(Clearwisdom.net) I was born in the early 1930s, during the time when the Japanese invaded China and civil war raged. In those hard times, people had nothing to depend on for their livelihood. My mother passed away after giving birth to me. I led a very harsh life and didn't have enough food to eat. Later on, after the communist regime took over, I committed many wrongdoings and created a lot of karma during its many political movements. From my childhood, I had many illnesses: tuberculosis, frostbite, stomach problems, vasculitis, anal leakage and heart disease, etc. In my sixties, although I practiced many types of qigong, nothing helped. When I encountered Dafa and Master Li Hongzhi, my life finally came to a turning point.

Attending Master's Lectures in Guangzhou, Guangdong Province

I read the announcement about Falun Gong classes in a qigong magazine. I was attracted by the unique features of Falun Gong: “Cultivation of both mind and body” and “the Fa cultivates practitioners.” On October 25, 1993, I went to Guangzhou to attend the lectures.

After four of us settled down at the hotel, we were asked to go to the park to meet with Master. Master looked very young and was nicely dressed. He smiled all the time and was very courteous and kind. I felt He was so different from other people. Master gave us His business card, but I didn't get one. So I said, “We came all the way from Hunan Province, and I didn't get your business card.” Master immediately gave me several copies. All of us felt it was very delightful to meet with Master and time passed by very quickly.

After we went back to the hotel, the receptionist arranged for the four of us to share another large room with dozens of people. The room was very shabby and there were no mosquito nets. I said to the receptionist: “We've traveled a long way, I'm afraid that we might be bitten by mosquitoes, and it would affect our studying the Fa and learning the exercises. Can you help us?” The receptionist answered, “If you want help, please talk to the person in charge of the class.” Since we didn't know where to find that person, we moved our things to the large room. Surprisingly, nine days later after the class was finished, I found I wasn't bitten by a single mosquito nor did I hear one bit of snoring. Revered Master knew we wished to learn the Fa, and thus helped us cleanse the field. On the first day, when I was listening to Master's lecture at 5 p.m., as soon as Master mentioned Falun Gong, I felt a Falun rotating in my lower abdomen, and I can still feel it after 18 years. Even the sound of Falun rotating is as loud and clear as it was at the beginning of my practice.

Attending Master's Lectures in Zhengzhou, Henan Province

In 1994, I went with ten practitioners to attend Master's lectures in a stadium in Zhengzhou. One day when we were listening to the lectures, the sunny sky suddenly filled with dark clouds and the sound of crashing and rolling thunder. Heavy rain poured down. With an especially huge thunderclap, a large hole opened in the roof of the stadium. Master stopped lecturing, sat in the full lotus position on the podium and made a big hand sign. About ten minutes later, the dark clouds dispersed and the sun came out. The stadium was filled with sunlight again! With a gesture, Master indicated that He had put the demon interfering with the lecture into the water bottle on the podium. Then Master continued lecturing. When we went back to the hotel after class, the road was flooded and deep water was puddled everywhere. It was indeed a very heavy rain!

Attending Master's Lectures in Jinan, Shandong Province

After the classes in Zhengzhou finished, I didn't go back home. Instead, I went with two other practitioners to Jinan to attend Master's second Fa-teaching series there. At that time, Dafa had spread widely in China, those who had predestined relationships with Dafa came for the lecture. The entire stadium was filled with people, more than 4000. It was summer and the weather was very hot, some practitioners were using a large palm-leaf fans. Master said, why don't you put the fans down? I immediately stopping fanning myself and suddenly felt a cool breeze blowing, and I didn't feel hot anymore.

In the hotel, when I got up in the morning to do the exercises, I saw our practice site was shining with a red light and I felt very comfortable. Later on, when I read Zhuan Falun, I understood why.

Master said:

“Our exercise sites are better than any other qigong exercise sites. As long as you go to our exercise sites for practice, it is much better than your treating your own illness. My fashen sit in a circle, and above the exercise site is a shield on which there is a big Falun. A large fashen guards the site above the shield. This site is not an ordinary site, and neither is it a site for an ordinary qigong practice: It is a site for cultivation practice. Many of our practitioners with supernormal abilities have seen that this Falun Dafa site is shielded with red light, and it is red all over.” (“Lecture Three” from Zhuan Falun)

During the classes, if practitioners found money, gold earrings or necklaces, etc. that were lost, they would turn it in to Master and Master would ask the owner to come to the front to claim their items.

Attending Master's Lectures in Chenzhou, Hunan Province

Master held a four-day lecture series in Chenzhou beginning on July 15, 1994. I was one of the Chenzhou staff. The Chenzhou Qigong Association sent a letter on January 6, 1994, to invite Master to give lectures in Chenzhou, but Master already had a full schedule of lectures for 1994. He nevertheless accepted their invitation and we signed the contract. Later on, the Chenzhou Qigong Association was very busy selling tickets, and each ticket was 50 yuan.

However, the staff from the Research Society later called the Chenzhou Qigong Association and asked them to cancel the lectures in Chenzhou, because Master was too busy.

When the Qigong Association held a meeting, the people from the venue became very angry and said, “If you breach the contract, we'll sue you.” I thought, “I've attended several lectures, and Master is so great, it would be awful to have a lawsuit.” So I talked to the people from the Research Society about the ticket selling situation. Later on they replied that they could reduce the nine days of lectures to four days, and Master would only give the lectures, but not teach the exercises. They also told us to return the extra money students paid for the tickets. The new standard would be 30 yuan for a new student and 20 yuan for a veteran student.

Master came to Chenzhou by Himself. In order to finish all the lectures in four days, He had to work both day and night; it was really hard. Even so, Master was very considerate of the practitioners. He made a phone call to the Research Society in Beijing, asking them to deliver a batch of Zhuan Falun to us. After the class, He also kindly took pictures with the practitioners to fulfill their wishes.

One day I went to the hotel to look for the staff of the Research Society, and I was very lucky to see Master there. Master greeted me with a smile. After class when we went to the cafeteria, the staff asked Master what He wanted to eat, Master said: “Anything is fine, I eat anything, except snake.”

Attending Master's Last Lectures in China

The last Fa-teaching lecture series in China was on December 24, 1994, in Guangzhou. It was exceptionally grand. Because so many students came, the auditorium was overflowing. In order to let the students listen to the Fa, Master asked the students from Guangzhou to give their tickets to the students who came from long distances. Additionally, He also used a TV to broadcast the lectures to the students in another room who didn't get a ticket.

In all the lectures I've attended, no matter how crowded it was, everyone was very quiet and respectful. During each class, Master adjusted the students' bodies. He asked all the students to stand up and think about one disease they had, and then Master waved His arms and counted “one, two, three.” When He counted three, all the students stomped together. If someone was out of sync, we did it again. After several times, all of the diseases I had disappeared. My mind was greatly purified.

In cultivation practice, we need to suffer hardships and overcome tribulations. Guided by Dafa, I've made it through the past 18 years. Thank you Master for giving me so much! How I long to see Master and listen to Master teaching again!