(Clearwisdom.net) I had been in poor health ever since I could remember. During elementary school, in summer, I suffered from heat stroke in Physical Education class, and in winter I fainted after long-distance running. I was riddled with illnesses during my childhood. I had tried both Chinese and Western medicine treatments without any improvement in my condition. I had spent a lot of money even though my family's financial situation wasn’t so good. I slouched and my feet and legs felt heavy when I walked. I was spiritless all day and so my husband stopped smiling at me as time went on. For many years, I felt bitter and weary. Finally, just like Teacher said, I decided to try my luck with qigong. Practicing several different qigong practices did not help.

One day in September 1993, a colleague of mine told me about Falun Gong. He told me there was a Falun Gong seminar to be held in Wuhan and suggested I attend. At the time I was learning other qigong practices and thus turned it down. This colleague came to see me every day to tell me to attend the seminar and told me how good it was. (He attended the third seminar held in Wuhan.) He finally gave me a copy of China Falun Gong, the revised edition. After dinner I sat cross-legged and started to read it. (I had never sat cross-legged when I read other qigong books.) After I had read just half of the table of contents, I knew that this was what I had been looking for. Suddenly tears gushed out. Unlike other schools of qigong, the long-awaited answers to everything were in this book. I finished reading the book without stopping. All puzzles in life, pain, and anguish had vanished like mist. My whole body was relaxed and I felt wonderful.

I thus attended the seminar. It was held in the Hankou District Auditorium and a banner was hung on the door that read:

“Cultivating gong has a path
mind is the way
On the boundless sea of Dafa
hardship is your ferry.

(“Falun Dafa,” Hong Yin)

I didn't know the poem was written by Teacher at the time. I just felt it was very significant.

October 3, 1993 was the happiest day of my life. When I sat down in the auditorium, suddenly a force pulled me to stand up. I saw Teacher walk from the right rear corner of the auditorium toward the front of the stage. Everyone stood up. Resounding thunderous applause lasted several minutes. Teacher repeatedly expressed gestures of gratitude and asked everyone to sit down. When I first caught sight of Teacher, I had a feeling of long absence. Teacher's cordial, amicable, and compassionate face and tall and stalwart build allowed people a sense of deep respect and a sense of happiness and trust. Starting that day, my fate had changed. I no longer worried and lived without illnesses. I was the happiest person in the world.

Teacher gave lectures without using a script, only a small piece of paper lying on the table. Teacher used the plainest language to elaborate on the profound meaning of Dafa. There wasn't any sound in the room other than Teacher's voice. Students listened quietly whilst enveloped in Teacher's compassionate and harmonious strong energy field. Dafa's principles inspired everyone, cleansed and opened up everyone's minds. I was in tears during each seminar listening to Teacher's lectures. All my puzzlement in life had been resolved.

Teacher purified the body of everyone attending the seminar. I felt my body keep emitting cold breath. All the diseases and bad substances accumulated from practicing other qigong were removed. Teacher then installed Falun and opened our celestial eyes. I concentrated and listened to the lectures every day. During morning exercises my every joint had a Falun rotating, like a small fan. One morning when I was meditating, I felt I was dashing out from my celestial eye, like riding on horseback. The phenomenon was like how Teacher described in the lecture.

Teacher had not only purified our bodies, but also eliminated and transformed our karma and helped us improve our xinxing to increase our gong. Twice I experienced having less money in my pockets when I got off the bus on my way to the seminar. At that time, I thought of the process of transformation of karma and the principle of “no loss, no gain.” I was thus unperturbed. My karma was transformed and my mind improved. I was free from illnesses. My back straightened and my legs became strong. My colleagues asked me, “I cannot recognize you looking at you from behind. What kind of panacea has caused such a big change in your body?” I thus introduced Falun Gong to them and persuaded them to learn Dafa. I also went to see friends who had practiced other qigong and recommended they learn Falun Gong. (Some of them are now practicing as well.)

In order to spread Dafa, Teacher uses every opportunity to not miss any person who has a predestination. Two days after the commencement, when attendees walked out of the auditorium after the seminar, a bus stopped in front of the auditorium to let people board. (It wasn’t a regular bus stop.) The passengers felt odd when they saw so many people: Why are there so many people? What kind of activity is going on here? In the beginning, we did not pay attention to it. Yet every day after the seminar, a bus would come and the timing was precise. Then we realized that this was Teacher's arrangement to let us use this opportunity to promote Dafa. The Fa offers salvation to predestined people! We thus introduced Dafa to the passengers on the bus and told them not to miss the opportunity. We told them the time and place of the next seminar.

After the fourth seminar ended, I was fortunate to be able to attend the fifth one held in the Qingshan Auditorium in Wuchang. The lecture fee for Falun Gong seminars was fifty yuan for new attendees and twenty-five yuan for the repeat students. It was the lowest fee among many qigong classes. I had attended many qigong classes and their fees were higher and they did not expound on profound principles, let alone cultivation. Master said, “Our fees are already the lowest in the country, yet the things imparted are the greatest in number.” (Zhuan Falun) Teacher has done many invaluable things for the attendees.

Teacher never drank water during more than two hours of lecturing and sometimes the seminar lasted all day on Sunday and he did not drink any water. Students wrote notes to him several times: “Teacher, you have talked for a long time, please drink water.” Teacher replied: “I've been drinking water.” As soon as Teacher finished lecturing, Teacher started to teach us the exercises. He let a practitioner demonstrate the exercises and he would stand to the side to explain the main points very carefully. Sometimes he would personally demonstrate. Sometimes he came down from the podium and came around to correct our movements. After a whole day of lecturing, he taught us the exercises painstakingly. Teacher's words and deeds impressed the students; we cherished Dafa and respected our great Teacher. Every day when he finished lecturing, we all gave a standing ovation and he would raise his arms and waved to us. We all had the same idea: We really want to be with Teacher forever. We stayed in the auditorium for a long time and didn't want to leave. Finally the staff told us over the microphone: Please leave the auditorium as soon as possible, otherwise Teacher will not leave. We thus walked out of the lecture hall slowly.

What impressed me the most was what Teacher told us repeatedly: “Dafa is hard to come by” and, “do not to lose it easily just because you have obtained it easily.” “The process of cultivation is a very slow and gradual one, and one must sacrifice quite a lot. It is not very easy for one to temper oneself physically and mentally.” “In cultivation of the Buddha Fa, you should strive forward vigorously.” (Zhuan Falun) These words have been etched in my heart and encouraged me to cultivate diligently. Although I sometimes had not cultivated diligently, Teacher still guided me on the way, so that I passed each tribulation one after another. When tribulations came, I was always unwavering and followed Teacher to rectify the Fa and save sentient beings.

In an article, a fellow practitioner wrote: “I shed tears for one whole day, shedding my whole lifetime's worth of tears.” I attended eighteen days of Teacher's lecturing and shed tears for eighteen days. Life after life I had been looking forward to Dafa and I finally obtained Dafa in this lifetime.

The most fortunate thing in my life is that I have entered into Dafa cultivation and the most memorable thing is that I personally listened to Teacher's lectures for eighteen days, immersed in the vastness of the universe. As a Fa-rectification period Dafa disciple, I will live up to Teacher's compassionate salvation. I can only follow Dafa to cultivate diligently, assimilate to the Fa, walk righteously on the cultivation path, fulfill my prehistoric vow, and follow Teacher home.