(Clearwisdom.net) About two hundred people from various circles of society held a rally on City Square in Melbourne, Australia, on August 20, 2011, to celebrate over 100 million withdrawals from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its affiliated organizations. Many passersby stopped to watch the activity and took videos of this historical moment.

Celebration of over 100 million withdrawals from the CCP in Melbourne

Passersby sign to show support for the Chinese people who have withdrawn from the CCP.

Passersby stop to read display about the CCP's persecution of Chinese people.

Reading about the persecution in China.

A visitor carefully reads about the brutal persecution in China.

Many people stopped to learn about the persecution and the wave of withdrawals from the CCP

Representatives from the Global Service Center for Quitting the Chinese Communist Party (GSCQCCP), the Epoch Times and the Falun Dafa Association in Victoria gave speeches at the rally.

Mr. Fan from the Global Service Center said the Chinese people have been announcing their withdrawals through the Internet, fax, email and phone hotlines. Some of them have openly posted their announcement on light poles and bulletin boards in China. Some even wrote their withdrawal statement on currency bills. Most of the withdrawals are accomplished with the help of the volunteers from the GSCQCCP

Ms. Peng Xiaomei, a volunteer from the Global Service Center, said, “Chinatown is the place where Chinese people in Melbourne often visit. I volunteer at Chinatown at least four or five days a week, sometimes seven days. On most days, I can help about a dozen people quit the CCP. Some days, the number can reach more than forty.”

Ms. Zhu Yufang, another volunteer, said, “The number of withdrawals every day has doubled or tripled. About thirty or forty people withdraw in front of the Chinese Consulate every day. One man told me that he had quit the CCP the last time I spoke to him. After he told his sister about it, his sister said that she would like to quit too but she didn't have time to come to the Service Center booth. The man made this special trip to the Chinese Consulate to help his sister quit.” Ms. Zhu added, “People used to be so afraid in front to the Chinese Consulate that they wouldn't dare to accept our newsletter. They used to be afraid they would be denied visas [if the Consulate staff saw them]. Now they aren't afraid at all.”

A man from Shandong Province, China, read the display carefully with a copy of the brochure titled “Marx and Satan” in hand. Pointing at the brochure, he said, “Marx is the most terrible! There wouldn't have been evil Communism, the Russian Communist Party or the Chinese Communist Party without him. Thousands and thousands of Chinese people wouldn't have been killed. Mao is the source of all evil. His crimes are too numerous to list. I hope the CCP will collapse soon.”

Mr. Gao used to be a government employee in China. He said, “The Communist Party is a wicked and inhuman party. It will be eliminated sooner or later. The Communist Party in China is a large interest group. They extort money from the people for their own comfort. The CCP will collapse sooner or later. I have been wanting to quit it for a long time. I wrote an application to quit the CCP three times when I was in China. I suffered retaliation each time. They took my salary and almost killed me. They still owe me tens of thousands of yuan.”

Many Australians watched the rally and listened to the speeches. A schoolteacher said she learned from a volunteer that quitting the CCP wasn't just a matter of the Chinese people. It concerned Australia too, because China was Australia's largest trading partner. The Australian government and companies should first find out what kind of government they are dealing with and how to deal with it. The Chinese people have made their choice through withdrawing from the CCP. She wondered, how should the Australian government react? The schoolteacher appreciated the courage of the over 100 million Chinese people who have stepped forward to renounce the CCP. She hoped to see the restoration of traditional values, civilization and culture in China, and the return of the universal principles of Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance to China.