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Miracles Manifest During the Paintings and Calligraphy Exhibit

Dafa disciples in Changchun worked for seven consecutive days around the clock to prepare for the exhibit. Late one night, the staff felt hungry. Someone then discovered a lot of food and drinks that seemingly came from nowhere. Since no one had left the room, they concluded it must have come from the owner of a store nearby. When they wanted to reimburse him, the owner said: “Your Master already paid.”

One woman, a practitioner, came to the exhibit in her wheelchair. Two men at the exhibit went to help her walk. A third fellow practitioner saw her wearing a pin with a Falun design and asked: “Since you already practice Falun Dafa, why don't you try to walk by yourself?” Hearing this, she asked her helpers to let go of her hands, and she walked step by step all the way to Master's portrait. With her hands clasped before her, she said in tears: “Thank you Master!” Everyone who witnessed the scene also wept. The practitioner had postpartum complications and was paralyzed in both legs for 18 years. Within a couple of minutes, she was able to stand up and walk normally.

Many people felt the strong energy field from the exhibit. Some with their third eye open saw a big Falun turning above the building outside. Inside, they could see Faluns everywhere. In many of the photos taken at the exhibit, people could see the miraculous Falun, while lotus flowers in the paintings radiated golden light.

Some practitioners took a bus at dawn to come to the exhibit. However, since nobody knew their way that well, they got lost. The team coordinator silently asked Master for help, and a big golden Falun suddenly appeared in front of the bus. It directed them all the way to the exhibit site before it disappeared.

Afterwards, several practitioners shared their pictures on the train ride back home. A middle-aged woman sitting across them peeked in curiosity. The moment she saw the pictures, she felt dizzy. She hurriedly grabbed Master's lectures left by a practitioner on the table and cried. She said the snake inside her body could not bear it. The snake told her the field was too righteous and that it was no longer able to possess her body. She had been possessed by the snake for over 20 years. The practitioners told her that animal possession was bad and that as long as she wanted to practice Falun Dafa, Master would help her because one righteous mind could subdue one hundred evils. She immediately expressed her willingness to practice. She asked Master to help get rid of what was possessing her. When she got off the train, she threw up many filthy substances. Her face instantly had a rosy complexion, her eyes became bright, and her body felt light. She took all the lecture books the practitioners offered her and happily went home.

The following picture shows some of the exercise sites in Changchun in 1997. By 1999 when the CCP started the persecution, the official estimate of the total number of practitioners in Changchun City was over 80,000. Many believe that the actual number was actually even far greater.

The Exhibit Documented Practitioners' Journey of Cultivation

Preparing for the exhibit

The practitioners quietly worked together to ensure every step and detail was taken care of. We truly formed one body. Almost everybody had a daytime job. However, after work everyone went to the site to work on cleaning, making exhibit boards and stands, sorting, grouping and hanging paintings. Oftentimes we worked until 4:00 am. We'd go to the exercise site first to return the tape recorder, go home to make breakfast for our families, and finally go to work. Some elderly practitioners who lived close by voluntarily cooked and brought meals for the over one hundred practitioners who helped out at the exhibit.

Practitioners worked overnight to decorate the exhibit

Making the exhibit boards required a lot of materials. Before we decided what to do, someone brought a cart filled with plywood. Nobody said anything about who paid for it. During the preparation, we ran out of money. Before we knew it, a bag with 4,000 yuan appeared. Nobody knew who it belonged to. Whenever we saw supplies running low, we'd quietly restock them.

Originally we rented one exhibit room within Nanlin Stadium. We spent days and nights setting it up for the exhibit. At the last minute we were told that the stadium wanted to use our room for a press conference. We decided to remove everything we had already set up to help the stadium out. Afterward, we redid the setup overnight to make sure we didn't delay the planned opening of the exhibit. The stadium management was touched by our cooperation. We were given one additional room free of charge and two more later on for our exhibit.

Group picture of the staff at the stadium at the end of the exhibit

The 3rd Falun Dafa Paintings and Calligraphy Exhibit in Changchun

On May 13, 2002, ten years after Master Li Hongzhi first taught the Fa in public, some practitioners planned to host the 3rd Falun Dafa Paintings and Calligraphy Exhibit at Changchun.

Hearing the news, we started to prepare various artworks overnight, covering the windows with blankets. Within a short period of time, more than one hundred art works were produced, including oil paintings, watercolor paintings,traditional Chinese paintings, sketches, sculptures, ceramics, embroidery, knitting etc.

One practitioner recalled: “I remember when I went to see the exhibit, there were three rooms filled with artworks from practitioners. My tears immediately began streaming down! This exhibit bears witness to history. This was our path created by our lives and blood. An indescribable feeling of dedication surged in my heart. I knew I would carry on forever, no matter how big the obstacles there would be.”

During the past 12 years of persecution, practitioners in Changchun have remained steadfast, following Master's teachings. We have been looking for an opportunity to hold the Changchun Falun Dafa Paintings and Calligraphy Exhibit once again. Master, all the Dafa disciples in Changchun miss you. We wish you Happy Birthday!