(Clearwisdom.net) We recently held a small-scale experience sharing conference in our local area. The topic was how to form a one-body to further help people know the facts about Falun Gong and help save sentient beings.

Understandings about brainwashing sessions

Agents from the 610 Office have repeatedly held brainwashing sessions in our city to target our practitioners. For the past year and a half, practitioners in our city have not had sufficient understanding regarding the brainwashing sessions, and fellow practitioners continued to be sent to brainwashing centers and persecuted. When some of them were arrested and taken to brainwashing centers, we failed to immediately form a one-body and send forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the old forces' interference and have them released immediately.

Local practitioners have been sending forth righteous thoughts together every night at regular times to eliminate the old force factors in the region, but some practitioners did not participate. At the end of 2010, practitioners suggested that every practitioner pick a time during the week to send forth righteous thoughts for one hour, so as to not allow any opportunity for the old forces to interfere. However, our lack of attention or our poor quality in sending forth righteous thoughts allowed the old forces to take advantage of our gaps.

A practitioner from another area said that they immediately form a one-body when they are notified of any practitioner being arrested. They work together to request the practitioner's release, send forth righteous thoughts, clarify the facts, and put up posters of the incident all over the streets. Once the old forces are eliminated and the practitioner is released, even the police have been known to comment, “They are a family. Don't bother them.”

Doing the three things well

During the experience sharing conference, practitioners from rural areas mentioned that during the spring they were busy farming the land and did very little or no Fa-study. They also slacked off in doing the exercises and sending forth righteous thoughts. They did not balance well the relationship between work and cultivation.

Practitioners from another area told us how the practitioners there manage to balance work and cultivation and thus are able to harmonize their family lives. Their experiences were well worth learning from. As they have family members who are not practitioners, they managed to find a way to get together to study the Fa and do the exercises. Every day they study Zhuan Falun for one hour. When they feel sleepy, they do the standing exercises, then study, and end with doing the sitting meditation.

Improving as one-body

Practitioners from other areas are busy letting people know the facts about Falun Gong and distributing truth clarification materials to save sentient beings. Those who are afraid of talking to people face-to-face accompany more confident practitioners so that they can slowly progress to the point where they can clarify the facts face-to-face on their own.

Most of the time practitioners in our area only clarify the facts to the police when they come to us or when fellow practitioners are being persecuted. Whereas, practitioners from other areas proactively go to police stations to let the officers there know the facts about Falun Gong in order to save them.

Local head of the 610 Office quits the CCP and protects practitioners

As a result of the practitioners' efforts in truth clarification in a particular area, their overall state of cultivation is good, and most of the people there have quit the CCP and its affiliated organizations. The head of the local 610 Office and his family have quit the CCP, and he even tries to protect practitioners. Whenever he receives orders from higher authorities in relation to practitioners, he contacts them and warns them. He even plays Dafa music for his children when they are not feeling well.

The head of a township in another area was given a quota for practitioners to be held in brainwashing sessions. In order to meet the quota, he sent his own father, who is not a practitioner, there just to go through the motions. There have not been cases of persecution in their area in recent years.