(Clearwisdom.net) Several Falun Gong practitioners have been confirmed to beillegally detained at Siping City Detention Center in Jilin Province. The practitioners include Lin Liyan, Zhao Fenglan, and Wang Guizhen from Xiwei Town, Yitong County; Feng Na, Zhao Yanxia, and Li Qin from Lishu County; and Zhang Yinsen from Siping.

Lin Liyan, Zhao Fenglan, and Wang Guizhen have been held for over three months, and family members have been denied visitation. They held a hunger strike to protest the persecution, demanding unconditional release. No further information has been released by the detection center, even though the practitioners' lives are at risk. The only communication by detention center employees has been to family members, demanding that they pay more money in fines.

Jiang Xiaoli is an employee of the Epidemic Prevention Department in Gongzhuling City. Jiang Xiaoli and her husband Yu Qingquan were arrested by Gongzhuling Domestic Security Division officers Wang De, Li Jiangqi, Xu Zhiwei, and others, who ransacked their home and confiscated a computer, printer, several Falun Gong books, a photograph of Falun Gong founder Master Li Hongzhi, and other items.

After Jiang Xiaoli and Yu Qingquan were arrested, Jiang Xiaoli's mother was left untended, alone in her daughter's home. She is in her eighties, and has great difficulty doing things on her own. She said, “My daughter and her husband are good people. They have never done anything bad, and have been dutifully taking care of us in our old age. Now that they've been arrested, how are we supposed to get by on our own? Instead of arresting criminals, they arrest good people like my daughter and her husband? What kind of justice is this?!”

Jiang Xiaoli's mother is often in tears and tells everyone she meets about her situation. After more than two months of hardship living on her own, one of her eyes has gone blind, and her legs are such that she is barely able to get around.

Jiang Xiaoli's father, also in his eighties, was the former chief of the Epidemic Prevention Department. He has a serious heart ailment and has recently been forced to spend most of his time resting in bed. Jiang Xiaoli and her husband were the ones who took care of his daily needs. Now, without anyone to care for him, he keeps asking, “When will they be coming back?”

The last reports received about Jiang Xiaoli indicate that she is not in a good mental state and her blood pressure is dangerously high, due to the treatment she has received while detained.

Personnel involved in persecuting Falun Gong practitioners:

Li Jianqi, Gongzhuling division head
Wang De, instructor
Xu Zhiwei and an unnamed partner (have been long-time collaborators in the persecution of Falun Dafa practitioners)
Lin Dejing, Siping City 610 Office director
Lu Yuhe, Siping Political & Legal Committee assistant secretary (has persecuted Falun Dafa practitioners for 11 years and sentenced over 100 practitioners to prison terms)
Wang Lihong, Siping 610 Office assistant director:13844406016
Dong Heyi, Siping 610 Office section head: 13843415233
Yang Guochen, Siping 610 Office section head:13304346729
Jiang Hongpo, Siping 610 Office: 13624449168
Wei Jinglai, Siping Domestic Security Division deputy head: 13944449577
Li Jianqi, Gongzhuling Domestic Security Division head: 13504440000
Xu Zhiwei, Domestic Security Division (known for persecuting Dafa practitioners)