he makes about 50 calls to China and convinced dozens of people to quit the party every day. Another practitioner convinces five or six hundred people to quit every month.

Felipe Santiago from Brazil presents his paper

Felipe Santiago from Brazil obtained the Fa five years ago. There were only two practitioners in his town. He set up an exercise site and tried his best to introduce Falun Gong to the public. Later, he also helped the Epoch Times and NTDTV to set up branches in Brazil.

Ms. Ren from Connecticut delivers the Epoch Times to local Chinese schools. Once she found that on the program list of a talent show at a Chinese school, there were some songs promoting the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). She and local practitioners wrote to the principal and the board of the school, telling them what authentic Chinese culture is, and what the party culture is, why the communist party ruins the traditional culture, and why the Chinese school should teach students the true traditional culture. After patient communication, the school agreed to cancel those programs.

Suman, a member of Falun Gong Club at Columbia University, told his story of clarifying the truth on campus when some Chinese students attacked Dafa. The leaders of the university learned the truth, and asked the Chinese students to stop interfering with Falun Gong. The university also offered funds and encouraged the Falun Gong club to hold more events to promote Falun Gong and raise awareness on campus.

Mr. Yang from Belgium shared how practitioners clarify the truth to the European Parliament (EP) and local media. Once the CCP exerted pressure on the EP, trying to stop a reporter, who is a Falun Gong practitioner, from attending an EP press conference. When the reporter got the permit, the CCP tried to get the EP to cancel the press conference. Practitioners exposed the evil behaviors of the CCP to the international media, letting the whole world see how the CCP interferes with the freedom of press. Through this incident, more people learned about NTDTV and the Epoch Times.

Lianhua, a 7-year-old practitioner, shares her experience.

Lianhua, a 7-year-old practitioner, shared her experience of reading the Fa and sending forth righteous thoughts.

At 6 p.m., the conference successfully concluded.