Name: Ma Zhenyu (马振宇)
Gender: Male
Age: 49
Address: Unknown
Occupation: Engineer at the Nanjing Fourteenth Research Institute
Date of Most Recent Arrest: May 26, 2011
Most Recent Place of Detention: Xiaguan Detention Center (下关看守所)
City: Nanjing
Province: Jiangsu
Persecution Suffered: Imprisonment, torture, dismissal from workplace, home ransacked, interrogation, detention

( Falun Gong practitioner Mr. Ma Zhenyu (from Nanjing, in Jiangsu Province) was arrested by officers from the Domestic Security Division about two months ago. He was brutally interrogated and underwent brainwashing at the Xiaguan Detention Center.

Mr. Ma was an engineer and a technical expert for the Chinese Electronics Technology Group Corporation. He was also the chief designer for major military electrical products. However, simply because he practices Falun Gong, he was arrested by the Chinese authorities several times and had previously been imprisoned for seven years at Suzhou Prison.

Mr. Ma went to work as usual on the morning of May 26, 2011. On his way to work, he was arrested by officers from the Sisuocun Police Station in Xiaguan District. The arrest was led by Xiao Ningjian, the head of the Domestic Security Division. On the street, Xiao ordered the officers to savagely beat him, leaving him bleeding from his mouth.

Mr. Ma was later taken to the Sisuocun Police Station in Xiaguan District, where he was severely beaten by police officers, and his hands were cuffed behind him for twelve hours. The police ordered him to put his thumbprint on a document, and he refused to do so, and was severely beaten again.

Torture re-enactment: Handcuffing behind the back

Mr. Ma was interrogated at the Sisuocun Police Station for three days. On May 29, police took him to the Xiaguan Detention Center. After that, according to an order from the Domestic Security Division, the guards at the Xiaguan Detention Center took Mr. Ma to the brainwashing center and held him there until mid-June. He was again subjected to interrogation. After mid-June, he was taken back and detained at the Xiaguan Detention Center.

Before he was arrested, Mr. Ma's physical condition was very good, and he often worked overtime. However, after he suffered the brutal interrogation, he developed a serious heart problem, and the detention center had to send him to the hospital for medical treatment. On July 1, 2011 the police claimed that Mr. Ma had been sentenced to a forced labor camp for one-and-a-half years, but they continued to detain him at the Xiaguan Detention Center. Another Falun Gong practitioner, Mr. Zhang Xuefeng, was also detained there.

Mr. Ma has been currently been detained for more than two months, and Mr. Zhang has been detained for almost three months. According to the law, these two practitioners should have been released, since the authorities hadn't obtained any results from their investigations for such a long time. Yet the police continued to deprive them of their liberties. It has also been very difficult for their attorneys to meet with them. The Nanjing Police Department and Xiaguan District Domestic Security Division resorted to all kinds of excuses to prevent the attorneys from meeting with them. It has been even more difficult for their family members to meet with them.

Mr. Ma requested an administrative reconsideration around July 14. But the head of the Xiaguan Detention Center refused to deliver his request to the relevant departments. When Mr. Ma met with his attorney on August 1, the request for the administrative reconsideration was finally pushed forward. Mr. Ma's family could report the illegal conduct of Xiao Ningjian and the other evildoers to the various departments at all levels in Nanjing. Their abuse of power should be stopped.