(Clearwisdom.net) I have been cultivating in Falun Dafa for more than a dozen years. I have experienced many miracles over the course of my cultivation. I'd like to share a few of those miracles here.

1. Teacher Installed Software for Me

I needed to download some information for a Dafa project from the Internet, but my anti-firewall software couldn’t find the pages. I needed a new version of the Xiaoyaoyou anti-firewall software. I asked other practitioners whether they had upgraded to Xiaoyaoyou version 1.3, and they said they hadn't. I started to think, “How nice would it be if I could get this upgrade! I can’t be delayed in my work.” A few seconds after having this thought, my computer flashed, even though I didn’t move my hands or touch the mouse at all. Then, suddenly, Xiaoyaoyou showed up on my Windows desktop! Before I knew it, a message came up right next to the icon, “Thank you for your support.” I then understood that our benevolent Teacher had seen my heart to save people, so he installed the software for me. I was very excited, and I quickly downloaded what I needed. Two other practitioners also witnessed Teacher’s benevolence and this miracle of Dafa along with me.

2. Teacher and the Rain God Helped Us

One previous summer, I was trying to get to several places in a single afternoon. After sending forth righteous thoughts at noon, I went with a fellow practitioner on his motorcycle. Dark clouds were gathering in the sky, indicating that a storm was coming soon, so I was carrying a raincoat with me. I asked the other practitioner whether he had a raincoat. He said kindly but firmly, “We are doing the most righteous thing. The rain god will help us.” Seeing his firm righteous thoughts, I was embarrassed by the gap between him and me. My righteous thoughts then came out, “We are thinking only of saving sentient beings. We are doing things according to the Fa. Teacher is next to us and protecting us. The rain god will help us, too. Let the rain come down after we finish our job.” I didn’t think about this again until later.

We drove to a practitioner’s home and put truth-clarification stickers on the utility poles along the road. It was quiet, and there was barely anyone else on the road. We drove 20 miles and ran out of stickers by the time we arrived at our first destination. It still hadn't started raining. After discussing a few matters with the other practitioner, we headed over to our second destination. As we left the village, we passed a lady who was completely soaked. She was walking in the same direction as us, only a few minutes behind us.

As we drove along, we saw that the road was wet and there were puddles on the road. It had apparently just finished raining. The air was fresh and cool. We went to another practitioner’s home to discuss some other business. Then we left and went to our third destination. By then the sky had turned dark again. It started drizzling, which didn't bother us at all. We came to the third practitioner’s home. By the time we left, the sky was so dark that it looked like evening, even though it was still far from sunset. However, the rain was still holding back. After we arrived back home, about five minutes later, it started pouring rain.

Looking at the rain, I was so thankful, and thought, "Teacher is next to me, taking care of me and giving me hints all the time. To cultivate in Dafa is the safest thing to do, because as long as we do the right things, Teacher will help us, and those righteous gods assisting Teacher in Fa-rectification will also help us."

3. The Evil Is Unable to Block Our Website

Almost every day I look through articles on Minghui, the Chinese version of Clearwisdom.net. I always pay close attention to them, and I find that it helps me in my cultivation very much. I hope fellow practitioners will also benefit from reading Minghui. Not only does it reduce the pressure on practitioners at materials production centers, but it also helps us to improve.

Whenever Minghui releases the latest anti-firewall software, I always download it. It's always very easy to use. The computer I am using is an older model, but it has never been blocked in the past couple of years, even though the Chinese Communist Party has repeatedly attempted to block Internet access.

I don't know very much about computers myself, much less computer security, but I never give much regard to the “Great Firewall of China.” I have realized from the Fa that everything in the Three Realms is created for Dafa. Everything exists for Dafa disciples to enhance their levels, and therefore everything must serve Dafa! Minghui is the most trusted website we have, which Teacher set up for Dafa disciples in order to validate Dafa. The computers that Dafa disciples use are intended to assist Teacher in validating the Fa. How can they be interfered with by those evil beings that will soon face elimination?

Teacher said,

“One righteous mind can subdue one hundred evils.” (Zhuan Falun)

That's the immutable truth of the universe. No one can alter this. Since I have a clear understanding and righteous thoughts in this area, I meet the Fa's requirements at my level. Therefore, no matter how wild the evil acts, or how severely it blocks the Internet, it will have no effect on me, nor can it influence my computer. I use the Internet every day. Our master consciousnesses must be strong, and we should have faith in Teacher and Dafa. Our Fa instruments should be controlled only by us, and the evil should not be allowed to interfere with them. We must play our roles as Dafa disciples well in order to be worthy of Teacher’s benevolent mercy and of the trust that countless sentient beings have placed in us.

4. Everything Has Come for the Fa

On another occasion, my MP3 player, which I had used for several years to play the exercise music, suddenly had no sound. I tried many different ways to fix it, but nothing worked. I then realized that it was interference from the evil, which took advantage of my poor cultivation state. I sent forth righteous thoughts, “Completely eliminate all evil lives and factors that interfere with the MP3 player doing its work. I am a Dafa disciple. I have my Teacher. No being should persecute me.” I then started looking within and found quite a few attachments. I also said sincerely to the MP3 player, “You have the good fortune to be chosen by a Dafa disciple today. We must cooperate with each other to complete our vows of assisting Teacher in Fa-rectification. Let’s eliminate the interference together and strengthen our righteous thoughts. Let’s continue to progress until the end of Fa-rectification. Then we’ll return to our home.” After all these thoughts, I just pushed the button to turn the MP3 player on, and it worked as usual! I was shocked again. I suddenly had a new understanding of “grace.” Everything is created by the Fa and everything came for the Fa. Teacher is benevolent toward every sentient being. Teacher is rectifying the Fa in order to save all sentient beings. When a Dafa disciple chooses a sentient being, it is to offer salvation. A Dafa disciple’s cultivation state is directly related to whether they can keep or eliminate everything that they interact with. So we must be diligent in maintaining a good cultivation state, follow Dafa’s requirements, and be kind to all sentient beings in order to be worthy of the title “Fa-rectification period Dafa disciple.”

Selected from "Call for Articles about Divine Occurrences in the Human World"