(Clearwisdom.net) I am a Falun Gong practitioner in Wuhan City. I have witnessed many impressive and wonderful things, which I will never forget in my lifetime.

In 1993, I was fortunate to listen to all five of Master's lectures in Wuhan City. Like other practitioners, after practicing Falun Gong, all of my illnesses disappeared and I became a different person. My friends and colleagues were so impressed by my health that many of them started practicing Falun Gong. We promoted Falun Gong by word of mouth and from our hearts. The practice has spread to not only every corner of Wuhan City, but also to some small towns near Wuhan. Practitioners from different age groups and social settings all emphasized cultivating their xinxing. Their moral standards improved, and their bodies became healthier.

During the Chinese New Year in 1999, personnel from the Wuhan Sports Commission invited a few Falun Gong practitioners to a meeting. After investigation, they believed that Falun Gong was a wonderful practice which should be promoted widely. In order to encourage more residents to do the exercises, people from the Sports Commission asked the Wuhan Falun Gong Assistance Center to host a cultivation experience sharing conference after the Chinese New Year. The person in charge of the Assistance Center promised three things. First, there would be a big event during which practitioners would study the Fa and do the exercises together. Secondly, they were going to conduct a survey on the healing effects and fitness of those who practiced Falun Gong. Then, the Falun Gong Assistance Center would host a cultivation experience sharing conference.

The Sports Commission wrote an approval letter stating that whenever Falun Gong practitioners have an activity in the park, the administration office of that park should make it convenient for them. Moreover, the letter stated that this event would be approved by the Police Department, and the Falun Gong Assistance Center was going to prepare cultivation experience sharing papers and set up the venue. The Sports Commission stated that their representatives would also attend the conference.

On the rainy morning of April 11, 1999, in Wuhan, five thousand practitioners formed the Chinese characters “Falun Dafa” and attended the experience sharing conference

On the morning of April 11, 1999, although it was raining and cold, thousands of practitioners attended the conference. Some even came all the way from other provinces. In addition, some non-practitioners also attended the conference. The weather was bad, but many practitioners came despite the rain. There were roughly five thousand people at the conference. The Sports Commission called the Assistance Center and said that they were not able to come to the conference due to the severe weather. However, they wished that the conference be successful.

The first activity was forming the Chinese characters “Falun Dafa.” Over a thousand practitioners stood in the middle of the park and formed the characters. Because the lines drawn beforehand were washed away by the rain, people had to use rope to make squares, and as soon as practitioners went into the square, they had to stay in their spots, sit down, and not move around. Many spots had standing water, and some practitioners hesitated upon seeing the water, while many others sat down on their spots right away. Before everything was ready for the conference, the practitioners all sat in a full lotus position with hands conjoined. During the whole process, everyone cooperated well with each other.

The people present were amazed. A fifty-year-old military officer said, “It would take a lot longer for my soldiers to do the same thing.” An elderly gentleman said, “I am over seventy years old and have never seen anything like this before. Thousands of people standing in the rain for a long time, of their own accord.” Many people asked for the locations of exercise sites and decided to begin practicing Falun Gong.

Practitioners then began sharing their experiences. The rain was heavy and practitioners shared their experiences in a shelter in order to avoid having the audio equipment get wet. People's faces were solemn and everyone could feel the power of compassion. Practitioners were sharing from their hearts.

Fourteen practitioners were arranged to share their cultivation experiences. Security officers from the Hanshui Park wanted the conference to end as quickly as possible, however. Thus, only nine practitioners were able to share their experiences. It was probably out of concern for everyone that were there in the rain.

Many practitioners bought umbrellas for other people. However, there were too many people and not enough umbrellas. Men let women use the umbrellas first, and veteran practitioners gave umbrellas to new practitioners. Local practitioners gave their umbrellas to practitioners from other places, and young practitioners gave their umbrellas to senior residents. Everyone was considerate of others. One practitioner drove his car to buy a whole trunk full of umbrellas. The umbrellas became a beautiful decoration for the Chinese characters “Falun Dafa.”

There was an eighty-year-old practitioner whose grandson (a non-practitioner) wanted to hold an umbrella for him. However, he refused to have it and gave it back to his grandson. His grandson would not take it and said, “Grandpa, you are different from other practitioners. You are already eighty years old and you will get a cold.”

At the conference site, everyone was treated like family. A group of young practitioners were asked to use an umbrella, but they refused and let the seniors use them. There were also a group of new practitioners, who had obtained the Fa one month earlier, who came from the countryside the day before. Although each of them was given an umbrella, when the conference finished, they were still wet from head to toe. They said, “We are very impressed. The rain is so heavy and practitioners are able to stay here and listen with their whole heart, no cough, no noise. This is really a miracle! ”

Some practitioners rented two lift trucks and the practitioners stood in the hanging basket to capture the precious historical moments of this large-scale event.

The third activity was group practice. During the exercises, people suddenly applauded and cheered. A shining silver circle was rising slowly from behind the high-rise building at the left side of the park. Someone shouted, “Master is coming.” Everyone dared not to blink their eyes and was staring at the silver circle. When it slowly rose to a very high level, there was a huge figure who waved his hand downwards, then we immediately saw colorful red, yellow, green, and purple clouds pouring down like a waterfall, which turned into numerous Falun rotating and flying among practitioners. An older lady said with tears in her eyes, “How can I not believe this?” A happy facial expression appeared on her face that was lit up by a purple light.

In the heavy rain, thousands of practitioners finished the four exercises. Everyone was wet and some audience members joined them and also did the exercises.

After the conference, we didn't hear of anyone having caught a cold in the rain. Instead, we heard that someone's leg and back pains had disappeared. One new female practitioner had just had surgery for breast cancer, and the incision had not yet healed, and was oozing yellow fluid. The doctor told her that the wound could become inflamed if it touched water. Yet that day, her entire body was wet and the wound did not become inflamed, nor was any more yellow fluid produced.

After the exercise practice, the whole event came to an end. One employee of Hanshui Park said, “Your practice is really amazing. After the music started playing, all the practitioners, whether they were veteran or young practitioners, put down their umbrellas and did the exercises along with the music. Their facial expressions were auspicious.” Another one said, “This is unimaginable in today's society. If you asked other people to come to a meeting or even to receive an award in the rain, they would curse at you.”

Since the rain was so heavy and there were many practitioners, some parts of the lawn were damaged. The practitioners told the park employees that they would help to fix it. The employees said it did not matter since the practitioners had already paid the rent. However, practitioners insisted on leaving four hundred yuan to fix the lawn. With admiration, the employees saw off the group of practitioners who cultivate Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance.

In December 1998, the Wuhan Falun Gong Assistance Center conducted a survey of Falun Gong practitioners. The assistance center randomly sampled 2,005 practitioners from 50 practice sites in the city. The survey listed seven aspects, including age, occupation, education, how long they had been practicing Falun Gong, the effectiveness of their physical improvement, medical expenses, and their unhealthy habits. The survey emphasized the changes in physical condition and behavior of the 2,005 practitioners before and after they practiced Falun Gong. The survey team came to the conclusion that the practitioners had experienced obvious physical changes after practicing Falun Gong. Over 750f the respondents said that their illnesses were completely healed. Participants who saved on medical expenses were also very significant, and 95.51 percent of these practitioners became healthy after practicing Falun Gong and they no longer spent money on medical care.

After Falun Gong was spread in Wuhan in 1993, many people were impressed by its principles, easy-to-learn exercises, and miraculous healing effects. Through word of mouth, more and more people started practicing Falun Gong. However, in 1999, then communist leader Jiang Zemin was so jealous of the popularity of Falun Gong that he launched a brutal campaign to persecute Falun Gong practitioners in China. Practitioners had been trying to conduct themselves well by following the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. The government found nothing wrong with Falun Gong. Moreover, several retired officials from the National People's Congress, led by Qiao Shi, did a detailed investigation of Falun Gong and reached the conclusion, "Falun Gong brings countless benefits to the nation and its people, and not a trace of harm."

More than ten years have passed since the persecution started in 1999, and more and more people are aware of the facts about Falun Gong. Although Falun Gong practitioners are still persecuted in China, the practice continues to spread to more countries around the world.