(Clearwisdom.net) I am a Falun Dafa practitioner from Tianjin. I attended Master's last lecture series in Guangzhou in December 1994. I wanted to attend the Jinan lecture series with my friend, but was prevented from doing so by my family. I was quite upset when my friend had to attend the lectures in my absence.

When my friend came back from Jinan, I was amazed at the miraculous changes in her health. I requested the recordings from the Jinan Lectures. I finished the 16 hour lectures by continuously listening while I was cooking, walking, and picking up my child. I realized that everything Master said was true.

Master solved the questions and puzzles of the thirty years of my life. Master used the most common and simple language to teach me how to be a good and even better person. With my heart purified, my world view changed while listening to the Fa, and I felt that Master was extraordinary. Gradually all my illnesses disappeared, and I regained my health.

I later attended Master's Fa lecture series in Guangzhou, which was held in a gymnasium. There were around five thousand people attending the lectures. As soon as Master appeared, there was thunderous applause and the energy field was very auspicious.

The next day, Master personally purified all the students' bodies. The group was divided into two, with the practitioners thinking of the illnesses they or their family members had and stomping their feet when Master gave the order. Immediately, numerous students felt their bodies become lighter. Master then began purifying the bodies of the other group, and even before the order was given, they had already stomped their feet. Master smiled and said, “I would be really happy if you are all diligent in Fa study.”

All the students experienced the feeling of being free of illness. Even the elderly ladies seemed as if they were treading on air while walking.

Master taught us by his words and deeds and he used eight days instead of ten to finish the lecture series. In this way money and time were saved for all those who had jobs and came from a long distance. Before the lectures, Master arrived early each day, and patiently answered any questions the students had. In order to make it easy for the local practitioners, the lectures were given at night. They could then go to work during the day, and attend the lectures at night.

Though it constantly rains in Guangzhou that time of year, it was sunny during the lecture series and we never encountered any rain during the night classes. The rain clouds were present, but it only rained after we went to bed every night, so it did not affect the students attending the lecture. One night after the lecture, at the hotel, we heard students on the balcony clapping their hands. We looked up and there were Falun all over the sky! Local newspapers also reported this extraordinary phenomena.

Falun Dafa has been spread around the world for the past nineteen years. Despite millions of people having experienced Master's boundless compassion, the persecution against Falun Gong still continues and is rampant in China. All people of conscience who believe in justice should work together to stop this persecution.