(Clearwisdom.net) Falun Gong practitioner Mr. Yin Sirong is from Chengdu City, Sichuan Province. After his term at the forced labor camp ended, Chinese Communist Party (CCP) authorities sent him directly to the Xijin Brainwashing Center, also known as the Chengdu City Legal Education Center. His family and friends have been trying to get him released by seeking legal aid.

Mr. Yin Sirong, former employee of Chengdu Mining Experiment Factory

Mr. Yin Sirong's family and friends submitted a request for his immediate release to officials at Xijin Brainwashing Center on June 20, 2011. They also submitted an Application Letter of Administrative Reconsideration to the Chenghua District Government Legal Office that same day. They still have not received a reply from the brainwashing center or the government legal office. However Zhang Xiaochu, head of the Chenghua District 610 Office, along with other officials, went to harass and threaten Mr. Yin's family after they submitted the request.

Family Requests Mr. Yin's Immediate Release

On the morning of June 20, 2011, Mr. Yin's mother, wife, daughter, and several other relatives and friends went to see him at the Xijin Brainwashing Center. When they arrived there, they saw one male and one female guard take Mr. Yin out of a building with a sign that read, “Welcome to Chengdu City Legal Education Center.” The female guard, surnamed Zeng, was an employee assigned by Yin Shunyao. She took the family and friends to a meeting room where they could talk with Mr. Yin while he was under supervision. During their conversation, Mr. Yin revealed that he was being closely monitored around the clock, and confined in an isolated cell of about ten square meters (including the toilet area). He had no personal freedom or right of privacy. Zeng frequently interrupted Mr. Yin, stating how well he was being taken care of, how good the accommodations and boarding conditions were, and that his daily life was not interfered with. They later found out that the male guard was named Jia, and he was responsible for monitoring Mr. Yin at all times.

During their conversation, two of Mr. Yin's relatives asked questions about the legal education center, but were cursed at and threatened by the two guards, especially Jia. The guards also said they would report them to higher authorities. The two relatives were forced to leave early.

Before leaving the brainwashing center, Mr. Yin's relatives gave a letter written by a lawyer to a staff member by the name of Xiao, and requested that he forward it to Yin Shunyao. The letter was entitled “A Request for Correction of Illegal Actions Taken by Chengdu City Legal Education Center and Immediate Release of Mr. Yin Sirong.”

That same day, Mr. Yin's relatives, accompanied by a lawyer, went to the Chenghua District Government Legal Office and submitted an Application Letter of Administrative Reconsideration about Mr. Yin's case. A female staff member named Chen accepted the materials and said they would reply in a couple of days.

Threatened When Submitting Materials to the Appeals Office

On the morning of June 22, 2011, Mr. Yin's family went to the Chenghua District Appeals Office and submitted a letter requesting that the Chengdu City Legal Education Center immediately release him. However, the staff at the appeals office told them that they won't consider Mr. Yin's case, and said, “All [cases] related to Falun Gong are matters of the 'Office of Cult Prevention'. Falun Gong practitioners should not have any personal freedom.” Then they shifted responsibility to the 610 Office by saying that the officials will call the 610 Office. Mr. Yin's wife had been forced to leave home for a long time because she was persecuted by Chenghua District 610 Office personnel for several years. Considering the situation, Mr. Yin's family felt helpless and left the appeals office.

Threatened Again by Zhang Xiaochu

According to Chinese laws and regulations, all applications submitted for administrative reconsideration should be answered within five business days. However, Mr. Yin's family has never received a reply from the legal office. They submitted the application to the Chenghua District Legal Office on June 20, 2011. Four days later, on the morning of June 24, Zhang Xiaochu, director of the Chenghua District 610 Office who is responsible for arresting Mr. Yin; officer Hao Shuai from the Fuqing Road Street Office; officer Xu Shuqing from Fuqing Road Police Station; and another police officer went to Mr. Yin's father-in-law's home and threatened the family. Zhang Xiaochu said, “Why is Yin Sirong there? [Officials from] Chongqing Xishanping Forced Labor Camp called the 610 Office and the Fuqing Road Street Office, so the officials from the 610 Office demanded that Yin Sirong must be transformed. He is the most stubborn practitioner at the forced labor camp. We know that you are appealing. I am clearly telling you, it's no use no matter where you file a complaint against us. There is a policy from the central government—don't take cases related to Falun Gong. There are also rules for lawyers to follow.” He then threatened Mr. Yin's family by saying, “As [Mr. Yin's] family, you should cooperate with us to transform him. But you didn't cooperate with us. Furthermore, you filed an appeal. And your daughter, your mother (Mr. Yin's mother)...if you insist in practicing Falun Gong, we will detain and transform you.

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