(Clearwisdom.net) I was detained at the Zhuhai Second Detention Center during 2001 and 2002, where I was subjected to the torture known as "riding the airplane". My limbs were cuffed on a narrow cross and I couldn't move. Sometimes the police erected the cross, so that I was hanging on the cross. Sometimes to intensify the torture and increase my suffering, they swayed and shook the cross violently. Several months later, when some people came to inspect the detention center, in order to cover up the persecution and the torture, officers from Zhuhai Second Detention Center burned this torture instrument. They told me that I was the last person to “ride an airplane”.

Again and again, during the battle with the evil, I clarified the truth to the police with wisdom granted by Master. In the end, every time they interrogated me, they had to find different police officers to ask my name, address, workplace and the practitioners I had contact with. After I clarified the truth to them and explained the Fa's principles, they fell silent and eventually came to respect Dafa.

One time they had an especially vicious policeman talk to me. As soon as he entered the room, he threatened me very loudly, slapped the table and yelled, “If you don't tell us your personal information and true identity, you will never be released.” Upon hearing his words, I also stood up and slapped the table, “All the police officers that have talked to me were very polite and rational. At least they had some good basic characteristics and they knew how to be respectful of other people. But you don't even know how to talk to people. We practitioners are good people. Jiang's regime persecutes Dafa because of his jealousy. He is the worst person and sinner in history. Do you also want to be the same as him?” After I finished, the police officer said quietly, “All right, let's sit down and talk”.

I sat down and began to clarify the truth about Dafa to him. I said, “Only a river separates Zhuhai, Hong Kong and Macao. In Hong Kong, practicing Falun Gong is legal; but cross the river on mainland China's soil, such a good practice has been banned. Are the people in Hong Kong and Macao so foolish that they can't tell whether Falun Gong is good or not? Actually not only in Hong Kong and Macao, people from over one hundred countries practice Falun Gong. So many educated overseas people practice Falun Gong, isn't it obvious that something is wrong when Jiang's regime persecutes practitioners? It's obvious that something is wrong in China, and once you go to Hong Kong you'll figure it out. How can you be deceived by Jiang so easily?” He was shocked to hear my words and it took a long time before he regained his composure.

I don't remember how many police officers they sent to interrogate me, but after I clarified the truth to them, they gained respect for Dafa and for practitioners' actions. A senior police officer once said to me sincerely, “I know you are very good people. I've met practitioners from Tsinghua University, and I was impressed by their talents, intelligence and upright character. You are great people.” He also told me the fact that I was able to endure such harsh torture without compromising for such a long time was amazing to them. I told him that it's quite common among Dafa practitioners, because we all have firm belief in Dafa which can't be shaken by any physical detention or sentencing to forced labor camps. In the end, this police officer sighed deeply and said, “You should get out of here as soon as possible. Hell is here. If you get out, go overseas.”

While I was in the detention center, the police officers forced me to do hard, manual labor. I was starved all the time. During meal times, I stayed in front of the food waste bucket and ate the inmates' leftover rice. While I did the forced labor, I recited Master's Fa, “Did you know that in order to save you the Buddha once begged for food among everyday people?” (“True Cultivation”, Essentials for Further Advancement) Sometimes I sang “Pudu” or “Jishi” to myself. I sent forth righteous thoughts constantly throughout the day. Even when I was sleeping, I asked Master to strengthen me so that all of my bodies in other dimensions could send strong forth righteous thoughts non-stop.

One day when I was working, Master gave me a hint and, from the Fa, I enlightened that the fundamental reason for the persecution was because of the characteristic of the old universe. So when I sent forth righteous thoughts, I added this thought: Negate all the old universe's characteristics. Later on, when I studied Master's new lectures at the end of 2002 after I was released, I found that Master had talked about related principles. I understood that as long as we take the Fa as our teacher, Master will reveal the principles and the infinite power of the Fa, even under the harshest environment. Everything will undergo incredible changes.

Although the evildoers used all kinds of methods to persecute me, I still escaped from the detention center with Master's help. After one year of detention, I was released. When I left, most of the detainees I had contact with understood the truth about Dafa.