(Clearwisdom.net) Mr. Huang Cheng suffered from a stroke after he was repeatedly tortured at the Taihe Police Department in Jinzhou City and later at the Panjin Prison. Half of his body became swollen and he could not take care of himself. He died in extreme misery, at age 56, on February 24, 2011.

Mr. Huang was a former employee of the Nuerhe Textile Factory. He was detained, arrested, and taken to labor camps or prison over 15 times between 1999 and his death. He was brutally tortured on numerous occasions. The police repeatedly extorted cash from him, searched his home, and harassed his family. He endured tremendous pain.

On one occasion, prison guards simultaneously shocked him using eight high-voltage electric batons. They suspended him off the floor with his head wrapped in a bag. He was deprived of sleep, food, and water for 72 hours. He was stripped naked and chained in an iron chair, then shocked for three hours. Inmates were ordered to handcuff his hands to the wall, then a syringe was inserted under each of his fingernails. Blood gushed out from his hands, and the pain was excruciating. One inmate could not bear the barbaric scene, so he said, “I quit. Torture like this is beyond anyone's imagination. I would rather give up any reward associated with this.”

Under the insistence of his family, the Panjin Prison authorities released Mr. Huang on medical parole when his life was in imminent danger on August 19, 2010. After he was taken home, residential police officers in the Nuerhe Police Station continued to show up at his home to harass him. On the fifth day of the sixth month after his return, he passed away in extreme misery as a result of incessant harassment and complications from the torture he had endured.

We were saddened by his death. He remained steadfast in his belief in Dafa despite numerous arrests and repeated torture. Nonetheless, he did not complete his cultivation path in this world. Why has this happened to such a steadfast and strong Falun Dafa disciple?

In my level of cultivation, I saw too many evil factors in his dimension. It was filled with countless factors from the old forces and dark minions who manipulated evil people in this world to trap him in death. After he was released, the environment at home was better than the one in prison, but there was still much evil that came with him from the prison and stayed in his dimension. They camped there to continue the persecution on his body. These were also causes for local police officers to not lessen the mental harassment; he also could not get rid of the physical pain.

By the time he was about to pass away, I saw his primordial spirit taken by the old forces. Dark minions formed a thick black wall all around him. They trapped him in the middle and forced him to move with them. There were so many evil beings that when I was watching them from the back, I could not see the front of the swarm. Although his family kept calling him, he could only hear them and could not turn his head to take a look. This lasted for seven full hours.

That afternoon, fellow practitioners kept sending righteous thoughts. We knocked down the lead evil being, a one-inch-tall shiny golden figure. We destroyed and melted it completely. Two huge Falun wheels were also helping clear out the field, which eliminated layers upon layers of old forces and dark minions. Eventually his primordial spirit gained freedom, which bent over his human body, took a look, did not enter, and left. We felt sorry for him. We regret that he did not walk all the way to the day when the Fa rectifies the human world.

We were saddened by his passing away. We thought that perhaps we did not send forth righteous thoughts in time, which resulted in the old forces and dark minions taking away his body. If we had not strengthened the intensity of our righteous thoughts, we would not have even freed his primordial spirit. How could he have returned home with Master?

On the surface, we freed his primordial spirit, yet even this was done by Master. We were allowed to see this only because Master would like us to enlighten that we can improve as one body, do better, and establish our mighty virtue. Upon reflection, we realized that first, we need to completely negate the old forces' arrangements and not simply cultivate by enduring the persecution. Second, we need to pay more attention to sending righteous thoughts to stop evil factors from piling up in our own dimensions. Third, when our fellow practitioner is under constant interference and persecution because of the accumulation of evil factors in his dimension, and he can not eliminate them by himself, we should help him to improve on the basis of the Fa. We could have done better; this is a grave lesson for us.

I wrote this out because I do not want the same grave loss to happen again. I propose that we all pay attention to the quality of our righteous thoughts and clean up our own dimensions to get rid of evil interference. I also propose that practitioners who cannot keep their palms straight and doze off, those who just got out of labor camps or prisons, and those who have just gotten back on track (those who had turned away from Dafa) spend more time studying the Fa and sending forth righteous thoughts. The rest of us can help them by sending righteous thoughts to help those who have been illegally imprisoned or taken to labor camps. We, as one body, can use our concerted divine power to eliminate the evil and to avoid such a tragedy from happening again.

Due to my limitations, please correct me if you see anything inappropriate. Thank you!

March 20, 2011