(Clearwisdom.net) My niece, Jinfeng, 20, was diagnosed with leukemia in the summer 2006. I had a copy of Minghui Weekly at that time, which contained an article entitled, “A Leukemia Patient Obtained a New Life.” When I showed it to my husband, he suggested that Jifeng should come to stay with us for a while so that I could teach her the Falun Dafa exercises. When we called my husband's younger brother, Jinfeng’s father, he told us that she was very ill and couldn't come.

I then decided that I should travel to Heilongjiang Province to see Jinfeng. She had completed her last chemotherapy session. Nearly all of her hair had fallen out and she had to wear a mask to help her breathe. The doctors didn't want her to get tired or cold, so she wore a pair of thick pants and had a blanket wrapped around her. She was also dependent on others to take care of her every need. Her family had already borrowed almost 60,000 yuan to pay for her medical fees and couldn't afford to borrow any more money. The doctors told them that they couldn't guarantee a full recovery even if they spent 600,000 yuan on a bone marrow transplant.

When I showed them the article in Minghui Weekly, my father-in-law told Jinfeng that she should try the exercises. I told her, “Falun Dafa is a cultivation practice of the mind and body. When you cultivate, Master can purify your body for you.” Jinfeng replied, “Auntie, I don’t believe in that. My brother even told me to stay away from people who tried to convince me to believe in divine beings.” I told her, “Only cultivating in Dafa can save you. It is a long train journey to come all the way here, and I have a lot of work to do at home. Do you think I would do this just to deceive you?” She seemed to understand and immediately said, “Auntie, I believe what you say.”

When I started to teach her the exercises, Jinfeng shook with fatigue. I told her that if she got tired, she should ask Master to strengthen her in her heart. We did the exercises together each day.

Within a week of doing the exercises, Jinfeng was able to do some light work in the kitchen, helping her father chop vegetables. She was also able to eat more and gradually her body became stronger. We did the exercises together for about two weeks before I decided to return home, as she said that she would be able to continue doing the exercises by herself. Not long after, she called me and said she had fully recovered from her illness. Many of her family members and friends witnessed the miraculousness of Dafa.

Jinfeng's father was still not convinced that she had fully recovered, and took her to Harbin Hospital for a check-up. The doctors were surprised. One of them said, “You are still alive! The patients who stayed with you in the same hospital room have all passed away.”

Jinfeng now works as a cashier at her father's restaurant. She has put on weight and looks very healthy.