(Clearwisdom.net) Officials and guards in the Wujiaqu Women’s Forced Labor Camp in the Xinjiang Autonomous Region harshly persecute Falun Gong practitioners, and order inmates to torture practitioners.

At around 7:00 p.m. on January 30, 2011, team leader Liu Yan and guard Zhang Yanyan sent practitioner Ms. Ning Xianghua to Liu’s lounge, where the monitoring system was not installed, and ordered inmates Gu Qiuhong and Lin Yuan to take off Ms. Ning’s clothes and beat her. Ms. Ning tried to resist, but was immediately subjected to brutal beatings. After that, Ms. Ning was forced to stand still for over three hours.

During the beatings, because Ms. Ning shouted “Falun Dafa is good,” the guards and inmates gagged her mouth with towels. Next to Liu’s lounge was an activity room where some inmates were watching TV at the time. Liu Yan ordered an inmate to turn up the television to the maximum volume and lock the activity room door, and she stayed outside of the lounge to watch others. She would go back into the lounge to take a look at Ms. Ning to see how she was suffering.

After the incident, many inmates heard of what happened to Ms. Ning. Some of them cried saying, “Ms. Ning is such a kind person. How can those guards be so cruel to her?” Since Ms. Ning was sent to this labor camp over a year ago, she had persisted in refusing to memorize the labor camp regulations or to wear the name card. Because of this, the officials extended her detention period by another seven days. Moreover, guard Zhang Yanyan asked inmate Lin Yuan, who was a drug dealer with gangland experience, to monitor and torture her. In order to show off, Lin Yuan severely slapped Ms. Ning’s face in front of the guards on February 29, 2011, causing her face to swell. After that, Ms. Ning reported this matter to the discipline section head, Yang Na. However, Yang not only turned a deaf ear, but also threatened that they would extend Ms. Ning's detention period if she reported the matter again.

When Ms. Ning was first transferred to the Labor Camp in May 2010, guard Zhang Yanyan forcibly ordered her to stand still every day for more than 60 days because she refused to be transformed or memorize the labor camp regulations. Every day, when others took a nap at noon, Ms. Ning was forced to stand still. When others went to bed at night, Ms. Ning stood still until 2 a.m. She was forced to stand still for over 16 hours each day causing her feet to swell and develop sores. Even after being tortured to such an extent, Ms. Ning was still required to work. Later, she reported the beatings she suffered to labor camp head, Qin Yan and deputy head Guo Yali; however, both of them turned a blind eye.

Ms. Wang Min, a 45-year-old practitioner from Shihezi City, was transferred to this labor camp in late 2010. Because she refused to memorize the camp regulations, Zhang Yanyan forced her to stand still every day and severely beat her.

Guard Weng Jing, 29, specializes in persecuting practitioners in the labor camp. She ordered inmates, including Gu Qiuhong, to brutally beat Ms. Wang Min.

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Guo Yali, deputy head: 86-13565338901, 86-994-5817290
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