(Clearwisdom.net) I'm 61 years old, a veteran practitioner who had heard Master's lectures given in Jinan City, Shandong Province. I feel really happy whenever I recall those wonderful days.

One evening in March 1994, I was hit by a truck while riding my bicycle. The military truck drove right over me. My pelvis was hurt the worst. An x-ray examination showed that my pelvis was broken in three places and each fracture was about five millimeters wide. After I was hospitalized for 58 days, a doctor told me to go home and wait for the wound to heal itself as there was no better way to treat my wound. I then left the hospital.

Later, a friend told me that there was a Qigong master, Li Hongzhi, who magically healed people's illnesses. He was coming to Jinan on June 21, 1994 to teach the Fa and the practice. Originally, I did not believe that qigong could heal illness. But at that time, I was eager to recover my normal physical condition. I was in my forties, and needed to take care of my parents and children. My physical stamina was quite important to my family. No matter what, attending the Qigong master's lectures would bring me a bit of hope and I decided to give it a try. I then asked my friend to book a ticket for me.

On the first day, I had to rely on other's support to go to the class. Master taught us the Fa for nine days, from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m each day. I attentively listened to Master and forgot about my physical condition. A miracle happened that day. When I stood up after the class, I found that my body felt different from when I came in. My lower back area no longer felt very weak whenever I got up. I thought I would then be able to walk. I then walked outside without the need of the others' support. I was so happy and excited, no words could describe my feeling. I constantly felt very happy and excited during that whole period when Master was teaching us the Fa.

Master rented the Jinan Sports Centre and taught us the Fa there. I remember that we had to climb stairs five to six meters high before entering the centre. Each stair step was relatively high. People advised me to climb the stairs with the support of the rail because my body had just recovered and I was still weak. But I was very excited then and wanted to try it out. So I walked up the stairs from the middle without touching the side rail. People kept acclaiming Master and Dafa after seeing my change.

Master cleansed our bodies during the third lecture. The next day when I got up in the morning, my body felt even lighter. The weather was beautiful that day. We rested in the hotel after breakfast, shared our understanding of the Fa, and talked about the supernatural things we had experienced. Later, somebody proposed that we go to Lake Daming for sightseeing. I was very excited because I had the chance to enjoy the recovery of my body. Several of us went together. We walked and talked for about 4 kilometers without realizing it and arrived at Lake Daming. After walking around Lake Daming for some time, we went back to the hotel before lunch time. I did not feel tired after walking about 8 kilometers in the morning.

Nine days quickly passed by. During that period, my physical condition recovered, and my thinking also changed dramatically. I came to understand that the true purpose of a life is to return to one's true self, and I no longer wanted to muddle along from day to day like before.

I returned home on June 30. My mother-in-law, 83 years old, was so excited upon seeing my physical change that she couldn't help crying. After a few days, I went to work in a corn field, which surprised my neighbors. I then told them about my experience in learning the practice.

In fact, I also recovered from another illness. I used to suffer from Meniere's syndrome, which would attack me once a month in the worse situation. When that happened, as soon as I opened my eyes, I would feel as if the sky and the earth were spinning around. I would lie in bed for three to five days without any appetite for food. I visited many doctors. None of them could cure it and only gave me some prescription to alleviate the symptoms during the attack. I recovered from this also after listening to the Fa in Jinan.

I also experienced many other supernatural things during the nine-day lecture. One day, the weather was very hot. Many people were vigorously waving their fans. Master asked us to put down our fans; perhaps he did not want us be distracted by them. After a little while, I saw the breeze swaying the curtains.

On the last day of the lectures, many people lined up in the square and waited to take a picture with Master. Soon the weather changed. Clouds quickly appeared and covered the sky. People started to panic. I remember Master's expression was serious. He told us to remain calm and wait in line to take the picture. He said the weather would be alright. After we all finished taking the picture with Master, and probably had all returned to the hotel, the rain started pouring.

There is one more instance to mention. Master made a comment when teaching the Fa, “Just right now, there is a person outside the door claiming that I was deceiving him. He is impersonating somebody from the Qigong Research Association.” Coincidentally, the two people who came together with us to attend Master's lecture arrived at the door after finishing their errand outside. They said that before they stepped inside the door, they heard somebody claiming that Master was deceiving him. And when they just stepped inside the door, they heard Master making the above comment. They felt that was really supernatural. Master was focused on teaching the Fa; how would he have known that someone was outside talking? They said Master must not be an ordinary person.

Seventeen years has passed since then. I've seen and heard many supernatural things that have happened during Master's spreading the Fa. The above are a few things which I remember clearly.