(Clearwisdom.net) The Open University of Fujian, situated at Tongpan Road in Fuzhou City, Fujian Province, has persecuted Falun Gong practitioner Ms. Liu Ziqing in a variety of despicable ways.

(1) Illegal Monitoring, Restricting Personal Freedom

The university administration created a special rule to curtail Ms. Liu’s rights. Former disciplinary committee head Zhao Jie ordered school employees to question Ms. Liu when they saw her outside the school campus, and ask her where she was going. The employees were obligated to file a report on Ms. Liu if they believed she was doing something out of the ordinary.

The Personnel Department designated Ms. Liu’s next door neighbor, Huang Rongying, and the reception office staff to spy on her. They were of course paid for their service. Their job was to report on Ms. Liu’s daily activities and information about people that visited her.

During the summer of 2000, Ms. Liu was detained in an office on the fifth floor. She was not allowed to go outside and had to sleep in the office. She was later sent home. The school set up an extra bed in Liu’s bedroom, and assigned several women colleagues to take turns sleeping in her bedroom. In addition to this around the clock one-on-one monitoring, the school also assigned several officials to talk to Ms. Liu, trying to convince her to abandon her belief.

Ms. Liu received many harassing phone calls and could not live a normal life. During conversations with school officials, she insisted that it was not wrong to pursue her faith, and that Falun Gong gives people physical and mental health and promotes moral principles. She also wrote to the school leaders and told them the facts about Falun Gong, but they refused to listen and insisted on carrying out their persecution policies.

Unable to have any peace at home, Ms. Liu moved to her parents’ home, but that did not stop the school staff from harassing her. Zhao Jie, Ye Wenhua, and several other school officials went to her parents’ apartment. They visited the building's reception office, the neighborhood committee, and the local police station, and told them that Ms. Liu was a danger to society. Under pressure, these people also got involved. They dispatched people to her parents' apartment for harassment. The security staff carefully questioned all of Ms. Liu and her parents' visitors.

(2) School Officials Harass Ms. Liu’s Parents

The school extended the persecution to Ms. Liu’s parents. They often made phone calls and summoned the elderly couple to the school. In mid-August 2000, after Liu’s parents were called to the office, Student Office head Zheng Shumin and deputy head Zheng Dequan asked them for the location where Ms. Liu practiced the Falun Gong exercises. They repeatedly stated that Ms. Liu’s activity was considered to be undermining the Party. They forced the couple to sign a document, but refused to let them read the contents.

The school officials also made phone calls to harass Ms. Liu and her parents. They sent people to her parents’ workplaces and asked their supervisors to monitor her and her parents.

(3) Financial Persecution

Before the persecution of Falun Gong, Ms. Liu suffered from eye diseases and retired on a special illness plan. After the onset of the persecution, the school officials demanded that she return to work. After Liu was escorted back following her petition trip to Beijing, the school deducted Liu's airfare and other expenses, as well as the costs incurred by the other staff assigned to watch her, from her wages. The school terminated her work in late 2000. From late 2001 to present, the school has not paid her a penny of wages and benefits. Her apartment allowance was also cancelled.