Waking Up and Getting Up after Stumbling

I obtained the Fa in 1996. Throughout these years I've walked my cultivation path, going through ups and downs. With fellow practitioners' help in 2006, I started a truth-clarification materials site at home. Because I gradually slid into the mindset of “doing things,” I was taken advantage of and unlawfully put in jail. Under the intense, brutal persecution, I wrote a guarantee statement. Afterwards, I was greatly ashamed. When I went home, I was almost overwhelmed by feelings of guilt.

After I calmed down and studied the Fa, I realized that, despite my mistakes, Master hadn’t given up on me. Instead, I frequently felt Master's compassionate mercy and that I was being strengthened. I realized that making mistakes is shameful; however, I would be letting Master down and not living up to His merciful salvation if I indulged myself, wallowed in depression and repentance, and did not quickly pull myself out of it. I needed to look inward and identify why I made the mistake. I had to get up after falling down and compensate for any losses I was responsible for. I felt that Master wished me to resume steadfastly cultivating and proactively cover the losses. So I decided to rebuild our family truth-clarification materials site. When I was detained, the police robbed us and took my family's personal computer and printers. My family was also had nearly 20,000 yuan extorted from us. My family is not wealthy and this financial loss placed us in a difficult position. I could not get enough money in a short time to replace the stolen items. When I was frustrated, a fellow practitioner whom I did not know found me and gave me the money to buy the machine, and I was able to resume operating our materials site.

Experiencing Happiness and Pride in the Hardship of Preparing Truth-clarification Materials

Besides satisfying the needs of local practitioners and myself, I also prepared materials weekly for practitioners in nearby counties. During that period, materials passed through my hands and spread out to all directions. That winter the snow on the road was pressed into ice by the vehicles. I rode a motorcycle for 50 kilometers to take materials to fellow practitioners. My hands and feet were frozen in temperatures that reached twelve degrees below zero. However, because I am a Dafa practitioner in the Fa-rectification period and have been entrusted with the mission of assisting Master to rectify the Fa and save all beings, in my heart I felt indescribable pride and dignity and, despite the bitter cold, my entire body felt warm.

Collecting Evidence to Expose the Persecution

Once I read on the Minghui/Clearwisdom website that a practitioner in a nearby county was persecuted for five years. His mother was ill in bed and he wished fellow practitioners would visit her. After reading this, I felt that it was my responsibility. I knew very well that once practitioners are persecuted, their relatives and friends usually choose to stay away. The practitioners' families are placed in a difficult situation, almost as though they are also being persecuted. After talking it over with another practitioner, we went to his home. Unfortunately, because that practitioner had been detained for so long, he was seldom at home, and many people in the village said that they didn’t know him. How could we let the old forces interfere like this?! We sent out righteous thought while asking around. Then a person came up to us and asked, “Are you looking for someone? What's his name?” When we told him, the person laughed and said, “He has been gone so many years. Few people in the village know him. Follow me. We were classmates.” At that time, I could hardly hold my tears back. Master is always taking care of us. Later on, we collected the evidence, exposed the persecution in writing, and sent it to the Minghui website. We also made truth-clarifying materials to expose the situation and spread them widely to deter the evil.

This year a practitioner in my area was persecuted to death. I was shocked when I read about it. On the website there was only a simple introduction and few background details. After discussing it with my wife, who is also a practitioner, we decided that she would stay at home and send righteous thoughts while I investigated it first hand. After several twists and turns, I arrived at the village where the practitioner lived. I started to collect information at a small grocery store. It happened that the store owner and the practitioner were relatives. He told me where the practitioner used to live. When I was nearly there, two official cars drove up alongside me. The people in the cars rolled down the window and stared at me menacingly. I looked at them calmly and walked in with gifts for the family. Unfortunately, because Party’s agents had threatened them, the practitioner’s family refused to provide any information. On my way home, with Master’s strengthening, I easily evaded the agents following me. Although I didn’t get what I wanted, much of my fear was eliminated.

Coordinating with the Whole Body, Helping Truth-clarifying Material Sites “Blossom Everywhere”

As Fa rectification progressed, I realized that preparing materials on my own no longer met the requirements. Master also requested multiple times that truth clarification production sites “Blossom everywhere.” There were several young practitioners close by who did not take the initiative to start family-run materials production sites. I took the opportunity to share experiences with them. “Blossoming everywhere is the requirement of Fa rectification. It is also fulfilling our vows and an opportunity to cultivate ourselves. We are Dafa disciples, the hope for salvation for all beings. We will have our own worlds to preside over when we complete cultivation. How could we rely on others for long periods of time?”

We shared experience many times, but no one did anything. At that time a practitioner who had frequent contact with me was arrested. My machine was transferred out of my home. Thus, these young practitioners were no longer supplied with any more materials. I wanted this incident to motivate them. After a while, practitioners who used to come to my house stopped visiting. My wife could no longer suppress her doubts, and asked, “Are they angry on you?” I said they shouldn't be. I was considering the situation from the big picture. I thought, “If this can push other practitioners to step forward, it is worth risking their temporary misunderstanding.”

Shortly afterwards, one practitioner said, “I bought a PC and printer and successfully printed a truth-clarification flyer.” So I shared all my technical knowledge with him, and a new material production site was set up. Not long after that, two other practitioners also asked for my help to buy PCs and printers. I also put in some money each month to cover the expense of materials and machine maintenance.

Reflecting on my cultivation experiences over the past several years, I strongly felt Master’s grace with me at every moment, enormous and powerful. Whenever I momentarily felt helpless in front of the evil, Master would mercifully enlighten and encourage me. In recent years, divine udumbara flowers bloomed in my home four times. Whenever I made a little progress in my cultivation or purchased a new Fa instrument, I could hear cheerful fireworks or music close by. I knew that merciful Master was encouraging me.