(Clearwisdom.net) The Wuhan Women's Prison is the largest women's prison in Hubei Province. After the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) started persecuting Falun Dafa practitioners in July 1999, Luo Gan, a CCP senior officer who was in charge of the persecution, visited the prison and directed the prison personnel to persecute practitioners.

Front gate of Wuhan Women's Prison

Inmates monitor practitioners around the clock, and guards have informed the inmate monitors that the persecution policy is to “defame, bankrupt, and kill them.” The inmates were ordered to listen to every word and watch every move that the practitioners make. They followed the practitioners everywhere they went, even when they were using the restroom.

Some of the inmates didn't want to participate in the persecution. These inmates were harassed by the guards or threatened to have their reduced prison terms revoked. Many of the inmates were eager to please the guards in exchange for shortened prison terms. When a guard gave a certain look, the monitoring inmate would use violence against practitioners. Liu Baoju was a monitor who slapped, pinched, and kicked practitioners, and then she humiliated the practitioners who were watching.

Ms. Lei Youlian was handcuffed behind her back for nineteen days and beaten. She became so weak that at one point, she fell to the ground in the bathroom. Ms. Zhang Geshi was handcuffed behind her back and suspended by the handcuffs, with her toes barely touching the ground. She was left hanging for several days and nights, and deprived of sleep. All of the inmates in the ward were ordered to beat and insult her. The prison political commissar openly lied at an inmates meeting, “You said that we beat you. How have we beaten you? We do not even handcuff you.”

Torture re-enactment: Handcuffed and hung up, with toes barely touching the ground

The prison had a series techniques to “transform” practitioners. Upon admission to the prison, practitioners were ordered to read slanderous material about Falun Dafa. If the practitioner refused, she was handcuffed, made to face a wall, forced to stand for long periods of time, and deprived of sleep. The monitoring inmates beat her, and other inmates slandered Dafa around her.

Practitioners were not allowed to talk to anyone, or give anything to another person. Xiong Caihua was brutally beaten by a monitor because she handed a pastry to another inmate. Zhou Hongping was handcuffed by the guards. When the handcuffs were taken off, the skin around her wrists had been worn away and her wrist bones were exposed.

The guards called this process “studying.” Practitioners who questioned or rejected the so called “studying” were tortured or interrogated by the guards. Some practitioners were subjected to solitary confinement. Guard Yan Lifeng said, “To transform Falun Gong practitioners, every technique is necessary.” The prison rules stated that inmates should not beat others. However, the inmate monitors beat practitioners, and the guards justified these actions by saying that this was a form of education. When Yan Xiaobao questioned the beatings, a guard said, “This prison is an institution that uses violence. Using violence is necessary.”

The guards who were willing to use violence usually received promotions. Jiang Chun was responsible for the persecution that involved violence before he was promoted to the political commissar position. To hide the violence, the prison called itself a “civilized prison” and remodeled the prison buildings. But nice looking buildings could not cover up the crimes.

Many practitioners were disabled due to being abused in the prison. After being severely tortured, one practitioner's body was bent at a 90-degree angle. Some practitioners became mentally disabled and lost the ability to take care of themselves. Ms. Fan Changhua was once in critical condition and all of her teeth were loosened.

These examples depict crimes which have been committed for the past ten-plus years at the Wuhan Women's Prison, and they are only the tip of the iceberg. There are still many crimes of torture that have not been documented.