(Clearwisdom.net) We used to have a perfect family, with my parents, my younger sister, and me. However, a great misfortune occurred. On May 14, 2009, my father was killed in a car accident. The event turned my life into darkness. When I saw him for the very last time, I suddenly felt a new determination. I wanted to take care of my family. Because my father passed away in another city far away, my sister wasn't able to see him before he left. When I saw my mother, my heart ached. I held my mother in my arms and said, “Mom, it's all right. I'm here.” This sudden accident brought us to the depths of depression. We asked in vain why life had treated us so unfairly and took away our most beloved father.

Due to excessive sadness, my body began to react. It became bloated all over. Because I was young, I didn't really worry and continued to go to school, which was located in a city away from home. A few days later, I began feeling weaker and weaker, and my ankles became swollen. I called my mother, who then called my teacher and asked him to take me to the hospital. The teacher let me take sick leave to go home and be tested.

The next day, I went to the hospital for tests. The results were shocking. The doctor said I had renal syndrome, but she wasn't sure. She suggested that I consult with an expert and get admitted to a hospital soon. I was so scared that I cried. Because the results were not certain, I didn't stay in the hospital. On the way back home, my mother talked with my aunt and decided to take me to the provincial capital of Jinan for more tests. I was already exhausted after a few days of running around. The results devastated me. I overheard the doctor say that my disease might not be curable. The drugs prescribed during that one visit cost us over 2,000 yuan. I was quiet on the way home. After I took the medicine, I felt heart palpitations and headache. I didn't dare to take any more. My mother was so worried that she couldn't sleep at night.

On the third day after my hospital visit, I woke up and found that my face and neck were both swollen. My mother and sister were both frightened. They wanted to take me to the hospital immediately. Since my father was deceased, my mother needed help getting me to the hospital. She begged my father's brother for help, but his wife got angry at us for taking up their time.

I suffered a lot during my stay at the hospital. I thought as long as I was getting better, I didn't mind the suffering, however the longer I stayed, the worse things became. The doctor told my mother that my situation was deteriorating. She urged us to go to Qilu Hospital in Jinan for another kidney exam. I felt really sorry for myself, since I was still very young but had already suffered so much.

Because I did not have a father, no one was helping us making decisions. We felt helpless. My situation continued to deteriorate, and I knew I had to take the new kidney exam. The results were even worse... second-term membranous nephropathy, with focal segmental glomerular sclerosis. The doctor told me to take care of myself. He said that the symptoms would come back if I had so much as a cold. I also had to take medicine that cost more than 1,600 yuan per month, which we could not afford. I didn't know what to do, and my mother was also very worried.

During this time, another patient told me, “I have a way to restore your health. I have a book that can give you great health and turn you into a considerate, good person. It can also protect you from tribulations.”

I asked earnestly, “What book is it that's so wonderful? It can teach me to be a good person as well as restore my health?” She smiled and said, “It's Zhuan Falun.” Solemnly, she gave me the book. When I took it, she said, “Take good care of this book. It's more important than your life.”

The first thing I saw after receiving the book was a picture of our compassionate Master. He looked so kind. It was a feeling I had never felt before. Words can't describe that experience.

I subsequently brought Zhuan Falun home and read it over and over again. From the book, I came to understand many principles about being a good person. Master watched over me every step of the way. That was how I became a practitioner.

When I first began practicing, the swelling of my body continued. I knew it was Master eliminating my karma, but because my body was so swollen, I could hardly keep anything down. I couldn't even drink water without vomiting. My eyes were swollen to the point where I could hardly see. My neck, calves, and stomach were all bloated. I couldn't stand straight up and had to bend over. For about six months, I remained like that. Everyone who saw me said I wouldn't live for more than a year. Someone even told my mother, “Just give her whatever she wants to eat [since she won't be living for too long].” I also wondered if I could really be a practitioner, since my situation didn't improve after practicing for a while. All I wanted was for my health to get better.

At that time, I didn't understand what it meant to look inward. I had the attachment to a cure for my diseases. Master said in Zhuan Falun,

“We emphasize one point: If you cannot relinquish the attachment or concern for illness, we cannot do anything and will be unable to help you.”

Gradually, as I studied the Fa more, I let go of the attachment. My health also slowly improved.

“Once you upgrade your xinxing, your body will undergo a great change. Upon xinxing improvement, the matter in your body is guaranteed to transform.” (Zhuan Falun)

Thanks to Master's kind care, I have completely returned to health. Our compassionate Master gave me a second life. I will follow Master's requirements to be worthy of his compassionate salvation!