(Clearwisdom.net) On March 7, 2011, the Chinese Communist Party's (CCP) Political and Law Committee in Deyang City along with the 610 Office ordered the Luojiang County Court to announce a trial to be held against Falun Gong practitioners Ye Qibing, Liu Ping, Qui Juyuan and Qiu Yuqiong, from the second division of Shuanglin Village, Yuanjia Town, JingYang District in Deyang City. However, the trial was actually just a trap to lure practitioners into the courthouse, where they were illegally arrested. In total, twenty-two practitioners from various counties in Deyang City and some practitioners from Mianyang City went to the court for the hearing and were arrested.

The Party's Political and Law Committee in Deyang City and the 610 Office ordered the Luojiang Court to place plainclothes undercover agents around the courthouse. On that day, some pretended to fish near the river, while others just walked around. Five practitioners from the Sanshui area of Guanghan City came to the court When they got there, an agent asked them, “Are you here to rescue our fellow practitioners?” One practitioner nodded his head, thinking the agent was a practitioner. The same agent asked the other practitioners the same question and told every one to go into the courthouse. They found out later that after they had gone inside, this person made some calls on his cell phone. They were the first group to be arrested.

At 11:55 a.m., police arrested three practitioners at Kaijiang Bridge. At 12:15 p.m., they arrested several other practitioners in a park near Kaijiang. This continued for a while, with several other practitioners being arrested at various locations. Eventually, practitioners realized that the trial was actually a trap orchestrated by the CCP.

A total of twenty-two practitioners were arrested that day. Fifteen were from Guanghan City, three from Deyang City, one from Mianzhu City, one from Shehong County and two from Mainyang City. Their names are Yang Yonghui, Shu Qiongxian, Shu Jixiu, Liu Yuanfeng, Wu Liang from Sanshui Town in Guanghan City; Xiao Kaiping, Zhang Erxiu, Zeng Yunfeng, Cai Huayu from Xinglong Town of Guanghan City; Jiang Zeying, Feng Qingxiu from Gaobin Town of Guanghan City; Zhao Yanzhen from Xigao Town of Guanghan City; Zhang Li and Shi Youqun from Luocheng Town of Guanghan City; Xie Jiuhui from Beiwai Village of Guanghan City; Deng Dezhi and Xiao Xianzhen from Bajiao Town of Deyang City; a practitioner (name unknown) from Huangxu Town of Deyang City; a relatively new practitioner (family name is Liu) from Xiaoquan Town of Mianzhu City, a practitioner from Shehong County; two practitioners from Mianyang City (one of them is a young practitioner who was kicked by the police, causing injuries). Police from Chengdu City, Mianyang City and Deyang City as well as police from the National Security Team were all involved in the arrests.

All the practitioners who were arrested on March 7 were interrogated in Luojiang County. Later that same evening, they were taken to brainwashing sessions held by the 610 Office in Guanghan and Xinzhen. On March 8, three senior practitioners in their eighties were released. By that time, there were twelve practitioners remaining in custody. Five were being detained in Guanghan, and seven were being detained at Guanghan Police Station. On the day of the arrests, police also ransacked the homes of all those who had been caught. In Yang Yonghui's case, they confiscated a computer, DVD player, printer, and various personal belongings from her home in the Sanshui area of Guanghan City. Other practitioners also had their personal belongings confiscated. The other practitioners' exact situations are not known. Yang Yonghui is the only practitioner who is still being detained at the Guanghan Detention Center. All other practitioners who had been detained there were released.