(Clearwisdom.net) Tonghua County Domestic Security Division officers arrested Mr. Wang Peichen, 40, and his father Mr. Wang Nuanrong, 64, on July 17, 2011. The police also ransacked Mr. Wang Peichan's grocery store and his home that same day. Wang Peichen’s family asked the police to release the father and son, but the request was denied.

At 6:30 p.m. on July 17, officer Yu Jisheng from the Tonghua County Domestic Security Division and nine other plainclothes officers stormed into Mr. Wang Peichen's grocery store in Kuaida Town. They arrested Mr. Wang in front of his 14-year-old daughter. After Mr. Wang was taken away, the police forced his daughter to accompany them while they searched the store. The daughter was so terrified that she could not even walk. The police ransacked the store. Five minutes later, Mr. Wang’s wife came to the store to replace him so he could have dinner at home. Seven officers forced the wife to return home with the police so they could search the home. One officer stayed back to watch their daughter so she could not make phone calls.

When the police and Mr. Wang’s wife returned home, Mr. Wang’s mother and her three-year-old grandson were playing in the yard. The little boy held a bunch of keys as a toy. An officer fiercely snatched the keys from the boy’s hand. The frightened boy began to cry. Mr. Wang's wife was so horrified by the violence to a child that she fell to the ground and could not stand up. A police officer had little sympathy and began to shout profanities. When they came inside the house they saw Wang Peichen’s father Wang Nuanrong. They called in more officers and began to shuffle through the home. They went through all the rooms to search the cabinets and beds. Finally they left with a PC, a printer, an e-book, an MP5 and an MP3 player, a cell phone, a phone book and some house keys. They also took Wang Nuanrong, the father, with them.

The little boy was so frightened, he cried non-stop. For three weeks following the home invasion, he woke up crying every night. He was afraid of strangers and stayed away from people.

On July 18 at 9:30 am, Mr. Wang’s wife and his brother’s wife went to the Tonghua County police to visit Wang Peichen and his father. A security guard stopped them; after calling his supervisor, the guard told them that Wang Peichen and his father were not at the police department. Mr. Wang’s wife saw some windows at two ground-level rooms covered with curtains. She yelled her husband’s name. Wang Peichen answered, “I am here.” Mr. Wang’s wife told the police to return her keys and cell phones. She refused to leave if these items were not returned to her. Finally, the police retuned her keys after calling a supervisor.

On July 20 at noon, the police called Mr. Wang’s wife and told her to deposit money in the detention center for her husband and father-in-law. The wife immediately deposited 200 yuan for her husband and 400 yuan for his father. Officer Shen Zhongyu told her, “Wang Nuanrong was brought here in the evening on July 17, and Wang Peichen came in the afternoon of July 19.”

Previously, practitioner Liu Renge was killed within 12 hours of torture and interrogation in Tonghua Criminal Police Division, (http://www.clearwisdom.net/html/articles/2011/8/2/127163.html). Wang Peichen was interrogated by officers from Domestic Security Division and Criminal Police Division for 42 hours. One can only guess the severity of the psychological and physical trauma Wang Peichen suffered.

Mr. Wang’s family hired two lawyers. On July 25, the lawyers asked Tonghua County Domestic Security Division about the father and son’s situation. The police said, "Wang Nuanrong and his son’s case are handled by the Criminal Division.” But the Criminal Division police said that it was not their business. No one assumed responsibility.

In the afternoon on July 27, Wang Nuanrong’s first daughter-in-law went to the police to ask when they would release the father and son. The police head replied, “Let Wang Peichen’s wife come.” But Mr. Wang’s wife was too busy at the store to go. An hour later, Criminal Division head Yan and two other officers arrived at Mr. Wang’s store and demanded to know from Mr. Wang’s wife where his informational materials came from and who had visited him. The wife told them she had no idea.

On August 1, the lawyers visited the Tonghua County Police Department for the second time. The police still refused to allow them in. That same day, the two daughters-in-law of Wang Nuanrong went to the police again and wanted to know from the criminal division head, “You have detained our family members for two weeks. Why do you refuse to release them?” The head said, “Wang Peichen will get a prison sentence. Wang Nuanrong will be sent to a forced labor camp.” In the afternoon, the two daughters-in-law tried to deliver clothing for the father and son, but the police denied their visit and refused to take the clothing.

Officers involved in the persecution:
Yan Wu, Tonghua Criminal Division Head: +86-435-5235595, +86-15143511888
Gao Feng, Tonghua Criminal Division head: +86-435-5238112, +86-15943525789
Li Bin, Tonghua Police Domestic Security Division head: +86-435-5228581, +86-13844547155
Officer Shen Baoquan: +86-435-5221855 (Home)
Officer Yu Jisheng: +86-435-2588830 (Home), +86-13089274893