(Clearwisdom.net) I am a relative of Zhang Xue. Her mother and I have been neighbors for many years. I do not practice Falun Gong, but I have witnessed Falun Dafa's wonders and magnificence manifesting in Zhang Xue's family. I have also witnessed the heinous crimes committed by the police, and the terrible behavior of communist party officials from Qiguan Village. These memories have been buried inside me for too long. I cannot bear it any more. If I do not disclose it now, I would feel sorry for the people of Qiguan Village. I was considered a “senior intellectual” among the local people of my age. I want to tell everyone about the persecution suffered by Zhang Xue's family.

Zhang Xue's Father Suffered Extortion and Insults from the CCP Secretary

In April or May 2000, Zhang Xue was beaten by police officers for appealing for Falun Gong in Beijing. Policemen from the Fangxia Police Station broke into Zhang Xue's home and verbally abused Zhang Zhensheng, Zhang Xue's father, forcing him to pay a 2000 yuan fine. He did not have the money. Police then did not leave the home, and Zhang Shaoxiang, the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) secretary of the village dragged Zhang Xue's father into the street to verbally insult him in front of the whole village.

Due to pressure from the Fangxia Police Department, the 65-year-old Zhang Zhensheng tried to commit suicide. His wife, Pan Cuiying, begged him not to do it for the sake of their younger children. Pan Cuiying told me this later.

Zhang Xue Sentenced to Forced Labor

On January 29, 2011 Zhang Shengyu, Deputy Party Secretary of Qiguan Village and the Fangxia Police Department broke into Zhang Xue's home and took her away. He said he needed Zhang Xue's help in the police cafeteria. His goal was to get 2000 yuan using the salary Zhang Xue earned while working at the cafeteria. Zhang Xue refused to go. They cursed her loudly, and her two sisters cried out in fear. Her sister Zhang Shenghua was 17 years old, and another sister was 14 years old. This deeply hurt the two younger children. Pan Cuiying held Zhang Xue's hand tightly. But police took Zhang Xue away from her mother, dragging her into a police vehicle.

Zhang Xue worked very hard, but did not get a penny. Her salary was taken by police. It was hard for her to come home to see her family. A policeman came with her when she visited. After an hour, she had to go back with the police.

In this environment she worked for three or four months without earning a penny, and she wanted to find a job with pay to support her sisters' tuition and farming. So she fled when the policeman was drunk. But she did not dare to come back to visit her aging father and disabled mother, or check her sister's homework. She was forced into homelessness.

The Father Passes Away

In December 2002 Zhang Zhensheng went to Laiwu City by himself, hoping to see his daughter somehow. He missed her very much. The burden of life, missing his daughter and feelings of helplessness crushed him. He passed away on December, 27 in a small room in Chaoyang District, Laiwu City, on the second day of the trip. He was 66 years old. He did not see his daughter, and did not know where she was when he died.

The body of Zhang Zhensheng was transferred home on the afternoon of December 17, 2001. His wife Pan Cuiying fainted, and the second daughter’s cries shook people's heart. The third daughter was not home at time. She was working at the Yufeng Cloth Factory in Laiwu as a child laborer. When she arrived in the morning of November 4th, the 14-year-old could not cry out loud, but her whole body shaking.

Just a few days later policemen came to their home to harass them.

The Second Daughter Detained

On April 8, 2002 policemen from the Fangxia Police Department broke into Zhang Xue's home and forced Zhang Sheng Hua, the second daughter, to attend the so-called "training" (actually forced brainwashing sessions). Her mother was not allowed to say anything. One female police officer and a male officer put her into a police vehicle and took her to the Xiaoyi Brainwashing Center, where over ten Falun Gong practitioners were detained. Sheng Hua was forced to watch videos slandering Falun Gong for over eight hours every day. They were denied the right to practice and could only sit straight up in a chair.

Zhang Shenghua was released in May 2002. During that time, the family lived on the income of the third daughter who was 15 years old. Zhang Shenghua, the second daughter was in poor health, and suffered from an incurable disease, but she recovered after practicing Falun Gong.

I know very well about Zhang Shenghua's illness. Her painful crying made me nervous. She was emaciated at the time, and could only lay on the bed. Her mother often cried secretly in the yard. I witnessed how Shenghua gradually became healthier. After practicing Falun Gong, her illness improved every day. Finally she could get out of bed. One month later she was completely healthy. Now she works in another city. She and her sister were among the top three students in their classes, but they refused to sign the banner against Falun Gong. The school submitted their names to the police, and they were forced to leave the school. At that time, Zhang Shenghua was 17 years old, and Shenglian was 15. They have now become child laborers.

Zhang Xue Sentenced to Three Years Forced Labor Camp

In February 2005 Zhang Xue was arrested by police while she was working in a different city. The Laiwu City Police Department and City Commission of Politics and Law sentenced Zhang Xue to three years of force labor without any evidence. They did not notify her family. Her over 60-year-old mother and two young sisters had a hard struggle because of this. I would give Zhang Xue's mother a hand when I saw she was doing work in the yard with help from a walking stick. Zhang Xue's mother is disabled; her back cannot straighten up, and is bent about 45 degrees.

In August 2005 Zhang Xue's mother and the youngest sister went to Shandong Province No. 2 Women's Forced Labor Camp in Wangcun Town, Zhoucun District, Zibo City to visit Zhang Xue. The policewoman at the reception desk was very angry and slandered Falun Gong. She refused to let them visit Zhang Xue. Zhang Xue's mother said "Please let me see my daughter. I just want to know she is okay. It is really not easy for me to come because of my disability. I need help with every step of stairs. I am not asking too much by asking to see my daughter!" The policewoman pushed her out of the door. She left with sadness and disappointment.

The Plight of the Disabled Mother

After ten days she missed her daughter very much. She went to the labor camp again. When she saw Zhang Xue, her heart was broken. Her daughter was very thin and pallid. She is a strong woman, and she did not want to cry in front of her daughter. A half hour passed. She held her daughter's hand and said to the policewoman "I want Zhang Xue to come home. You can not detain her for no reason anymore." The policewoman took Zhang Xue away, breaking her from her mother's hand. The crying of Zhang Xue struck her mother's heart.

In August 2005 Zhang Xue's mother went to the labor camp to ask for Zhang Xue's release. It was raining very hard. Five or six policemen pushed the her out the door. Her arms were black and blue. One month later she went there again, but was not able to see her daughter.

On October 2, 2006 she went to see Zhang Xue again. The guards at the labor camp refused to talk to her. They shut the door when they saw her. Zhong Ning, the director of the labor camp, locked the door, no matter how much the elderly woman begged him.

Zhang Xue's mother could not get out of bed before practicing Falun Gong. Now she can not only take care of herself, but also plant vegetables in the yard.

All kind-hearted people, please help them!