Name: Gao Shuying(高淑英)
Gender: Female
Age: Unknown
Address: Daxinganling Tahe County, Heilongjiang Province
Occupation: Teacher
Date of Most Recent Arrest:
August 13, 2008
Most recent place of detention:
Tahe Detention Center (塔河看守所)
City: Tahe County
Suffered: Brainwashing, detention, interrogation, home ransacked, extortion, fired from workplace, beatings, force-feedings, forced injections/drug administration, mental hospital, forced labor reform, sleep deprivation, forced labor, physical restraint, solitary confinement, hanging by handcuffed wrists, food and water deprivation, denial of restroom use, and long-term standing.

( Gao Shuying is an English teacher at the No. 3 Middle School of Tahe County. During the past ten years, because of practicing Falun Dafa and following the principle of Truth- Compassion- Forbearance, she has been arrested by local CCP staff members. Several times, she was detained at the Tahe Detention Center, Beian Mental Hospital, Shuanghe Forced Labor Camp of Qiqihar, and suffered torture and brutal persecution. She was force-fed, forced to work, beaten up, kept in a cold environment, and suffered other abuses. Because of her situation, her mother and minor children also suffered countless difficulties during the past ten years. Here are a few examples of her suffering.

After the persecution began in July 1999, Lin Chunqing, a policeman from Xinjian Police Station went to Gao Shuying's home almost every day to harass and monitor her. Gao Shuying and her family members lived under pressure and fear. Gao Shuying's husband could not endure that huge pressure and asked for a divorce.

In December 2000, Gao Shuying and 63-year old Liu Shuqin escaped police and residential committee monitoring and stepped on a train heading to Beijing. On the train, Gao Shuying and Liu Shuqin were suspected to be Falun Gong practitioners and were then taken to Jiagedaqi Detention Center. Right when she arrived at the cell, a thin male police officer grabbed her hair and pulled out a handful.

At Tahe Detention Center, Gao Shuying went on a hunger strike for 15 days. She suffered brutal forced-feeding by guards and criminals. Once or twice a day, seven to eight male criminals led by a guard broke into her cell and surrounded Gao Shuying and held her to the floor. Some of them sat on her legs, some would sit on her stomach. Some grabbed her arms, some pressed her head, some pinched her nose, some grabbed her hair, some pinched her mouth, some were holding a beer bottle filled with salt water soaked with sour bread which they put into Gao Shuying's mouth. Sometimes when they poked the tube into her mouth, she could not move at all. Gao Shuying had to swallow once and then she could not swallow the second bite. She could not breathe. She felt she was dying for lack of breath. They would then bicker and squeeze the water soaked with sour bread onto her face and body. Gao Shuying was detained at Tahe Detention Center for over twenty days. She was extorted for hundreds of yuan and then was released home. Because of maltreatment and torture by police on the train, police station, and staff and prisoners at the detention center, Liu Shuqin passed away not long after returning home.

In January 2001, Li Zhihua, director of Tahe County “610 Office,” Shi Baoshen, No. 3 Middle School of Tahe County, Li Yajun, and the chairman of the union arrested Gao Shuying and took her to Beian City, Heilongjiang Province. On the way, nobody knew where Li Zhihua and others got several young men to help them and pressed Gao Shuying down and gave her some unknown injection. Gao Shuying immediately lost consciousness.

When Gao Shuying regained consciousness, she found her clothes had been taken off, both of her hands and feet and even hair were tied to a metal bed. She could not move a bit. Several men surrounded her and constantly asked her whether she would continue with her practice of Falun Gong. Gao Shuying tried very hard and said one word, “Yes” and then she lost consciousness again. She did not know how long it had been, but when Gao Shuying woke up again, she felt a severe headache. She felt her head was very heavy and could not open her eyes. Her mind was blank. She realized that she was still tied up, but that she had been moved to a bigger room. In the room, there were over ten women of different ages. They acted weird, not reasonable, and some were dancing and jumping, some were crying, some were singing some weird songs, some even ran quickly to a balcony, some went over to Gao Shuying and touched her body. It was horrible. Later Gao Shuying learned that it was Beian Mental Hospital.

Many doctors and nurses there were very rude. The more Gao Shuying tried to explain, the more they would anti-psychotic drugs they would force into her. Doctors and nurses at the hospital would not allow Gao Shuying to have any casual activities. They would not allow her to step out of the room. Gao Shuying began a hunger strike. Then several people would hold her down and force-feed her, which made her nauseous as blood filled her mouth and nose. Gao Shuying could not take the force-feeding any more because she would vomit everything, but then they forced water into her. She became very weak. Every day, doctors and nurses gave her injections of seven bottles of unknown medicine which made her whole body, even her bones, painful. Gao Shuying's hands, arms, and legs were black and blue and they could hardly find a fresh blood vessel.

At last Gao Shuying was not able to eat anything, even water. Her body would not absorb anything no matter what medicine and injection they gave her. She was dying. Beian Mental Hospital was afraid that Gao Shuying might die there, so they repeatedly called Tahe Police Station, “610 Office” and the No. 3 Middle School of Tahe and urged them to quickly pick up Gao Shuying. They did not want to take any responsibilities and would try to quibble with each other. Her family heard of her condition and brought her children over to the mental hospital and then was able to take her home after being extorted for 10,000 yuan.

In July 2001, police Jin Ling and Shi Wei and others from Tahe County police station broke into Gao Shuyig's home and ransacked her home and also took Gao Shuying to Tahe Detention Center. Gao Shuying suffered searches and interrogation. Gao Shuying protested with a hunger-strike.

Gao Shuying was on a hunger-strike for 30 days. She suffered brutal forced feeding by male criminals, armed police and guards. Normally they would force fed her once a day, with watery and salty corn soup or rancid bread soaked with salty water filled in a glass beer bottle. Because it was hot summer time, most of food they forced-fed turned bad. A few times there were some flies floating on top. Sometimes they would force-fed her one bottle, sometimes it would be two bottles. Often police led seven to eight criminals (or armed police) to break into her cell and hold her down. Some grabbed her arms, some pinched her hands, ears, or even sat on her legs or stomach. They used wooden sticks to pry her mouth open. After August 20, they saw Gao Shuying was really weak and could not take the torture anymore, they released her after extorting from her one thousand yuan. Gao Shuying has no income. Each time they would extort her parents or her sisters. They would not release her if they did not receive money.

When Gao Shuying returned home one week and she had not fully recovered yet, Tahe police station arrested her again and took her to Tahe Detention Center. The next day without any paperwork they sent Gao Shuying to Shuanghe Forced Labor Camp of Qiqihar City and sentenced her for three years using the excuse she was disturbing the social order.

On May 13, 2002, because of the posting of a banner of “Falun Dafa is Good”, Wang Yan, the team lead and Zhao Lijuan, the assistant team lead and others locked up nine Falun Gong practitioners: Gao Shuying, Shi Shufang Zheng Weili, Xiao Hongwen, Liu Jinyu, Zhang Liqun, Li Jing, Kong Xiangli, Zhang Shuju into the criminal room of the No. 4 Building. Each room in the No. 4 Building is the size of a double bed, with no heat, no windows. There is only one monitor hole on the door in the size of one inch wide and five inches long. Each room is furnished with one iron chair which is used to transform Falun Gong practitioners. They specially borrowed 30 police from Fulaerji. Those police torture Falun Gong practitioners 24 hours a day.

At first, Gao Shuying was detained in a cell that was like a big iron water tank, with both hands handcuffed onto the big water tank, the handcuff was so tight that it cut into the flesh. Each day for 24 hours, she was not allowed to drink water, nor was she allowed to use the bathroom. At night it was extremely cold. Gao Shuying only wore short sleeves and it was so cold that she could not stop shivering. The loud sound from the water tank, plus the pain from her hands, feet, legs, and arms caused her to endure great pain. During the day the cell became extremely hot. She was soaked with sweat and became confused. Each day she was handcuffed onto that water tank around the clock.

On the fifth day, they saw Gao Shuying's legs below the knee turned to purple like an eggplant. Her feet were swollen and she could not wear socks and shoes. She could not stand still. They dragged Gao Shuying to another cell with an iron chair. Like they treated several other Falun Gong practitioners, they handcuffed Gao Shuying's hands and feet onto that iron chair, and then tied both her hands and feet together. After 11-12 hours, they would allow them to use the bathroom. If anyone could not hold it, police not only would not allow them to use the bathroom but also verbally abused or beat them up, then they used tape to cover their mouth. Police Lu Juan taped Gao Shuying's mouth. Police Wang Yan and Zhu kicked and beat up Gao Shuying. Each day these practitioners were tortured around the clock. They would not allow them to wash their hands, face, or comb their hair. They became disheveled. Their faces and hands were filthy. These 12 Falun Gong practitioners were tortured to have no human figure. Kong Xiangli, Zhang Liqun, and Gao Shuying's hands, feet, and legs were severely swollen and turned dark purple. Their legs and feet had some abscess and water came out and then yellow pus came out. They could not move at all. Li Jing was beaten until she became severely disabled and both of her legs are still paralyzed. Shi Shufang had hematuria. Zheng Weili became incontinent. Liu Jinyu could not keep her nose from bleeding, and her clothes became bloody. Zhang Shuju was tortured to only have one breath. After 45 days of continuous torture, people could hardly recognize her.

On October 31, 2002, Wang Yan, Zhao Lijuan, and Zhu broke into the cell to search for Master's new articles. Gao Shuying, Kong Xiangli, Wang Yanxing, and Zheng Weili and other Falun Gong practitioners resisted the search and then they were detained in isolated cells in the No. 4 Building. Guards kicked and beat Gao Shuying and other practitioners. The guards tried very hard and twisted their arms and hands from the outside of the iron chair and then tied them onto the iron chair again. They kept verbally abusing them. Those practitioners who are short and have short arms could not sit down or stand up. Then they used ropes and tied their hands and feet so tight together that the edges of the handcuff cut into the flesh and touched the bone which made their hands and feet have sharp pains. They could not move their body and developed such symptoms as weak heartbeat, confusion, and sometimes coma.

On February 16, 2004, Xiao Jindong, the director of the Qiqihar Forced Labor Camp, Wang Yufeng, the political commissar, and the Party Secretary Li xx, team lead Wang Yan, Wang Mei, Zhao Lijuan, Zhang Zhijie, and others brutally tortured 38 Falun Gong practitioners who would not give up their practice. That was their so-called “Ice Breaking Action.” Slogans slandering Falun Gong were posted everywhere in the hallway of the No. 4 Building and 12 cell rooms. At first, police handcuffed 2-3 Falun Gong practitioners onto an iron chair and with both handcuffs and shackles, plus bundled their hands and feet together. Practitioners could not stand up, nor would they be able to sit down or kneel down. Each cell room had several police torturing practitioners. They verbally abused and beat up practitioners. A male guard who was wearing boots fiercely kicked Gao Shuying and then kicked other practitioners.

For those practitioners who insisted on not writing the so-called “four guarantee letters,” police would hang their arms onto the iron chair and then twisted their arms one circle around the chair and then tightly locked the handcuff. They also tightly handcuffed their feet. After that they used a rope and tied both hands and feet together and thus practitioners could not stand up, or sit down, or kneel. A few thugs standing by would then suddenly pull the rope tied with the practitioner's hands and feet up and then released all of a sudden, then repeated the same thing again... some practitioners were tortured until they lost consciousness. Then police would pry their mouth open and gave them some medicine, or pour cold water on them to wake them up and then continued with beating them up. The sound of condemning, kicking and beating, sad cries, the percussive noises mixed together. Guards were shouting, “We have already contacted the crematorium and the cars are waiting outside. If some of you die, we will take you to cremate. Dying like this would be considered as committing suicide....”

One morning, Wang Yufeng, Wang Yan, and other guards ordered all criminals in the team to have a criticize meeting of Falun Gong practitioners. Except for those practitioners who were suffering brutal torture, everyone would have to attend, including those who could not move but were carried out to the meeting room. In the meeting, there were many police and some male police staring at Falun Gong practitioners and forced each practitioners to stand in front of everyone and read their criticizing paper. Gao Shuying resisted and said, “Falun Dafa is good.” Immediately a group of male guards ran over to her and dragged her to the criminal room in the No. 4 Building. Police Sun Po and other police handcuffed Gao Shuying's back to the iron chair again and then tied her with rope and hung her up and beat her up. Several guards surrounded her and violently kicked and beat her and in the meantime they kept asking her whether she would write the criticize paper. They poured cold water on her to wake her up after she lost consciousness and then continued with the beating. In the No. 4 Building, several other criminal cell rooms also could hear sad cries. Guards took turns in beating up practitioners. Xu Hongmei, Gao Shuying laid on the ground after being beaten up. Gao Shuyin's face, head and body were covered with wounds and both her legs became crippled.

On December 20, 2004, Tanan police Chang Zhanshan led Zhang Qichao and six to seven police from Tiefeng District, Qiqihar broke into Gao Shuying's parents' home and took away Dafa books and their private letters, etc. Gao Shuying was sent to Tahe Detention Center. In the meantime, they also arrested another Falun Gong practitioner and then extorted five thousand yuan and released her.

On November 23, 2004, Zhang Qichao and others took Gao Shuying to Tiefeng Police Department. There they handcuffed Gao Shuying who had been persecuted very weak onto an iron chair for one day and one night. They constantly interrogated Gao Shuying and tried to force her to tell them other practitioners' names who had contact with her. Gao Shuying would not say anything. They then sent Gao Shuying to Qiqihar No. 1 Detention Center. She was detained there for two months and then was released after being extorted for two thousand yuan.

On August 13, 2009, Gao Shuying was arrested again while she was distributing truth-clarification on materials. She was detained at Tahe Detention Center for five days and was extorted for 200 yuan.