(Clearwisdom.net) While studying the Fa today by myself, I enlightened to two issues as I was reading Lecture Nine in Zhuan Falun. I would like to share them with fellow practitioners.

In the section “Thoughts” there is a sentence,

“The reason is, when a person’s master consciousness controls his brain, the more he uses his brain the tighter he controls it, and the harder it is for his subordinate consciousness to come in.”

I was hit by the phrase “...the more he uses his brain the tighter he controls it.” I enlightened that when my mind is wandering, thinking about everyday people's issues or falling into the thinking of everyday people, it is actually because I failed to use the Fa to dictate my main consciousness. This is the unconscious indulgence of human notions and attachments. This habitual thinking formed in the human world has caused serious interference with my cultivation, leading to my failing to always look at things from the standpoint of the Fa. The above paragraph of Fa is telling me precisely to melt into the Fa with the main consciousness controlling the brain. This will leave no loopholes for human notions or attachments. If practitioners do this we will gradually be able to use righteous thoughts which originate from the Fa to dominate and replace human notions. So how can we specifically accomplish this? By strengthening the main consciousness and having our brains focused within the Fa. Reciting the Fa is a good way to do it. I tried to focus on reciting the Fa from time to time. During the process of reciting the Fa, it feels great, but it fades when I'm not reciting it. It looks like I need to form a habit where my mind is always melded into the Fa. At a minimum, reciting even one or two sentences of the Fa is better than letting our minds slip back to everyday society.

When I read the section “A Calm Mind” I saw this paragraph,

“But then there are others who say, my coming here to the ordinary world is just like staying at a hotel. I’m only going to stay here a few days and then leave in a hurry.”

The words “staying at a hotel” made me realize where I fell short. Even though I previously felt that I was not very attached to material interests, there is still a sizable gap from viewing my home in the human world as a hotel. Not long ago, I was still thinking about upgrading to a larger house. This thought was abandoned only because it would take too much time. I also have several articles of clothing that I treasure very much.

In fact, “staying at a hotel” means living a simple life. On the other hand, only guests stay in a hotel. So we should be treating each other as guests with mutual respect. The relationship among people of honor is obvious. If we exercise this mutual respect we won't be attached to human sentiments and love between husband and wife. There is also no need to fight for power and profit. No matter what kinds of relationships we have, they all come from predestined relationships. Dafa resolves all right and wrong, love and hatred. After we have done what we vowed to do and paid back our debts, it's time to go. After having this thought I felt very peaceful.