(Clearwisdom.net) In my thirteen years of practicing Falun Gong, I have wandered, taken indirect routes, and stopped, but somehow managed to stagger to the present day. I sigh as I look back on my cultivation.

1. Creating the First Materials Production Site in My Area

By 2004, Dafa practitioners in our city had not yet formed an integral unit. Some did not come out to validate Dafa, and some who had gone astray interfered with those who were diligent. Master's articles and other materials were brought to our area from other regions only sporadically. We did not have materials production sites, and at the time we hadn’t learned any techniques about how to run them.

The environment in our family, however, was very good. Our parents and my husband all practiced Falun Dafa. My husband and I had given up Dafa for a while but then restarted. My family was eager to obtain information about Dafa so we hoped to access the Minghui website.

We bought a computer and a printer, and tried quickly to learn how to use it. Perhaps Master saw our pure hearts, and helped us. Without any support, we learned how to access websites, download files, print documents, and burn discs. My husband persisted with the computer and was happy to do research. He became a computer expert.

At first we were ignorant about the Internet. We accessed the Minghui website without even knowing how we did it. We were also very brave but a little naïve. We didn’t have any Internet security knowledge, so we dared to do anything. We used an ordinary email system to send out truth-clarifying materials, including messages such as “Falun Dafa is good” and “Truthfulness- Compassion- Forbearance is good.” We did not know about the firewall, or patches either. Thinking about it now, it could have been disastrous for us. But we remained safe due to Master's protection.

From buying the computer, to visiting the Minghui website, printing articles, and creating local brochures, Master has been protecting us every step of the way. It seems like we are doing it, but it is Master who has led and helped us.

At first when we did not cultivate well, we always had fear. Sometimes we perceived lots of false conditions, which was very stressful. On the suggestion of my father, the three of us started to recite the Fa, and we urged each other on in cultivation. We've already recited the book seven times. At the beginning, we recited a paragraph at a time, then we recited several paragraphs, and later, a section at a time. While reciting Dafa more, it became easier for us to demonstrate Dafa in our daily lives. Our paths in validating Dafa also appeared step by step.

2. Upgrading Editing Work

I was young, and I wrote good articles and was always praised at school. However, none of my articles were ever published in journals. Only when I found ways to utilize my skills for Dafa did I understand that my special skills were given to me to validate Dafa.

At first, I just wrote sharing articles myself, and helped others to improve their articles. Later, when my husband was sentenced to a forced labor camp, there was no one to produce our local brochures and weekly newspapers, so I continued the work. In order to do it well, I wrote many articles commenting and revealing the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners.

Last year, I wrote many public letters, some to the 610 Office and the National Security Team, some to public security branches, procuratorial organs and people's courts, some to policemen, the CCP secretary of the village team, kind villagers, and also to people who did not know the truth and reported Falun Gong practitioners to the authorities. Wherever there was persecution, I wrote public letters. After I started to do this, no serious cases of persecution occurred in our region. Last year, about a dozen practitioners were arrested, but they were all rescued successfully and none were sentenced to prison or a forced labor camp. After I wrote an article to the director of the team leaders of the National Security team, he apologized in front of our coordinator.

Early last spring, a practitioner was arrested and their home was ransacked. I wrote two commentaries in our local brochures. As a result, the police officer who was responsible had a guilty conscience, and he returned a printer and paper cutter that was taken.

Of course, this is the strength of our group as a whole, and I am just a small particle in it. Without fellow practitioners' cooperation, and many practitioners distributing materials without fear for their lives, the effects would not be so good.

Through my writing, I encountered many xinxing conflicts. For example, someone once told me that I didn't write well, and I felt very unhappy when I heard this comment. I realized that if I only pursue results, then I will not reach my goal. Only by having a pure heart, with no pursuit, can my articles have the desired effect in validating Dafa.

After my article was published on the Minghui website, I felt that my standard was good, so I wrote two formal articles, but neither were published. I then realized that I had the attachment of showing off. My goal was not pure, and it all ended in nothing. I realized that if I had a pure thought to compassionately save sentient beings, then my articles would be powerful and have a great impact.

3. Using Cell Phones to Clarify the Truth

In 2009, I learned how to send group emails to clarify the truth, and I received some positive feedback, although I felt there was a serious blockage in using this method. Moreover, overseas practitioners recommended that practitioners in China not use this method to clarify the truth. I then began using my cell phone. At first I just wanted to send text messages, and I later learned how to make automated phone calls, which I am still doing today.

Making automated phone calls is easy and efficient, especially with related software. I realized that as long as we have the will, we can achieve anything. We first thought that using cell phones was complicated. But my husband and I were able to learn how to use them by ourselves with the help of a user’s manual. We realized that Master's compassionate care helped us to overcome our fear of purchasing cell phones and phone cards.

Our financial situation is relatively good, so we use about 400 yuan to purchase phone cards every month. We generally use two phones to make automated phone calls at the same time, and it is very easy. When we go window-shopping, go to mall or park, as long as it's in public, it is good place to make the truth-clarifying phone calls.

At first, we felt very nervous about making the phone calls. Sometimes people at the other end didn't listen well, and only a few people listened for more than 30 seconds. At that time, my xinxing was not stable and could have been much better. I was affected by the attitudes of people receiving the phone calls. I gradually corrected myself, and looked inward whenever there were problems. I reminded myself that I was not doing it to seek results, but doing it without pursuit. I later used my righteous thoughts to control my human notions, and no matter what the results were, I continued making the calls to save sentient beings. I also realized that I needed to meet a higher requirement in studying the Fa. We continued to recite the Fa, and used the Fa to guide us. Now there are many who listen to the calls for over ten minutes.

4. Helping My Husband Overcome Tests

My husband and I both cultivate, and our predestined relationship did not come easily. It is my understanding that we live together not to lead ordinary lives. We cherish our predestined relationship. In my everyday life, I always put my cultivation first. We encourage each other and are diligent together.

In the process of helping my husband to overcome a test, it was actually helping me also. After my husband was released from a forced labor camp, his employer did not allow him to go back to work, with the excuse that he had not written a statement promising to give up Falun Gong. I continued to help my husband send forth righteous thoughts, and write truth-clarification letters, but we still didn’t know where we had done wrong. Then one day, I had a dream. It looked like my husband’s head was injured, and then I saw many small snakes. I then sat up and sent forth righteous thoughts for a long time until they were eliminated. My father and I then started to help my husband eliminate the evil factors and asked him to study the Fa more. A few days later, my husband was allowed to go back to work. I also asked him to write an experience sharing describing his time in detention. Even before his article was published, he was transferred to another position at his work that was easier than his previous job, and it gave him more time to validate Dafa.

I believe that our predestined relationship to be together is to be fellow practitioners, and our marriage is secondary. With this understanding, our relationship became purer. Cultivation is serious. If we indulged in happiness in the human world, and love between husband and wife, we would interfere with each other's cultivation. Fellow practitioners who are couples have a great mission, and should save more sentient beings together.