(Clearwisdom.net) Pointing out each others' shortcomings is very important. Sometimes for the sake of saving face or because other practitioners seem to be cultivating well or for other reasons, when we see the shortcomings of others, we do not tell them. However, if the problem grows, it might cause huge losses to the whole body. I would like to discuss some issues that I've seen.

Practitioners who have been persecuted might easily have the attachment to fear. There is a saying, “Once bitten by a snake, one will be frightened by just a rope.” There are many practitioners who thus restrict their actions and behavior after being persecuted. I suggest that they get rid of their attachment to fear. Maintaining righteous thoughts at all times cleans up our field, and thoughts of fear will not be allowed to form. If we are afraid of being persecuted and thus do not clarify the truth, won’t we have fallen for the evil’s tricks? If we are unable to break through this, it is usually due to a strong attachment to fear. It is thus very important to fundamentally eliminate this attachment.

One practitioner broke through with righteous thoughts. He was brave and not afraid of death. He conducted himself very righteously, and many people were moved by his actions. But some practitioners seem to keep being arrested, escape, and then they are again arrested and escape. Some have been arrested as many as four or five times. Once when I read an article by a fellow practitioner, I saw that he had a strong attachment to zealotry. However, since this practitioner did not live in my area, I did not contact him. Soon after, I saw that he had been arrested once again. This time he was tortured very badly. He went on a hunger strike to protest the persecution. Upon hearing this, I had a deep feeling of self reproach. I blamed myself for not contacting him and discussing his attachments with him. Although he did not live in my area, all practitioners are one body and there is no good excuse for my not fulfilling my responsibility. Why didn’t I find some way to tell him?

This is my personal understanding. If there is anything inappropriate, please kindly point it out.

June 25, 2011