(Clearwisdom.net) Teacher taught in Zhuan Falun:

“There was a student in Qingdao City who meditated on a bed during his lunch break when nobody else was in the room. As soon as he started meditating he levitated up, he sprang up forcefully over a yard high, and then he came back down. He kept springing up and down, "Thud! Thud!" and even the bedspread was bounced off onto the floor. He was a bit excited and also a little scared. He kept springing up and down the whole lunch break. Eventually the work bell sounded, and he thought, "I can’t let other people see this. They’ll wonder what’s going on. I’d better stop." Then it stopped.” (Zhuan Falun, Translated by North America Practitioners)

I am the Falun Gong practitioner that he mentioned.

During the 30 months of Teacher's Fa teachings around China since 1992 I attended the Fa lectures twice. I was very fortunate to personally receive Master's teachings. More than ten years later I still clearly remember Teacher's voice and appearance, and this inspires me to diligently follow the path of cultivation in Dafa.

My Predestined Meeting with Dafa

In June 1993 I learned Falun Gong in Changchun City, Jilin Province, the hometown of Teacher. That year my wife and my grandson were ill and hospitalized at the same time and I stayed in the hospital to take care of them. One of my colleagues came to me and told me that there would be a Qigong lecture in Changchun City in in the next few days. He asked me if I would like to go. I said OK without any hesitation. It felt like some mysterious irresistible force was dragging me there and I had no other choice but to go. I asked my wife to ask for our children's support to my going to Changchun. She was very supportive to my decision and promised to talk with them. Then I passed my wife and my grandson to my family and I left for Changchun with my colleagues.

I arrived in Changchun on June 25. After a lot of effort we found another Qigong lecture. When we went there I saw the organizers treat the attendants badly and speak abusively to them. I felt very bad and considered leaving the lecture. At the time I heard from someone that another Qigong master named Li Hongzhi was giving his fifth Falun Gong lecture in the conference hall of the provincial government, but all tickets for the lectures had been sold out. Then I heard that Mr. Li would give another Falun Gong seminar in Jilin University, so we bought the tickets for that seminar. When I went to the toilet before the seminar began I saw a tall young man in the corridor. I was quite impressed by his dignified and distinguished-looking appearance and thought that he was very different from other people. I heard someone call him Teacher Li and I realized that he was Mr. Li Hongzhi the teacher of the Falun Gong seminar.

In the seminar I found that what Teacher Li taught was truly brilliant and Falun Gong was really good. I said to my colleague: “I must attend the Falun Gong lecture.” He said: “But there is no ticket available.” I said: “Don't worry, I will find a solution.”

After the seminar was over, Teacher went to a room behind the platform. I stirred up my courage and jumped onto the platform and went to the room. Teacher smiled at me. I said to him loudly: “Teacher, I am from Qiangdao. I do not want to to attend the other Qigong lecture and would like to attend yours, but I do not have a ticket for your lecture.” Teacher said with a smile: “I will ask one of our organizers to find a ticket for you.” I stood there like a young pupil and asked Teacher many questions, while he patiently answered me smiling.

I saw a lady approach me when I left the room. I said to her: “Hi, I want to buy a ticket for the Falun Gong lecture.” She said: “I have one, and it is yours now”. It was like she already knew that I wanted to buy a ticket and she appeared right on time. It was incredible.

In the lecture I saw many attendees from all over China and the conference hall was quite full. To begin the lecture, Teacher said: “Staff please note the following! We have many practitioners from other cities. You should treat them like your relatives and help them whenever needed.” His words made me feel at home and grateful.

As the lecture proceeded I found what Teacher taught to be righteous and that Falun Dafa is really good. I made up my mind to practice Falun Gong from that moment on and planned to regard Teacher as my Master. From that day on I was preoccupied by the plan but I did not find a chance. On the last day of the lecture I said to my colleagues: “I must see Mr. Li tonight to acknowledge him as my Master. Otherwise I would never stand a chance later.” Then the three of us simply waited for Teacher outside the conference hall.

After all attendees left, Teacher came out, with many people around him. We followed them to a street behind Shengli Park, but I never thought of my plan to acknowledge him as my master. I sped up to him and told him that I would like to teach the managers of my workplace Falun Gong. When I remember this I am always regretful, as I was not that respectful to Teacher. I said: “Teacher, I would like to teach the managers of my workplace Falun Gong when I return home. I will ask them to support Falun Dafa.” Teacher said: “That will be fine. You can teach other people Falun Gong.” He also told me to study the Fa and do the exercises diligently and put emphasis on improvement of my Xinxing. His words made me feel quite comfortable and happy, like a warm current was flowing through my body.

Witnessing the miracle of Dafa

After I came home from Changchun I practiced Falun Gong diligently, keeping what Teacher told me in mind all the time. During that period I could see Teacher's Law Body about one meter from me above my head smiling at me. I felt my body was floating like a balloon, just like what Teacher said in Zhuan Falun.

One day at noon when I was on duty I was seated on a bed ready to do the meditation exercise. When I connected my hands and was about to lift them up a strong force separated them and my body began to levitate and spring up and down. I went up so high that the bedspread bounced off to the ground when I hit the bed. Although I am quite a big man, I sprang up and down, higher and higher, which made me a little scared and also delighted. At the moment I saw an energy pillar of a radius of about 30cm on top of my room, thrusting to the sky and giving off an eye-blinding strong white light. The energy pillar had a very high density and my whole body melted into it, springing up and down rapidly. Eventually the work bell sounded and I thought I must go down to avoid being seen by other people, but the energy was so strong that I could not immediately stop the springing. I then asked for help from Teacher to stop it and then it stopped.

Perceiving Teacher's grand blessing

After the Chinese New Year in 1994, I attended Teacher's Fa lecture in the conference hall of the guest house in Kenli County, Shandong Province. I witnessed some of the hardships Teacher experienced while disseminating Dafa, and the tremendous blessings He brought to Falun Gong students. It was still quite cold during the Chinese New Year and the temperature in the conference hall was very cold. We felt very cold even even wearing winter jackets, while Teacher only wore a black leather jacket and a faded blue sweater. During the lecture a woman did not understand what Teacher taught and said something bad about him as she left the conference hall. I said to my partner: “I am certain that she will not leave. The Fa is so great that she will not be able to leave.” It turned out to be true as she came back and sat in the back row of the conference hall and listened to the lecture until it ended. When the lecture began only about one third of the seats were taken, but as the lecture proceeded more and more people came and all of the seats were taken. Even the corridor was crowded.

Teacher was very good to the attendees. Concerned that they could not tolerate the body purification process during the lecture, Teacher kept telling students to hold on and that it would be fine. Many attendees experienced different manifestations of body purification. For example, after I finished doing the Falun Gong exercises one day, some filthy liquid came out through the bottom of my feet.

During the break of the lecture I had a chance to sit at beside Teacher. This good fortune made me feel like a happy kid. Teacher was very kind and easy-going, with a charisma that defies description. I said to him: “After I returned from your lecture in Changchun I could see you about one meter above me every day.” He said: “I am actually at your side every day.” I then told him about my levitation experience.

When the lecture ended, practitioners from around China asked Teacher to pose for pictures with them. There were many invitations. Sometimes Teacher had to wait while a group of practitioners got ready to take the pictures. I felt sorry for the practitioners for their failing to be respectful to Teacher, but Teacher remained patient and was smiling all the time. I went to him and said: “Teacher, I have a little request....” He said: “Go ahead.” I said: “The schedule of your lectures is really tight, and you must be very tired. The two-day-long resting period between your lectures is really short. May I request that you set it longer?” Teacher took my hands and said: “Do not worry, I can put up with such a tight schedule.” I gripped his hand tightly while a strong warm current was coursing through my body. It was such a happy moment.

When I remember all of those things they still stand out vividly in my mind, just like it was yesterday.