(Clearwisdom.net) I obtained the Fa in 2004. I live in a small town near Sunshine Coast in British Columbia, Canada. A roundtrip from my home to Vancouver takes 5 to 6 hours. Although I often escorted my wife to join Dafa activities in Vancouver, I did not become immersed in the group environment. I was on and off with my cultivation.

In 2009, I started coughing. My doctor told me that the x-ray indicated pneumonia. I continued coughing even after seven days of taking antibiotics. In mid-December 2010, I was transferred to a renowned "respiratory physician."

The doctor diagnosed my problem as fluid build-up, bronchitis, and an enlarged lymph node. She said my right lung had stopped functioning completely. The doctor told me that my health was in bad shape. She didn't tell me I had terminal cancer. She simply requested that I ask all my relatives and friends to come so she could explain my situation to them in one sitting. She also arranged a full blood test for me the next day and a 7:30 a.m. surgery on the third day. In the end, she told me, "I hope I can help you." At that moment, I knew I was dying.

On our way home, my wife (a practitioner) said in tears, "Such a good Fa and such a good Master. Why didn't you seize such a good opportunity?!" I told her, "I know what's happening to me." I knew my departure from this world was coming near, but I was calm. I knew why it was happening to me and had a good sleep that night.

The next morning I woke up at 4 a.m. I thought about the words of my doctor. I knew that when she said "I hope I can help you," they were just comforting words a doctor would offer a terminal cancer patient. The surgery would be a useless effort. I started recalling my life since I obtained the Fa: I had not studied the Fa or done the exercises well. I didn't do the three things Dafa disciples should do. I often held onto ordinary things and even found excuses for my attachments in the name of conforming to the ordinary society.

I knew that my symptom of terminal lung cancer was a manifestation of my karma. I had to suffer through the pain to eliminate the karma. At this point, a strong and clear thought emerged: "I have already obtained the Fa. I should take this opportunity and not miss it! I must follow Master." I knew this tribulation was going to be very difficult, but I had to overcome it. This was a test of whether I truly believed in Master and the Fa and whether or not I was a genuine practitioner. I was very clear about this: there was no other option for me. I made up my mind to stop all medical treatment.

I told my wife my thoughts and asked for her opinion. She said, "I support you! But you will have to make the call to the doctor to cancel all the procedures." I immediately called the doctor and left a message. She called me back and asked me to think it through. She warned me that if I gave up, I wouldn't have a second chance. I thanked her and told her that my decision remained unchanged.

My wife temporarily set aside her projects and accompanied me to study the Fa and do the exercises. We read one chapter of Zhuan Falun and several new lectures every day. A relative couple from Australia came to join us during the Christmas holidays.

The process of eliminating karma was very painful. Master said in "Teaching and Explaining the Fa at the Metropolitan New York Fa Conference" in 2003: "When you're eliminating karma it is painful, and that's why you can improve. That's how things are."

My health deteriorated. I couldn't eat and lost a lot of weight. I had difficulty breathing. Sometimes I couldn't even turn the doorknob. At night, whenever I turned over on my side in bed, I heard a scary noise from the right side of my chest. I was so weak that I could only do one hour of exercise and had to whisper when reading the Fa. My wife and relatives read the Fa to me. I listened, often dozing off.

Some practitioners emailed me experience sharings regarding diligent cultivation. My wife showed me all the lectures Master taught. Through Fa study, I realized that my process of eliminating karma was also a process of validating the Fa, fully negating the old forces, and completely getting rid of my fundamental attachments. It was also a test of my belief in Master and the Fa and whether my cultivation was genuine. It was very painful both mentally and physically. I went outside to the open field behind my backyard and said to the sky, "Master! Your disciple doesn't fear death. I will walk my cultivation path well and walk to the very end of it."

Cultivation is a very serious matter. I knew that if my righteous thoughts were not sufficient, ordinary people's notions would interfere with me. Then old forces and evil cold take advantage of my loopholes. I said to the sky, "Listen up, old forces and evil! I'm a Dafa practitioner. I am not afraid of death. I am fully prepared to overcome this sickness karma."

With daily Fa study, my thoughts became clearer and clearer, like a bright mirror. Sometimes I felt that I was walking on a broken bridge above an abyss. The fog was dense, and I couldn't see my path ahead. But Master told me, "Go ahead. My law body is with you. It will be fine." I continued walking, and the broken bridge was actually an illusion! I was, in fact, walking on a very solid bridge. Thank you, Master!

Even though I thought I was firm in overcoming the tribulation, as my symptoms got more severe, I wavered. One morning, I told my three family members to start preparing for my funeral. They stared at me and said, "What are you talking about?!" I immediately realized that I was almost interfered with by ordinary notions. I alerted myself to be on guard and strengthen my righteous thoughts all the time.

One day, within less than a month of my final diagnosis, I woke up early in the morning. I felt hot. Suddenly I realized that my breath was regular. My chest pain was gone! I felt so comfortable. I turned over on my side and didn't hear the scary noise from my right lung. I said spontaneously, "Thank you, Master! Thank you, my compassionate Master, for saving me!" Since then, I have been able to breathe easily every night. I thanked Master from the bottom of my heart.

My body was still weak. I panted a lot doing small activities. This February, I participated in Shen Yun promotions. I went to the printing shop to fetch marketing flyers with my wife. When I carried a 40-pound box to the car, it was almost more than I could manage. However, 10 days later, when I went there again, I was able to carry 14 40-pound boxes to the car. A fellow practitioner at the printing shop joked with me, saying, "You should carry more boxes. That will help eliminate your karma." Later on, I carried another 7 boxes home. I stopped panting. I realized that Master used the fellow practitioner's words to remind me that I should step forward and do the three things well.

Now I inform my friends and family members in Hong Kong and Mainland China about my miraculous recovery whenever opportunities arise. I also tell them about Mater's compassion and the benefit of the Falun Gong practice while exposing the lies of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) associated with the persecution of Falun Gong. They are shocked. Some of them want to learn Falun Gong immediately. Now eight friends have asked me to get Zhuan Falun and the Falun Gong exercise DVD for them.

Now I join group truth-clarification activities with my wife. We go to the Chinese consulate to send righteous thoughts. We promote Shen Yun and join group Fa studies. Sometimes I may feel a little bit tired physically, but I am energetic with a fresh and peaceful mind.

During my tribulation, I often reminded myself: “Purge all human notions; do not treat yourself as a dying patient.” Other than sleeping during the night, I didn't lie in bed but sat on the sofa. My wife didn't treat me as a patient, either. Our meals were the same as usual—she didn't cook anything special for me. When my cough was very bad, she encouraged me not to fear and told me coughing was a good thing. She didn't treat me as a patient. Sometimes I might complain that she didn't care about me, but then I thought "Isn't this cultivation?" She was also going through the tribulation, and it might have been ever harder for her. Then, I let go of my attachment to wanting special pampering.

I will try my best to catch up during the final stage of the Fa rectification and make up for all the time I have lost in the past. Thank you, great and compassionate Master!