What Does it Mean to “Help Master Rectify the Fa”?


For some time now, there has existed a critical problem in some students as they carry out the three things that Dafa disciples are supposed to do: namely, not understanding what it means to “help Master.” For example, when Master says something or decides how Dafa disciples are to go about something, there are always some students who size up Master’s [plans] with human thinking, forming opinions about how Master should handle some particular matter or thinking about how it would be if Master did it differently, rather than putting their minds to how to best fulfill what Master expressed or how to carry out the specifics; some students even wish to change Master’s thinking; some go and extol the virtues of their own ideas among fellow students; some people are confused as to what Master has said on account of their human attachments, and react negatively; and some people go so far as to seek out my family members to try to garner support for their own approaches. But what Master wants done is in fact what is required by the Fa’s rectification of an incalculable number of cosmic bodies. Though this plane of mankind may be lowly, it is nonetheless a manifestation of higher lives at a lower place, expressed in the forms of this lower plane, and is at the same time the heart of Fa-rectification—the focal point of everything. However great your idea may seem, it is limited to only this one plane of existence, this singular spot, and that one particular matter. And could you possibly know what impact that thing which Master wants done is meant to have at countless, immeasurable planes of utterly massive cosmic bodies? If you, as my student, truly want to “help Master rectify the Fa,” then you should concern yourself only with how to best fulfill what Master wants. This alone is what you should be doing, yet you want instead for Master to help you? How could you use Dafa during the Fa-rectification to instead help fulfill your human ideas?

While encountering persecution there have been many Dafa disciples who have fallen, or who have failed to keep up, and it has largely been due to their not having understood what Master is doing, to using human thinking to evaluate Master’s [wishes]. To give but one example of such human thinking, many students are wondering why we cannot respond to persecution in the manner that other religions have. But in history, the fundamental purpose of religions was simply to establish a cultural foundation for mankind, whereas what mankind has truly been awaiting is Dafa; and it is only when one does things according to Dafa that one is truly acting like a cultivator. Of course, when people fail to keep up, there may be many other reasons at work, too. But in every case the person has not managed to really understand Dafa. And of course, when the person’s thoughts aren’t sufficiently righteous, he is bound to waver under persecution.

And then there is a segment of people who haven’t managed to, through cultivation, get rid of the bad habits they formed in the ordinary world, such as using their connections and influence to get things done. For example, whenever such a person isn’t able to find Master to express his own human ideas, he seeks out Master’s family members under some pretext or other, after which he goes and talks to other students about how Master’s family members said this or that. But think about it: could Master’s family members possibly represent him, when it was to rectify the Fa and save sentient beings that Master came to this world? Just like you, Master’s family members are in fact cultivators, and just like anyone else, they will fall short if they don’t cultivate well. Who could possibly represent Master, out of all those parents, spouses, children, and siblings he has had over the course of his numerous lifetimes in this world? It’s similar to the situation with you, where it’s merely that when Master comes to this world there are those who serve as Master’s disciples, those who serve as his earthly parents, those who serve as siblings, or spouses and children, and each serves to help Master fulfill the grand task of rectifying the Fa by doing the specific things that he or she is supposed to. They too are cultivating themselves, and they too will at times fall short in terms of reaching a sufficient understanding of the Fa’s principles. Then when you seek them out and use what they say as Fa, is it not a case of your disrupting the Fa? And at the same time, it turns what Master’s family members said into a sin against the Fa. As a Dafa disciple, you should be clear that Fa-rectification is done only by Master. And even if Master isn’t around, you still must do things on the basis of the Fa—you can’t do things according to some family member or other of Master’s. Only then are you a Dafa disciple; only then are you Master’s disciple; and only then are you helping Master rectify the Fa.

Also, there is a segment of people who go along with certain evil websites. Such people have gone far astray from Dafa, abetting those evil sites by spreading misinformation and even hurting the reputations of Master’s family members. And some people—in spite of Master’s having told everyone at the Fa conferences convened by our Dafa disciples not to listen to, believe in, or look at those evil websites—haven’t taken my words to heart and behave as though they’re completely under the spell of those sites. Even to this day they’re still irrational about it. When a person takes a wrong turn he can always start over. But, what’s to be done if a person’s mistake ends up destroying some people on account of the misinformation you spread? What’s to be done if, because of you, the countless sentient beings who are behind any person and awaiting salvation can never be saved? Do you realize how serious the consequences of this are? When you ignore what Master has said, can you be considered a Dafa disciple who is “helping Master rectify the Fa”?

The expression “help Master rectify the Fa” isn’t just big, empty talk. Although I have only discussed a few problems, there are in fact a lot of other instances of failing to believe in the Fa. Hanging in the balance at this dangerous juncture is nothing less than, for Dafa disciples, the wait of tens of millions of years; for our students, your sole, true wish for coming to this world; and for Master, whether He will manage to widely save sentient beings—including all of you—in this Fa-rectification.

Li Hongzhi

June 10, 2011