Master recording a Falun Gong program on Wuhan Economic Radio Station in April 1993


When the new year 2011 arrived, with loud noise from firecrackers, I saw an amazing scene in other dimensions. A Fa Boat that provided people salvation went straight up into the clouds, as a ladder to heaven.

Appearing with the scene was special music, and heavenly beauties cast flowers about. I felt quite sacred and pure, and sang “Pudu,” “Jishi” and “Falun Dafa Hao” in my heart.

I was fortunate to have been able to several times witness Falun Dafa's founder, Mr. Li Hongzhi, teach the Fa in China. Every time I was happily immersed in those memories I saw some special scenes or heard sweet music, as describe above. The following are some of those memories I would like to share with everyone.

1. 1992, Beijing

In the summer of 1992 I went to visit friends. They knew that I was in poor health, so they sincerely introduced Falun Gong to me. Hearing that Falun Gong put cultivating one's xinxing first, I became immediately interested and followed them right away to study the practice. One evening I saw a large windmill rotating quickly. My friend’s daughter said happily, “What you just saw is a Falun. What a predestined relationship you have!” I then began practicing Falun Gong. My pain from head to toe soon disappeared completely.

In September of the same year, the Beijing Qigong Research Association held the third Falun Gong class in the Army's Second Artillery Auditorium. I entered my name and attended. Several days before the class began I heard that Master was adjusting patients’ bodies with several disciples beside the auditorium for those who came for help. How eager I was to see Master! I wanted to express my deep appreciation. I went there with several practitioners. When I looked around curiously I suddenly saw Master’s hand, surrounded by a dense, bright white light. Master was extending his hand to a patient’s head. In a flash, a black and ropy thing emerged and was thrown out the window. The patient immediately recovered!

This is what I saw personally! People like me, whose brains were totally washed by the Communist regime’s atheism, were shocked by the scene in front of us. How amazing it was! Patients were cured immediately, one after another. I also recovered from illnesses after practicing Falun Gong for several months prior to this class. All of this revealed the truth right before my eyes!

As soon as I gathered my senses, Master walked toward me with a smile and kindly asked, “Did you see something?” Looking at Master smiling in front of me, I hurriedly replied, “Yes, I did. I saw Master performing a procedure.” Master gave me another smile.

After the class began, many fellow practitioners and I waited beside the auditorium gate every morning to welcome Master. Master was always smiling and waving, to greet everyone. Practitioners then moved aside self-consciously, so that Master could enter from the middle. Every day after the class ended, practitioners watched Master getting into a disciple’s car. We didn’t leave until the car was far down the road.

Master taught us things that we had never heard of before. I listened very carefully, hoping to seize every word and sentence. I felt that the class was so sacred, and every disciple was reverent.

One day while listening in class, I saw a half photo of Master on the back of every disciple’s seat. I thought those were Master’s fashen.

Another day I met Master in my dream. Master was extremely tall and sitting there, smiling. I went down on one knee beside Master and looked up at Him, feeling as if Master were my father.

Seeing the true Master in real life, I was so excited. I just knew that Master and Falun Gong was good and then fully believed whatever Master said. Master’s teaching let me know that human beings came into this world to practice cultivation instead of simply living as everyday people.

Master was different from other qigong masters. In a society where the human moral standard was declining tremendously, Master was here to refresh humankind.

On the last day of the class, Master answered questions for practitioners. When He gave lectures every day Master always said, “Whatever you don’t understand, write it down. Don’t raise the question now. I will answer all your questions on the last day.” Master patiently answered each question.

After the class ended, practitioners asked Master to be photographed together. He wore a grey suit and stood in the middle of the disciples. We formed different groups, and each group was photographed. One group said, “Teacher, please come here to pose for a photo with us!” Soon another group shouted, “Master, please join us!” Several practitioners and I followed Master to join different groups, with happy tears in our eyes. During the picture taking, disciples continuously shouted, “Our teacher,” “Our teacher!” In the end, all the disciples shouted out from the bottom of their hearts at the same time, “Everyone’s teacher!” The whole picture-taking event took quite a long time.

2. March 1993, Wuhan in Hubei Province

In 1993 I was fortunate to join Master’s class in Wuhan City. Before the class began, the local Qigong Research Association discussed the tuition fee. Master said clearly that it was for providing people salvation, rather than earning money. The class charge was 40 yuan for each new student, and 20 yuan for each veteran student. The seminar only charged 2 yuan per person, which was just to cover the auditorium rental fee. But the local Qigong Research Association head claimed that they wanted to earn money and requested to raise the tuition fee to 50 yuan per student, and the seminar fee to 10 yuan per person. After further discussion it was decided that the local Qigong Research Association would take 60% of the tuition income, and the Falun Gong association would take only 40%. If we counted the auditorium rental, publicity expenses, materials printing costs, transportation expenses and accommodation expenses, the 40% just barely covered the cost and expenses. Nothing more was left. Local Qigong Research Association officials wondered, “Falun Gong charges the least among all qigong classes in Wuhan City. It is really rare to find people who abandon the opportunity to earn money. ”

Many journalists from newspaper offices and TV stations also attended that class. The journalists highly praised Falun Gong and its founder in their reports, saying that Falun Gong was a very special qigong which they had never heard of before, and was a Fa of high virtue that could truly lead people to higher levels.

On March 15, 1993, Master held a class in the auditorium of the Wuchang No. 701 Research Institute of the China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation. A military security platoon leader was a qigong fan. He brought all the soldiers in his platoon to the seminar. When they heard important things they applauded excitedly. When I recall that now, their applause still reverberates in my ears.

A male disciple in his forties who, when young, followed his ancestors to practice martial arts, said, “This is a great Teacher. When teaching he sent out powerful gong that was golden and shiny; it covered the whole auditorium and even emerged from the roof.”

One day another man in his forties tried to enter the auditorium without a ticket. The staff members blocked him. He was shouting outside, “I’m here to compete with your teacher. My teacher is over 100 years old. But your teacher is just so young.” He also said many bad words. But Master let him in. After hearing Master’s lecture the man calmed down and told the staff members ashamedly and regretfully, “I’ll never again come to interfere. This is the real Master!”

At 2:00 p.m. on March 25, 1993 Master held two seminars lasting approximately two hours at the Hankou City Government Auditorium.

Journalists who attended the seminar felt that Falun Gong was extraordinary and reported about it in newspapers and TV stations. Some people were even cured of illness while conversing over a radio consulting hotline. They perceived that Master was the real Buddha, redeeming them from their tribulations. They were so excited and appreciative that many people asked for the class address from the radio hotline and then attended the seminar. Although there was a heavy rain that day, the auditorium was still fully occupied.

The seminar soon started. Although it was still raining heavily, there were many people in the front hall asking for standing-room-only tickets. The organizer, the Wuhan City Qigong Research Association, soon added many standing-room-only tickets, which sold out quickly. Yet, more and more people came in. Some even bought tickets from scalpers in order to attend the seminar.

After a Wuhan City Qigong Research Association official gave a short opening speech, an older woman walked on stage and ran around it three times. She told the audience that she was paralyzed and bedridden for three years and couldn’t take care of herself. But when she heard a Falun Gong program on the radio, she followed Master’s instructions and immediately experienced results. Everyone in the auditorium saw her running lightly, and no one could imagine that she had been a bedridden, paralyzed woman for three years! Many people came here with experiences similar to those of the older woman. They were all very appreciative after being cured by messages from the radio program.

Master installed Falun for every disciple during the seminar. He asked everyone to extend one hand, palm facing up. Someone shouted excitedly, “I have seen it, I have seen it! I see colorful Falun rotating in my palm!” Some described the Falun as a ball, and some people felt their palm getting hot. Some people saw the auditorium filled with Falun; they fell on students’ palms, abdomens, heads--almost everywhere. The whole auditorium was full of wonder.

The seminar atmosphere was harmonious. I felt as if my whole body was immersed in a huge, powerful energy field. All the bad things were removed, and all the bad thoughts were cleared. After the seminar many people requested that Master give another lecture, saying that it would be their life-time regret if they missed Master’s teaching.

At the conclusion of the seminar, Master traveled to the Wudang Mountain area in Hubei Province. We were in the same car with Master and arrived at the Wudang Mountain Scenic Spot. A disciple saw a huge memorial arch falling down suddenly and standing in front of us. He asked, “Master, I saw a huge memorial arch. Right now we are driving toward it.” Master said, “That is the gate to Wudang Mountain.” The disciple asked, “Beside the memorial arch stands many warriors in ancient clothing. There is a 20-meter distance between each couple of warriors. All the warriors wear armor and special crowns. Each crown has many tapered angles, and each tapered angle has a plum flower on top. All the warriors hold ancient weapons in their left hands and keep their right palm stretched. There was also a plum flower on the top of each of their fingers.” Master said, “They are the divine beings of the mountain.”

After we arrived at the mountain, several disciples saw many temples with their celestial eyes, and many people standing on rocks. Some wore white clothes; some wore grey clothes. But everyone was in ancient clothing. Master said, “They are all Taoists from the past.”

As our vehicle moved forward, a spectacular scene appeared in front of us. A very large phalanx was laid in the front, which was formed by different small phalanxes. Every small phalanx was formed by golden people in rows, wearing golden armor. A huge golden being stood in the front of the large phalanx. All the golden people kept the same posture. They put their left hands in front of their abdomens, palms facing up, and uplifted their right hands half way in front, forming the lotus palm that faced the left. Everyone looked so sincere, and the whole scene was extraordinary.

Master told us, “That gesture means 'welcome'.” The whole phalanx looked so large. It extended as far as I could see, as if it were endless. In addition, it was totally different from what we had seen in everyday life. Usually we saw distant things that were small and hazy, and nearby things large and clear. But although the phalanx extended into infinity, the distant points looked as clear as the nearby points. How fantastic it was!

To the north was another mountain, which was said to be the place where Zhang Sanfeng became well-known. Several practitioners saw a third mountain through their celestial eyes on which were reflected images of Zhang practicing cultivation.

On the way back we encountered a traffic jam. Many vehicles blocked the road. Usually it took several hours to resolve such a mess. Everyone was in a hurry since we needed to return to Wuhan City for the second class. Master left the vehicle and began to direct traffic. Soon the traffic was flowing smoothly. It seemed there was nothing Master couldn’t resolve.

On March 29 the class began on time. Some students came from other cities in Hubei Province, and some from other provinces. Some just traveled to Wuhan City for business and "accidentally" got the opportunity to attend Master’s class. Master arrived at the auditorium in advance of every lecture and observed the students coming in. When Master stepped on the stage, all students stood up and welcomed Master with thunderous applause. Master always greeted everyone with a smile while every student stared intently at Master. The applause didn’t stop until Master gave several hints. Master never used notes when lecturing, but had only a piece of paper with symbols that we didn’t understand. The students were quiet and everyone listened carefully. Only Master’s sonorous voice resounded throughout the auditorium.

During the lecture many students saw colorful lights emanating from Master’s back. A student whose celestial eye was open saw the stage becoming a large, gated building. The two gate doors were open. On each side of the gate stood four generals in ancient clothing. Master was teaching the Fa inside the gated building. After Master finished his lecture I said to Master, “Master, I saw that this auditorium became a boat. Beside the boat were churning waves. Master was teaching the Fa on the boat, and you said, ‘I have spread such a good Fa to you and led you well on the path. In addition, I also gave you a lift on the path.’”

Master said, “Yes, exactly! I am leading you to salvation!”

During the ten-day class there was daily exercise instruction. Some disciples demonstrated the exercises on stage. Master corrected the students’ movements. Master looked so kind and compassionate and was always smiling. The last day was the question and answer session. No matter how many questions the students raised, Master always answered and explained patiently until the students could understand the Fa principles.

Once when Master was taking a break, a woman practitioner couldn’t help walking on the stage and talking about her experiences. It turned out that she suffered from a herniated lateral lumbar disc and had been unable to walk. She looked for treatment everywhere, but no one could cure her, yet after she practiced Falun Gong for several days her disease disappeared. She pointed out that at this moment her body felt like what Master mentioned in Zhuan Falun, “You will feel that your body is light, as though treading on air.”

During the lecture, students presented Master a plaque reading “Fa of High Virtue,” showing their lofty respect for Master. An elderly woman said, “Our Teacher is simply the real Buddha!”

After the second class ended, to express their appreciation, the Wuhan City Qigong Research Association invited Master to travel to Mulan Mountain. As soon as we arrived at the mountain we saw many heavenly beauties floating in the sky, as the flying heavenly girls are depicted in the Dunhuang Murals. There were many tall warriors as well. They had been guards there for thousands of years.

Standing on the precipice and facing Mulan Lake under the sunshine, Master moved his right foot forward, bending, extended his right hand and pointed at the sky. Everyone was awed by Master’s imposing manner and quickly took Master's photograph, which was kept as a souvenir forever.

(to be continued)