(Clearwisdom.net) Han Zhiguang, head of the Langfang City 610 Office, has been increasing efforts to arrest Falun Gong practitioners since April. Deputy director Zhao Lihua traveled to Sanhe City to personally orchestrate over a dozen arrests.

On the afternoon of April 19, 2011, Ma Hua, party secretary of the Political and Legal Committee in Juyang County, and Shang Wei, a political instructor from Juyang Police Station, led a team with five cars to Langezhuang Village in an attempt to illegally arrest Falun Gong practitioner Ms. Zhen Xiuling. The attempt failed because Ms. Zhen was not home.

At around 7:00 p.m., Ma Hua led a team to Xiaotianzhuang Village. They broke into the home of practitioner Ms. Xiao Lihua. They arrested Ms. Xiao and sent her to the Langfang Brainwashing Center.

[Note: Mr. Li Min, Ms. Xiao Lihua’s husband, and their son Liu Xiaowei were arrested on December 22, 2010. They were sent to a brainwashing facility in Langfang, where they were incarcerated for over 30 days. The local authorities went to their homes to threaten and harass them in an attempt to have them renounce Falun Gong in writing during the summer of 2010 and in December 2010.]

On the afternoon of April 22, 2011, Ma Hui and Tian Lianjun, deputy party-secretary of Juyang Town, led a team to Nanguan Village. They broke into the homes of two Falun Gong practitioners, Ms. Liu Guiqin and Ms. Li Guilan, and arrested them. At first, they arrived at the home of Ms. Liu Guiqin and tried to deceive her into opening the door. When she refused, they climbed over the fence, broke into her home and arrested her. As for Liu Guiqin, she was alone at home when they arrived. They dragged her to the police car. They were both taken to the Langfang Brainwashing Center.

At around 5:00 a.m. on April 28, Chang Wangui, Party Secretary of the Political and Legal Committee in Xinji County, led a team of police officers and town government employees to the home of Ms. Bo Fangqin, a Falun Gong practitioner living in Xiaowangzhuang. When Ms. Bo refused to open the door, they scaled the fence and broke into her home. Ms. Bo was with her two teenage daughters. They tried to stop the arrest, but were pushed aside. The police officers carried Ms. Bo away and threw her into the police car. They quickly transferred her to the Langfang Brainwashing Center.

On April 28, 2011 Ms. Xiao was released.

On May 4, 2011, Ms. Sun Liyun, a Falun Gong practitioner from Sihe Village, Yangzhuang County, was arrested and sent to a brainwashing facility in Langfang for practicing Falun Gong. On May 11, 2011, Huangzhuang County government officials and the local police went to Baizhuang Village and arrested Ms. Xie Fangming. They went to Ms. Xie’s home, but she was not there when they arrived. It was Ms. Wu Guiping, director of the China Women’s Federation in Baizhuang Village, who led the team to search the village and found Ms. Xie. She was taken to the Langfang Brainwashing Center.

On May 4, 2011, Ms. Liu Guiqin and Ms. Li Guilan were released.

At around noon on May 11, 2011, the Huangzhuang County government and the local police arrested Mr. Li Dongsheng, a Falun Gong practitioner working at the Yangzhuang Binding Factory. They also sent him to the Langfang Brainwashing Center.

On the morning of May 12, 2011, a group of men broke into Juyang Health Center and arrested Ms. Gao Guiyun. The authorities had plotted her arrest the day before, but Ms. Gao was on leave. Ms. Gao started explaining to them that her beliefs were legal and that the persecution was illegal, and called her husband. Her husband was very angry that his wife, who had been harassed for more than ten years by the authorities, was now about to be arrested at work. He rushed to the health center and argued with the policemen. Ms. Gao left the scene without being noticed.

The harassment and arrests of Falun Gong practitioners have also taken place in Liqizhuang County and Huangtuzhuang County in Sanhe City.

The Langfang Brainwashing Center is infamous for its treatment of Falun Gong practitioners. Since 2000, it has detained and persecuted several thousand practitioners, including those from outside the city. Han Zhiguang, head of the Langfang 610 Office, Zhao Lihua, deputy director of the Langfang 610 Office, Li Hansong and Chen Bin, division heads, and Yu Shihong, a collaborator, have been heavily involved in the persecution. All those who have been sent here or who have been harassed at their workplaces were extorted for money ranging from approximately three thousand to ten thousand yuan, sometimes even more. All together, they have collected more than ten million yuan just from blackmailing Falun Gong practitioners and their workplaces.

Relevant organizations and phone numbers:
Langfang Detention Center: 86-316-2333043
Langfang Brainwashing Center: 86-316-6878936, 86-316-2168690
Langfang 610 Office: 86-316-201521
Juyang County Government: 86-316-3123765; director Yang Shaolin, 86-316-3559727 (Office), 86- 13803222072 (Cell), 86-316-3220917 (Home)
Juyang County Police Station in Sanhe: 86-316-3119157
Xia Lianjie, director of Yangzhuang Police Station: 86-15831653088 (Cell)
Ma Zhixing, director of Huangzhuang County Police Station: 86-13903268228 (Cell), 86-316-3156856 (Home)
Shi Liandong, head of the Domestic Security Division of the Sanhe Police Department: 86-316-3115636 (Home), 86-13832669588 (Cell)