(Clearwisdom.net) Falun Gong practitioners Mr. Sun Jiefeng, Ms. Liu Ziyun (Mr. Sun's wife), Ms. Huang Wanxian, and Xiao Deng were put on trial the morning of May 27, 2011. Mr. Sun and Ms. Liu have a one-year old child.

On April 22, Mr. Sun and Xiao Deng were arrested at work in the Pingshanxin District, Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province. More than 30 officers and six police cars from the Shenzhen City 610 Office, the State and the Longgang District Security Offices, and the Pingshanxin District State Police Station participated in the arrests. The police then went to Tongle in the Longgang District and arrested Ms. Liu and Ms. Huang.

The practitioners' homes were ransacked the day they were arrested, and many of their personal belongings were taken away. The company where Mr. Sun and Xiao Deng worked was forced to close, and the owner of the company was arrested as well. The owner was detained for several days and was only released when it was confirmed that he was not a Falun Gong practitioner. As of the day this article was written, one of the owner's two companies was not allowed to reopen.

Mr. Sun was born in Jieyang City, Guangdong Province. He originally worked in the Jieyang City Museum. He was an honest and capable employee and was very trusted by his employer. After the persecution of Falun Gong began, he was arrested many times by the Jieyang 610 Office and was persecuted in forced labor camps.

Mr. Sun was detained in Sanshui Forced Labor Camp in 2001. He was arrested again on April 27, 2002, by Yang Rongyi, a leader in the Jieyang 610 Office; Huang Wanbiao, a State Security Bureau captain; and police officers Wang and Pan Junyang and taken to Jeiyang First Detention Center, where he was brutally beaten for two days and nights. Later he was again detained in Sanshui Forced Labor Camp for two years. He was badly tortured in the camp's attempts to “transform” him.

Mr. Sun's parents were anxious and fearful due to their son's arrests. After Mr. Sun was released from his second detention in the forced labor camp, his parents wanted him to resign from his job at the museum and find work elsewhere to avoid being further persecuted by the Jieyang 610 Office. Mr. Sun saw what his parents had gone through over the years and eventually resigned from the museum despite being asked to stay by the management again and again. He then went to Shenzhen City to work. When he was visiting a former classmate, Liu Yu, on March 30, 2005, in Shenzhen City, both were arrested and detained in the Longgang District Detention Center for almost 10 months. The Longgang District Procuratorate called Mr. Sun and Liu Yu many times and attempted to sentence them two times, but in the end they were found not guilty and were released.

Mr. Sun then found a job in a company located in Pingshan in Shenzhen. His honesty and ability again won the trust of the owner. Also, Mr. Sun concealed his name and was able to live some quiet years, and he and his wife, Ms. Liu, had a daughter. His parents finally had smiles on their faces.


One-year old child of Mr. Sun and Ms. Liu

Mr. Sun's parents were very sad when they heard the news that Mr. Sun and his wife had been arrested again. There was no one to take care of their one-year-old daughter.

Mr. Sun's parents are around 70 years old and are not in good health. They are not local to where Mr. Sun lived and are not capable of raising a one-year-old. Some kind people have appealed for the release of Mr. Sun and his wife—or at least one of them—so that one of them can take care of the child, but to no avail.

Ms. Huang Wanxian (also known as Huang Xiaowan) was born in Jianou City, Nanping, Fujian Province. She is honest, sincere, kind, and clever. She is an artist and worked in Dafen Painting Village in Shenzhen. She attended the Xu Beihong Painting Studio of the Central Academy of Fine Arts in her earlier years. She has solid fundamentals and specializes in realistic painting and painting historical figures. She was often praised by her peers and collectors. Ms. Huang was arrested in 2003 by the 610 Office for practicing Falun Gong and was persecuted in the Sanshui Women Forced Labor Camp and elsewhere. She was released in 2006 and again went to work in Dafen Painting Village in Shenzhen. She was arrested on April 22, and her family was not notified. Her family had to personally go to Shenzhen to report her missing, only to discovered that she had been arrested and detained in Huanggekeng Detention Center in the Longgang District.

The four practitioners—Mr. Sun Jiefeng, Ms. Liu Ziyun, Ms. Huang Wanxian and Xiao Deng—were put on trial on May 27. We ask that good people from China and overseas help rescue them.