(Clearwisdom.net) I met a friend in December 1993 and noticed how lovely her skin was and that she was very energetic and happy.

Prior to that time, neighbors and friends all knew that she had been paralyzed and in bed due to muscle atrophy, which could not be cured. Her husband sent her expensive medicines from Canada each year, but none of them seemed to help. She was weak and skinny and relied on her niece to take care of her.

Master was teaching the Fa and the exercises in Hefei, Anhui Province, between November 21 and December 1, 1993. My friend's family carried her there every day to listen to Master's Fa lectures. On the last day, Master was purifying practitioners' bodies from the podium. My paralyzed friend stood up right away and walked home on her own that day. When she knocked on the door after climbing up to the fourth floor, the entire family was so grateful to Master that they kowtowed in front of Master's picture. Since then, she has no longer been paralyzed and has become very energetic.

After hearing her story, I knew that this was what I had been looking for! Therefore, after 1994, I attended six of Master's Fa lectures and exercise classes: in Hefei, Anhui Province; Zhenzhou, Henan Province; Jinan, Shandong Province; Harbin, Heilongjiang Province; Yanji, Jilin Province; and Guangzhou, Guangdong Province.

1. Hefei, Anhui Province

I attended the Falun Gong lecture series in Hefei in early April 1994. I knew that Master insisted on teaching the exercises for free. The tuition of 20 yuan was actually the site fee required by the organizer. During the series, Master opened practitioners' celestial eyes and purified our bodies. I saw the transparent and colorful spinning Falun. On the day that I learned the Falun Heavenly Circuit exercise, after I got home and practiced the exercises, I was lifted up along with my quilt as I lay on the bed. When I was walking, I felt very light. I truly felt the wonder of being illness-free and that “the Fa cultivates practitioners.”

During this series of lectures, I saw someone who was paralyzed and was carried in on a stretcher from Daqing Oil Field in Heilongjiang Province. The man actually stood up right away and ran in front of everybody. He kowtowed to Master and said to everybody with his eyes full of tears, “I did not know the heavenly principles of 'One would rather not obtain a righteous way in one thousand years than cultivate a wild fox practice for one day.' In reincarnating, I forgot whether I had cultivated or not in my past lives. In this life, I obtained some supernatural abilities from my previous life's cultivation experience. I wanted to increase my gong, but I did not know that I needed to cultivate the righteous Fa. So I practiced different kinds of gong. I ended up losing my supernatural abilities and even becoming paralyzed. Today, I finally found the true righteous Fa: Falun Dafa! I found the true Master and heard the Fa of the universe: Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. I have obtained the righteous Fa! I can stand up now! I can cultivate the righteous Fa now! It is Falun Dafa's Master who gave me my second life! Thank you, our great and revered Master who taught us Falun Dafa! We will cultivate well! I will tell more people of my own experience that Falun Dafa is the righteous Fa!”

The thousands of people there were all moved to tears.

When the series was ending, I looked at Master and thought, “I will cultivate Dafa and reach consummation.” I walked closer to Master and asked Him how to make hollow fists. He showed me. I asked Master if I could shake his hands. Master extended his strong hands and shook hands with me. Some practitioners asked for Master's autograph. I also respectfully asked Master to sign China Falun Gong for me. Master satisfied each of our requests. After that, we divided into groups and had our pictures taken with Master. I got the chance to have my picture taken with Master twice.

After I started practicing Falun Dafa, I told many friends and family members about it. I hoped that more people could obtain the Fa. I understood that nothing could stop me from practicing Dafa. Nothing could stop me from telling others that Falun Dafa was good!

2. Zhenzhou, Henan Province

I took my family to Fengyu Stadium in Zhenzhou to attend the Fa lecture series on June 11, 1994. The stadium was an old one. When we entered, we saw several people doing an exercise that was not Falun Gong. Their expressions and movements gave people the impression that it was not something good. We heard that they came here following their Master's command to fight with the Fa. I understood that our Master's Fa would correct everything that was not righteous! I thought that these people were not clear-minded, that only Falun Dafa is the righteous Fa! They could not separate the righteous from the evil, the good from the bad! Master came in and started teaching the Fa. After a while, all of a sudden, it became very windy, and the windows rattled.

Master looked around and asked someone to close the windows, and continued with the lecture. Shortly, the electricity went out. Master looked around again and the electricity came back on. Master continued with the lecture again. A short while later, it became very dark outside. The lights in the stadium went out again. The noises from the roof made it hard to hear Master's voice. It started hailing outside. Large pieces of hail hit the roof like rocks on a drum. The strong wind brought in hail from outside the windows. Many people thought that the evil was interfering, and they worried that the stadium would collapse, so they started feeling uneasy. Right then, Master taught us a story that while Sakayamuni was teaching the Fa, the evil came to interfere and brought in an evil wind and blew out the oil light. None of the true cultivators was affected by this; they still calmly listened to the Fa while one of the disciples lit the oil light again.

After listening to Master's Fa teaching, many veteran practitioners continued to meditate and did not move. People around us gradually settled down, too. I closed my eyes and stayed still. After a short while, a round of applause made me open my eyes. I saw bright sunshine shining outside the windows of the stadium. I saw Master reach out in the air and twist and turn his fingers. The electricity and the lights came back on. Those that had come to interfere had disappeared. Master sat on the table, meditated, and performed a series of hand signs. Then he continued to teach the Fa. Later, the location of the Fa lectures moved to a new stadium not far away.

3. Jinan, Shandong Province

In June 1994, Master teaching the Fa and exercises at the second Fa Lecture series in Jinan. The entire stadium was full, with 4000 practitioners. (Jinan Stadium)

I continued to follow Master and attended the Fa lecture series from June 21 to June 28 at Jinan Huangting Stadium. I met practitioners from Zhenzhou. They told me that on the day it hailed, the evil brought a terrible storm that lifted rooftops and pulled up trees. The hail had hurt people and farm animals, destroyed crops, and caused losses and disasters. They heard that the evil was trying to fight against the Qigong Master who was teaching the Fa in the city. The evil was eliminated by the righteous Fa Master. They heard that this Master was teaching the spiritual discipline for mind and body. They all wanted to learn so they could teach their friends and relatives.

One day as I lay in bed and saw many spinning Falun in the air, it was like I was in a dream. All of a sudden, a Falun flew at me and hit my teeth. Afterwards, my teeth became very straight. I could finally close my mouth properly.

After I went home, I asked my second eldest sister to listen to Master's lectures on tape and taught her the meditation exercise. One day she told me excitedly, “One day, when I was doing the meditation exercise, I saw Falun flying over to me from the universe. There were three words flying out of the Falun—Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. Other dimensions indeed exist, heaven indeed exists, and hell exists, too.

I realized that Falun Dafa is so righteous and so good that I should tell more people to listen to the Fa lectures. Some veteran practitioners and I established an exercise site to teach people the Falun Gong exercises for free and tell more people the locations and times of Master's Fa lecture series. We told them not to miss the precious opportunity to hear Master's Fa teachings.

4. Harbin, Helongjiang Province

I went to Feichi Hockey Stadium in Harbin to attend Master's Fa lecture series on August 5, 1994. Because I had been strict with myself on being a true practitioner and continuing to upgrade my xinxing, I could feel the strong changes physically. I could feel the spinning Falun. After the lecture, seeing Master tirelessly taking pictures with practitioners, I thought, “Our benevolent Master, you have been working too hard. I would like you to take a break and will not bother you to take a picture with me.”

5. Yanji, Jilin Province

I attended the Yanji Fa lecture series at Yanbian Stadium from August 20 to August 27. I had some signs of sickness karma. I thought with determination, “I am a Falun Dafa practitioner. I have my Master to protect me. I am eliminating the karma and increasing my gong at the same time. This is a test. I will be just fine!” I had a runny nose. Two other practitioners were experiencing signs of “pink eye.” Although we shared one towel, they did not get a runny nose, and I did not get pink eye. We all knew that we were fine, but we just needed to eliminate the karma of our own.

After the lecture, I looked at Master who was tirelessly taking pictures with practitioners again and thought, “Thank you, Master, for teaching us such a great and righteous Dafa of the universe.”

6. Guangzhou, Guangdong Province

I wanted more people from my hometown to hear Master's lectures, so after the lecture series in Yanji, I went home and tried my best to tell more people to attend the Guangzhou lecture at Guangzhou Stadium on December 21, 1994. Although due to the Communist Party's political movements and persecution, many people were very poor like me, that did not stop me from going to Guangzhou to attend Master's last lecture series. (My monthly salary was only 15 to 20 yuan.) I treated that as an opportunity to upgrade my xinxing. I bought 30 buns and planned to eat no more than 3 everyday. I drank tap water. I borrowed money for lodging and went to Guangzhou.

There were many people attending the Fa lectures there. One meeting hall was not enough to hold us all. A lot did not have admission tickets. So that more people could hear Master's lectures, I donated my admission ticket to the staff of the local Falun Gong research organization so that they could make arrangements for those who had no tickets. I was planning to listen to Master's teachings outside the hall. Later, all the practitioners who were not able to get in went to a different hall. During the break, Master paid us a special visit.

Several days later, several veteran practitioners came to exchange their eggs, meat, and bread for my buns. My buns were all gone quickly. They tried to pay me, but I did not want to accept anything. Practitioners said, “It's hot here in Guangzhou, so it's very easy for the buns to go bad. You can use this money to buy fresh food.” I then saw my fellow practitioners' kind hearts and compassion.

After the lecture series, I heard a moving story: A poor villager came to attend the Fa lectures. He thought, “I am a practitioner. Master told us to follow the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance, not to be afraid of hardship, and not to cause troubles for others.” Because he had no money, he drank tap water and slept at the station or on the street. Fellow practitioners found him and told him that Master asked them to help him and tell him that his paralyzed wife was fine now. When he returned home, he found his wife with fine skin and doing housework. His wife told him excitedly that she was thinking about Falun Gong teaching people to follow the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance and that she also wanted to learn Falun Gong, but she could not move around. She had been thinking about it like that. After he left for the Fa lectures, as if a dream she saw shiny, colorful, spinning Falun in their house. Sometimes, some of the Falun were spinning around her. She felt so hot that she took off her blanket and got out of bed. She then was able to walk on her own. Just like that, her disease that the doctors could not cure had disappeared. Many people in his neighborhood all know that Falun Dafa is good! Many people came to learn Falun Gong from them.