(Clearwisdom.net) I have experienced many things during the 10-plus years of Falun Dafa cultivation. I have written about a few of them to share with everyone.

A testimony to the power of Dafa: I survived even though a doctor said I would die

In 2004, most of the arrested Dafa practitioners from our city went on hunger strikes while they were in prison. For 24 days I didn't consume any food or water. During that time I was beaten frequently and afterwards was sent to a psychiatric hospital for further persecution. The hospital staff tied my limbs to a bed, put a feeding tube into my stomach, and poured a bowl of corn paste into the tube every day. This went on for 18 months. Eventually, a physician declared that I had muscle atrophy and a non-functioning stomach. I looked like a skeleton. My face was dark and in some places my bones had broken through the skin but there was no bleeding. The doctor concluded: “This person is doomed to die. There is no way she can be saved.”

During the last few days I was detained, I didn't have the strength to talk. I could exhale, but had a hard time inhaling. However, my mind was very clear. I said to myself, “I won’t die. I have my Master! I want to live until the day of consummation to let people see Dafa disciples’ ascension.” When I was released by the 610 Office, I was carried by my 70-year-old mother, who is slight and no longer very strong. My body was so stiff that I couldn’t even sit on a chair. The person who drove me home was in tears. My mother cooked a noodle soup with four eggs and fed it to me. I ate all of it, which proved that my stomach was functioning. I wasn't even uncomfortable even though I had just consumed more food than I ever had in the hospital. My family was really relieved to see that I was able to eat.

The next day my sister and sister-in-law took me to a township government office. They said to the director of the Security Office, “We can’t take her home. You tortured her until she looks like this; we can’t afford medical treatment for her. Her hands and feet are immobile. She even needs help to turn over in bed. How can she take care of her child?” Many of the officials in the building came out to calm the two women down and asked them to take me home. At home, the members of my family took turns reading the Fa to me. When I could bend my wrists and ankles, my family helped me to sit in meditation. Within a year I was totally recovered and had normal mobility. People around me witnessed one of Dafa’s miracles.

The police couldn't put me in a detention center

Last August I was accosted by a few dozen policemen while I was selling vegetables at a grocery market. I stayed calm and asked them why they were going to arrest me. One officer said that they just wanted to have a few words with me. I said there was nothing that couldn’t be said in public and asked them to talk to me right there. They didn't say anything, just pushed me into a police car. At the police station, they started interrogating me. I said, “I refuse to answer any questions here.” One officer said, “Even if you don’t say a word, we have ways to fix you.” Then they left to talk to their director. I used that time to clarify the truth about Falun Dafa to a person who had been arrested for using counterfeit money. He agreed to quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its affiliated organizations. A life was saved.

I was quite confident when clarifying the truth to the policemen. They showed me a bunch of truth-clarification materials they had confiscated, and one officer said, “This time we need to let you die. Last time we let you go (but you kept producing these materials). See, your printer is there.” I replied, “We did all those things to offer salvation to you.”

They asked me where the money came from to pay for the materials. I said, “From our own pockets. We are very careful with our money and save where we can. As for the older ladies, they got a little money from their children. But they didn’t want to spend it on food or clothing; rather, they spent all of it on producing materials to save you. Are you willing to spend even 10 yuan to make a VCD? All these were made for your own good, for you to be saved. But still you arrest us.”

An officer asked, “Who paid those people overseas to call us to talk about Falun Gong?” I said, “They made those calls using their own money. Even the pamphlets have a statement that said that they had been printed using the producer’s own money.” One officer said, “How foolish. They even do it without being paid.” I said, “That’s the difference between cultivators and you. Cultivators spend their own money and efforts to save people after their busy jobs. They just hope you have a wonderful future and won't be eliminated [by Heaven].”

I was taken to a police station. A pile of materials about me were on file, but the computer couldn’t display my records. There were more than 10 computers, but none could display my file. The officers cursed the computers. Besides clarifying the truth, I kept sending righteous thoughts. I had complete faith that Teacher would rescue me. The police obtained a detention warrant. They took me to a detention center and showed the director the warrant. However, the director waved his hand and said, “Get moving, get moving. We have nothing to do with this!” The police officers were angry. They had no choice but to take me back. Then they started blaming the director of the Security Office and said it was he who had created this trouble. The director said it was the fault of the National Security Team and 610 Office. Nowadays, many people know that persecuting Falun Gong causes retribution. I told them that goodness begets goodness and evil will be punished. They said, “We often receive calls from abroad. We know it better than you.”

A 10-foot-high wall was lowered

One day, I was waiting for a bus that was supposed to arrive every 20 minutes. A minivan pulled up and the driver said he could take me to my destination and would only charge me the same as the bus fare. I got in the van and started clarifying the truth to those in the van. The driver went directly to a police station. I said, “I didn’t do anything wrong, why are you doing this to me? I told you the facts for your own good.” The driver’s face turned red all the way to his neck. He said he was a policeman and then disappeared.

Police officers at the station and 610 Office staff beat me and stepped on my toes with their heavy shoes. My face was covered in blood. I kept thinking about Teacher’s Fa in which he said that we had the ability to transfer the pain to the perpetrator’s body. So I didn’t feel any pain. Each policeman used an electric baton to hit my face. I recalled that Teacher said, “When you are persecuted in any way you can use righteous thoughts to turn the tables on the bad people and stop the persecution. And this includes those who assault the students with punches and kicks.” (“Stop the Evil Acts with Righteous Thoughts”) So I sent righteous thoughts to move the electric current to their bodies. I didn’t feel anything, but they ran away after shocking me a few times. A different policeman said, “Let me fix her.” He tried to shock me at the acupuncture points on my face, but he ran away without saying a word. Though they took turns torturing me, in the end, I was alone in the room. After that, I was locked in a room in a municipal office to wait for dawn. I asked Teacher to help me.

It was September, and there was such heavy fog that one couldn’t even see the tree outside the window. I had been beaten so badly that I couldn’t move my feet. I had to lean against the wall to walk. One of the two policemen assigned to watch me said, “I bet that you can’t get away.” They took their comforters and left.

I managed to walk out of the room and up to a wall that was 10 feet high. I asked Teacher to help, “Please lower the wall.” Shortly, my hands touched the top of the wall and I managed to climb onto it. Before I got down, I heard the police starting to look for me. I wanted to slide to the ground, but just fell. When I got up, my feet no longer hurt. I could walk. When I arrived at my destination, the fog had cleared and my feet started hurting so much that I couldn’t move at all. After a week I had completely recovered. Others were allowed to witness Dafa’s greatness and supernormal abilities.

Here, I’d like to express great gratitude for Teacher’s care and protection! All I can do is carry out the three things diligently to thank Teacher for his grace!