(Clearwisdom.net) Recently, two fellow practitioners in our area were directly persecuted by the Chinese Communist Party. At that point, the practitioners involved in their rescue developed some human mentalities. Fa-study at our study site was also interrupted.

When the two practitioners returned home after being rescued, they initially did not wish to interact with other practitioners. This generated much talk about them among many practitioners, including myself. We failed to cultivate our speech, or to judge things according to the Fa. Instead, we weighed right and wrong from a human mentality.

What we saw in others were all shortcomings. We realized that we should not be in such a state, neglecting to search inward and forgetting the principle that “the appearance stems from the mind”.

When I sat down to study the Fa and measure my actions against the Fa, I felt that I was receiving a lot of inspiration. In the process of studying the Fa, I suddenly enlightened that one needs to unconditionally look inward instead of blaming others, regardless of how bad one's environment appears to be. So, reflecting on our behavior, I calmly searched inward and sent righteous thoughts to cleanse the field around me.

Despite the fact that I have been the only one going to our Fa-study site for a while, I still went today. Upon arriving, I found that the hosting practitioner had already prepared fruit and incense so that practitioners who came could celebrate Master's birthday.

After we presented the incense and said our birthday wishes to Master, the two of us started studying the Fa. Other practitioners started coming one after another. Once again, we gathered together to study the Fa, to send righteous thoughts, and to wish Master a Happy 60th Birthday.

Searching inward is indeed all-powerful and is indeed a magical tool.

These are my personal understandings. Please point out and correct anything inappropriate.