(Clearwisdom.net) I have found that there are two kinds of busy-ness among practitioners. One is that one is busy with one’s family, life, and business, while paying little attention to the three things. The other is just the opposite – paying attention to the three things while ignoring family members and not doing well at one’s work or job.

Both cases are extremes. In the former, one has too many human attachments and thinks of studying the Fa and doing the exercises only after spending all of his energy and time on human activities. Even then, one still does not concentrate, and only does it in formality. Other than providing some self-conciliation, there is no true effect.

The latter appears to be more diligent, but in reality shows that the person does not understand the Fa well. His Fa study is not very thorough, and as a result he cannot do three things well and wisely. He only tries to meet the minimum requirement for his family and work and only wants to do the “important things”. This type of extreme behavior cannot last and conflicts will erupt. It is like a battle. If the back line is in disarray, how can the front line fight well? At the end something will be in trouble and the whole thing becomes a mess.

The biggest trouble brought about by being busy is that one cannot concentrate on studying Fa, no matter whether this busy-ness is on human activities or Fa-validation matters. If one’s understanding of the Fa is not up to the standard, and one cannot study the Fa well or elevate one’s xinxing, how can one do the three things well? Being busy and chaotic shows that one is not doing well; one’s Fa-validation activity will not produce good results and can even create the opposite effect. Carrying a messy material field around will make oneself uneasy and others uneasy too. It is not a very pure or righteous field at all.

Because one is too busy doing things and cannot solidly cultivate oneself, one may have many human attachments that cannot be gotten rid of. With too many human attachments, as time goes on the evil may get into the loophole and persecution of the practitioner may result.

I know a practitioner who does very well. She pays a lot of attention to studying the Fa and looking inward, doing the three things very well. She has been to almost every corner of her city and has distributed thousands and thousands of pieces of Falun Dafa information. She has never stopped for ten years. She takes care of her family well, and handles every aspect of life properly. She does the exercises every day and her health has shown distinct improvement. She is 60 years old, but her face, with a warm glow, does not even show a trace of wrinkles. Everyone who knows her envies her good health and asks how she has achieved it. She illustrates the wonder of Dafa and tells people the facts about Falun Gong. She has accomplished a lot in saving local sentient beings.

In this special historical period, a practitioner staying in ordinary human society to cultivate is destined to face many different matters. One has to study the Fa, do the exercises, cultivate oneself, and do the three things well. On top of this, there are things from work, family and society to deal with. But one’s energy and time are limited, and thus a diligent practitioner by definition will be very busy. But it is not that there is no way out either. Dafa has unbounded wisdom. If one studies Dafa and cultivates oneself well, Dafa will inspire one’s wisdom. One can then arrange everything well. Being able to arrange things well is remarkable by itself. Only those who cultivate themselves well can do so.

Any extreme behavior will interfere with the path that Teacher has arranged for us. Being too busy can result in chaos. Who likes chaos? Only old forces and those negative factors. In chaos they can confuse you, and make you follow their arrangement unwittingly.

We can be busy but not chaotic. The fact that many practitioners do it well demonstrates this point. Being able to be busy and calm is only achieved through cultivation. Only through studying the Fa well and giving up all human attachments can one do the three things and save sentient beings well and smoothly.

This is what I have come to understand. Please point out any errors in judgment.