Name: Dai Lijuan (戴礼娟)
: Female
Age: 48
Address: 12/Fourth floor, Second Village, Zhong Qiao District, Wuxi City
Occupation: Wuxi City First Non-staple Food Store employee
Date of Death:
March 28, 2011 (paralyzed since 2003)
Date of Most Recent Arrest: June 2003
Most Recent Place of Detention: Beitang District Public Security Sub-Bureau (无锡市北塘区公安分局), Wuxi
City: Wuxi City
Province: Jiangsu
Persecution Suffered: Brainwashing, forced injections/drug administration, beatings, mental hospital, detention

( Falun Gong practitioner Ms. Dai Lijuan was paralyzed for eight years after having been brutally beaten and injected with unknown drugs by the police. She passed away on March 28, 2011, at the age of 48.

Ms. Dai Lijuan, emaciated and lying in bed after police beatings and forced-injections of unknown drugs resulted in paralysis

Chinese Communist Party (CCP’s) officials are responsible for Ms Dai's death. They arrested her and took her to Wuxi Mental Hospital twice, in November 2001 and March 2002. There she was injected with unknown drugs. When she was in critical condition after being released, her police officer husband, who had listened to the CCP’s lies and who had been threatened that he would lose any possibility of a promotion, refused to take her home. He divorced her instead.

Her mother, in her 70s, had to rent a room to take care of her. Ms. Dai later recovered after practicing Falun Dafa.

On June 20, 2003, Officer Wu Jian from Beitang Police Station in Wuxi beat Ms. Dai when she told people about the CCP persecution of Falun Gong. She was taken to Beitang District Public Security Sub-Bureau and brutally beaten for three days. She was taken to an emergency room twice in one night. Seeing she was in such critical condition, the police told her mother to take her home. They were afraid that her mother would hold them accountable, so they told her mother that she had to take her daughter home and keep her mouth shut.

The brutal beating and injections of unknown substances left Ms. Dai, 40, paralyzed, incontinent, and with muscle atrophy. She was only skin and bones, had difficulty speaking, and kept vomiting. Also, her fingers were crippled.

Her mother took care of her until she breathed her last breath. This was a great hardship for Ms. Dai's mother, who, in her old age, had to take care of her daughter instead of having her daughter take care of her.

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