(Clearwisdom.net) The Jilin Province Women's Labor Camp is also known as the Heizuizi Women's Labor Camp in Changchun City. On September 19, 2007, the guards subjected many Falun Gong practitioners to various forms of abuse.

Guard Jin Lihua snatched away a hand-copied Falun Gong book from practitioner Xiaofen, so she stopped performing forced labor. The guards took her to the office and punched, kicked and shocked her with electric batons, leaving bruises all over her arms and legs. Moreover, they added two months to Xiaofen's term.

Fellow practitioners at the same labor camp were outraged about the incident and demanded the removal of the additional term for Xiaofen, pressuring the authorities with a strike. Division head Shen Minglian conspired with the management section and plotted the “September 19” outrage against practitioners.

First, they called practitioner Ms. Bai to the office and yelled at her for a while. It is unknown what else they did to her. They then locked her in a small cell for one month. After that, they locked her up for an additional 19 days.

Next, they locked practitioner Ms. Li Yajuan in the office and tortured her with the “stretching bed” method. They tied her limbs to each corner of the bed and left her body hanging in the air, with her back slightly touching the metal section, which was warped in the middle of the bed. Three days later, she was let down, but could not walk. For two days, she had to be carried by other practitioners to the cafeteria.


Torture re-enactment: Stretching bed

Another practitioner was also taken to the office, and the guards simultaneously shocked her with five electric batons. Failing to break her, they put her on the “stretching bed” too. She couldn't walk without support for about eight or nine days after she was let down.


Torture re-enactment: Shocked with electric batons

The guards locked practitioner Fengying in the office and cuffed one of her hands onto a metal bed. Then several guards shocked her neck, arms and back with electric batons, leaving many bruises on her body. Due to torture, she was not able to use her hand to hold chopsticks for three months.

The guards tortured practitioner Ms. Rong on the same day. After locking her in the office, a section chief in his 40s with the surname Chen punched her in the head, and then Jin Lihua and deputy division head Xi Guirong slapped her in the face. Section head Yue shocked her in the neck, deputy section head Xu shocked her arms, and section head Chen shocked her lower back with electric batons. As a result, she could not get up from or turn over in the bed without holding onto the bed rails for an entire month. She passed out several times, and when she was examined with a CT scan, it was discovered that she had internal bleeding in her head. Due to the torture, she had serious high blood pressure and heart disease. The camp authorities added 10 days to her term and didn't release her until she had to be hospitalized.

They tortured a practitioner in another division in a similar way on the afternoon of September 19, 2007.

Practitioner Yingzi (an alias) refused to wear an inmate uniform. Guards stripped her down to her underwear. They then put her on the stretching bed and force-fed her twice. She lost a great amount of weight in just half a month.


Torture re-enactment: “Death bed”

Below is information about some of the guards (all female) who have participated in this outrage and in mistreating practitioners:

Third Division:
Shen Minglian, division head: ID 2200293
Xi Guirong, deputy division head: ID 2200292
Jin Lihua, staff member, later promoted to be the Fourth Division head: ID 2200298