(Clearwisdom.net) Ms. Shi Jing was arrested by Daqing city police recently for having “too much traffic” at her home.

At noon on June 21, Jiang Lixin, Qi Yawen, and Chen from the Donghu Police Sub-Bureau entered the Chengxin second small community to arrest Falun Gong practitioner Shi Jing. She wasn't home, so they ransacked her home instead. When she heard what was happening, she went back to her house.

Seeing what the officers were doing, she asked, “Why are you ransacking my home? Do you have a search warrant?” Police officer Chen said, “We don't need a search warrant to arrest people like you.” She was then arrested and taken to the Daqing city first detention center.

Policeman Jiang Lixin said someone had reported that there was too much traffic at Shi Jing's home, so that became the reason that the CCP police used to arrest her.

Daqing Donghu Police sub-Bureau:

Ma Xinke, Police chief: Office 5731926, Home 6295345, 13329500833
Xu Zhenbin, Deputy Police Chief: Office: 5731010, Home:5105018, 13304595088
Jiang Lixin, First Captain: 18606377833 or (18603677833)
Qi Yawen, police officer: 13394650719