(Clearwisdom.net) I started to practice Falun Gong in 1994. On this May 13, which is also World Dafa Day, I want to share my experiences practicing Falun Gong with readers. I hope more people can understand the beauty and wonderfulness of Falun Gong from my experiences.

Almost Missed the Chance

I grew up in the countryside and found a job in a large city following college graduation. With a strong desire for a wonderful life I worked really hard. But in reality, many things didn't meet my expectations. I felt very disappointed and unhappy.

My husband used to be very interested in practicing qigong. He tried all kinds of qigong practices on which we spent a lot of money. I thought he wasn't being responsible for our family and had a lot of disagreement with him. One day 1994 he told me he wanted to go to a Falun Gong class. Although the ticket was much cheaper than any other qigong practices, as soon as I heard that he wanted to learn a new qigong practice I was very angry and I immediately said no to him. He explained to me very patiently that the first time he saw the introduction of Falun Gong he knew this was something he was looking for all the time. Falun Gong teaches people Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance and requires one to cultivate one's xinxing. He said after learning Falun Gong he wouldn't learn any other qigong; this would be the last one. The more he explained to the angrier I became. I told him that if he learned Falun Gong I would divorce him. Many people came to talk to me. In the end I agreed to let him go to the class, but at home I refused to talk with him. When he went out in the morning to do the exercises I locked the door and didn't let him get in. He had to go to work directly without coming back home for breakfast.

But after he started to practice Falun Gong his temper was much better and he became much more tolerant. He kept explaining to me what Falun Gong is. I was moved and decided to listen to Falun Gong lectures by myself.

Attending Master's Class in Jinan

Persuaded by my husband, I attended Master's lectures in Jinan, at the Huang Ting Stadium. The stadium was full of people. Even the central ground was full of with people. They bought standing-room-only tickets for the lectures.

I was quite impressed the first day. When Master said let's start the lecture, the entire stadium, almost five thousand people, suddenly became quiet. The audience came from different backgrounds and had different education levels and social status, which impressed me even more.

When Master was giving the lecture I felt very comfortable. A serene and peaceful atmosphere permeated the stadium. Before I realized it, the lecture was already finished. There were so many people sitting there for more than one hour, but no one made any noise. Everyone felt like being surrounded by a strong energy field. They forgot about smoking, drinking water or going to the restroom. They just sat there and listened to the lecture very quietly.

The second day, veteran volunteer practitioners taught us the exercises. I was touched by their patience and selflessness. They were so different from the people in society. They were considerate of other people. When I was with the practitioners I felt natural and comfortable, just like part of a big family.

The second evening of the class, I came to the stadium much earlier. During the lecture, Master helped all the practitioners adjust their bodies. He told us to follow His instructions to stomp together. But some practitioners just couldn't follow the whole group, and were out of sync. Master was not concerned. He patiently taught us again and again how to do it, until we were able to do it together at the same time. When Master taught us the movements, He kindly helped the practitioners standing closest to Him correct their movements, one by one. I felt He was very warm and gracious.

When I brushed my teeth the following morning, I vomited a mouthful of black blood with visible clots. I felt comfortable and relieved. Another day, when I was walking home with an elderly practitioner, just as Master said in the lecture, she was looking for restrooms all the way back home. She told me she felt relaxed and didn't have any uncomfortable feelings.

One day, the practitioners all wanted to be photographed with Master. It was noon and the weather was very hot. Groups of people took turns for photographs. Master was surrounded by practitioners all the time. We could see that Master's hair became wet. Some practitioners wanted to stand close to Master. A young man was trying to block people from getting too close to Master. Master didn't say anything. He only made a hand gesture, and people became quiet immediately.

The lectures finished in eight days. After that, my view of the world was changed, and I was changed into a new person. The happiness in my heart was just beyond words.

Both My Car Sickness and Breast Cancer Disappeared

I was different from then on. My heart was full of sunshine, and I began to have a positive attitude for life. When I was at work I was full of energy and my heart was peaceful and happy. It was like I returned to my childhood - free of worries. I conducted myself according to Master's teachings and tried to become a good wife at home, a good employee at my workplace, and a good citizen in society. I learned to think of other people; when I had conflicts with others I looked within to find my own problems.

My work required me to frequently travel for business trips. In the past, I had severe car-sickness; all the bus drivers in our company knew about that. On business trips, my coworkers on the bus had to take care of me, but no more.

Our workplace arranged for us to have physical examination twice a year. I had been diagnosed with breast cancer in the past, but after I attended Master's lectures, the symptoms disappeared. The doctors thought it was unbelievable. They looked at my previous records: The tumor was getting larger in the past; how come it suddenly disappeared? The doctor repeatedly scanned my body and examined my chest and asked if I felt pain. They reached the consensus that although they didn't know why, the tumor was just gone. Through this they all witnessed the magical power of Falun Gong.

Gave Assigned Apartments to Others

After I began practicing Falun Gong I became tolerant and had a broader mindset. I experienced the beauty of taking a step back during conflicts. I no longer complained about the hardships in my life or felt unhappy about tribulations during work. I let go of my attachment to personal interest. I believe what Master said in Zhuan Falun, “If something is yours, you will not lose it. If something is not yours, you will not have it, even if you fight for it.” “No loss, no gain!”

In our workplace most of the benefits we had were higher salary, promotion and assigned apartments. After I practiced Falun Gong for half a year my workplace assigned apartments to the employees. For eight years our family of three lived in an 11 square-meter apartment. There was no heat or air conditioning. We shared the bathroom with other residents. The condition of the apartment was poor, but as practitioners we knew we should follow Master's teachings. So I didn't request an apartment from my workplace. My coworkers tried all kinds of methods to get apartments and they had a lot of conflicts with each other. After a while someone surprisingly returned a two-bedroom apartment in order to live with his parents, and it was assigned to us.

After Investigating Us, Police Officers Understood that Falun Dafa is Good

The communist regime began persecuting Falun Gong in 1999. The local police department sent officers to our workplace to investigate us. After a series of investigations, the political head told us appreciatively, “You have done so well. You are so selfless. In such a society full of material desires, only Falun Gong practitioners can achieve this.”

The officers detained us at the police station for fifty days. Later on, despite pressure from the regime they released us. When they released us they said, “You are good people! It's good to practice Falun Gong. ”